Celebrate National Lollipop Day: Buy Bulk Lollipops For Your Lolly Buffet

The great thing about lollies is that there are so many types out there – many of which have their very own days for celebration.

World Chocolate Day may have just passed, however, it’s not the only sweet celebration going on in July!

Come the 20th of July, the world comes together to celebrate one of its most iconic lollies: lollipops.

Classic Chupa Chups, Brain Lickers, swirly pops… National Lollipop Day is dedicated to any sweet on a stick.

What’s the best way to celebrate? By having lollipops, of course – in particular, by throwing your very own lolly buffet!

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What does World Lollipop Day celebrate?

Lollipops, of course!

Ever delightful, lollipops have been a favourite for generations, and potentially even millennia – according to some historians, lollipops have existed in some form or another ever since Ancient Egypt!

Unlike today’s lollies, Egyptian lollipops were made of fruit and preserved in honey. The resulting sweet would then be stuck on a stick, making them easier to eat.

Yes, lollipops have been around for a long time.

So why not celebrate the long history of lollipops on the 20th of July with National Lollipop Day?

While nominally an American celebration, by no means should you let that stop you from enjoying one of your favourite lollies!

Celebrate with a lollipop candy buffet

What’s better than having a lollipop? Having a WHOLE LOT of lollipops!

Honestly, we can’t think of a better way of celebrating lollipop Day than with a Lollipop buffet. 

And since this year’s event falls on a Saturday (20th July), you can even make an entire day out of it with friends and family!

Send out invites, buy bulk lollipops and deck your home out with ribbons, banners and all manner of jars and pots… for something as sweet as rainbow lollipops, you’ll want to go all-out.

Here’s what you’ll want for your lollipop buffet…

1) Buy lollipops

Obviously, you’re going to need lollipops to celebrate Lollipop Day!

Of course, it isn’t quite as simple as going online to buy bulk lollipops – you’ll also want to put a lot of consideration into what type of lollipops you include in your lolly buffet.

Simply put, there are a lot of different types of lollipop out there!

  • Classic round Chupa Chups
  • Ring lollies
  • Gummy lollipops (lollipops featuring soft lollies)
  • Old-timey swirly lollipops
  • Brain Lickers

The list goes on!

2) Next up, decorations!

Obviously, this will depend on the venue, as well as the guests. Generally speaking however, we recommend bright, bold colours – you’re celebrating lollies, after all!

One solid idea is to use glass lolly jars. Lolly buffet jars are a great idea, for a couple of reasons. For starters, they create a cleaner look and help show off your range of lollipops.

More importantly, they make it easier for guests to pick a lollipop they like. Instead of having to rummage through a bowl, they can immediately see what flavours are on offer and pick their favourite.

Pots are another good idea. Dress up your pots to look like you’re growing flowers, with paper windmills to plug gaps.

If you like, you can go the extra mile and use jelly beans as the “soil”!

lolly buffet

Other ideas to celebrate Lollipop Day

Make your own lollipops

If a lollipop buffet is a bit too extravagant for your liking, we have another suggestion: make your own DIY lollipops!

All you need are:

  • Sugar
  • Corn or glucose syrup
  • Water
  • Sticks
  • Optional: lollipop mold, food dye, sprinkles

When the sugar, corn/glucose syrup and water are mixed together and brought to boil, they create a thick syrup. Once this syrup dries, it hardens, creating lollipops!

Click here for the full recipe.

Alternatively, you can line up gummy bears in the oven and let them melt. Once they’re soft (but not runny yet), take them out of the oven and press lollipop sticks into them. Leave to cool et voila – you have gummy lollipops!

Post on social media using #NationalLollipopDay

Of course, half the fun of Lollipop Day isn’t the lollies themselves, but being able to share in celebrations with others from around the globe.

Luckily, there’s a hashtag for that!

Whether you want to share your sweet setup or look at what other people are doing to celebrate, be sure to hit up the hashtag #NationalLollipopDay to share your celebration with the world.

If you’ve bought bulk lollipops for a lolly buffet, feel free to share your setup and tag your friends.

And if you’re making your own lollipops, take pictures of the end result and share them with your Instagram followers.

Or, you could check the hashtag and get inspired for your own celebration – it’s up to you.

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