Sweet Lolly Buffet Ideas

Who doesn’t love lollies?

Whether you like chocolate, jelly beans, lollipops, colourful snakes, or gummies, everybody has a favourite sweet treat!

So why not indulge your sweet tooth by setting up a lolly display for your next event or celebration?

One idea in particular that we’ve seen taking off is the lolly buffet table. This week, we’re sharing some amazing yet easy-to-implement lolly buffet ideas for your next party of celebration!

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Why create a lolly buffet?

Whether it’s a hens party, birthday party (for kids and adults alike!), corporate event, an anniversary, or baby shower, there’s always room for Australian candy.

Combining the sweetness of lollies with the friendly, shared atmosphere inherent to buffet-style dining, lolly buffets are a great choice for your event.

They’re also a unique and fun spin on traditional desserts!

Of course, you could just place bags of lollies into a couple of bowls and call it a day… but if you really want to make a splash, use bulk buy lollies to create a visual delight!

You can also unleash your creative flair with extra decorations and theming! 

You might think it sounds complicated, but there are a few great tricks we’re sharing that will help you create a beautiful lolly buffet for your next party or event!

Popular lolly buffet themes

1) Classy black and white party

Who said lollies can’t be mature?

If you’re looking to create a classy lolly bar to match the tone and theming of a more sophisticated event, we suggest going for a minimalist black and white lolly buffet.

Black and white table cloths, white plates and bowls, stripes… and of course, black and white lollipop.

We suggest starting with:

Each of these lollies fits in perfectly with the black and white theme – what’s more, each offers a more complex and sophisticated flavour, making them perfect fits!

2) Pink lolly bar for princess party

Throwing a party for your princess? If so, a pink and gold princess-themed lolly buffet will perfectly complement your theme!

Like the name suggests, this theme is all about making your princess feel like, well, royalty!

In terms of decorations, that means lots of pink in your pink lolly bar, as well as compatible pastel colours like sky blue, mint green, and splashes of white. Oh and of course, lots of glitter and sparkles. 

What about lollies in your pink lolly bar? We’re glad you asked!

Select from our large range of pink lollies, including:

  • Marshmallows
  • Jelly beans
  • White chocolate jewels
  • Sour peach hearts
  • Fairy floss
  • Musk sticks

Here’s another awesome idea: why not organise a couple of glass lolly jars filled with coloured lollies inspired by their favourite Disney princess?

For example, for Elsa from Frozen, you might use blue chocolate drops to represent her dress, topped with white chocolate buds for her hair.

Or for Ariel from The Little Mermaid, you could start with these green lollies with a few purple lollies followed by bright red candies.

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3) Candyland

You’ve got an entire table worth of lollies – why not go all out and embrace the sugary sweetness in your theming as well?

We’re talking bright colours, with lots of bright, vivid lollies on display.

Bring out those giant lollipops, gingerbread man, cotton candy, overflowing bowls of lollies… anything goes with this theme at your party.

You’ll need:

  • Colourful tablecloths or table runner
  • Brightly coloured balloons
  • Ribbons, candy canes and paper windmills
  • Colourful napkins and plates
  • Glass lolly buffet jars and bowls

In particular, we can’t recommend the last one enough.

Store as many lollies as possible in glass lolly buffet jars. This helps show off your multi coloured lollies – it’s a Candyland buffet, after all, and the lollies should be front and centre!

4) The 50s diner

Love the 50s aesthetic? Can’t get enough of Grease? Is your music collection dominated by the likes of Elvis and Buddy Holly?

Why not take all those ideas and apply them to your lolly buffet?

To create a 50s diner-inspired lolly buffet, you may like to consider adding:

  • Lollipops like Swirly Pops
  • Rock candy that will fill you and your guests with nostalgia!
  • Jelly beans – a classic!

When you think of 50s diners, chances are you think of checkered black and white floors, red leather booths and neon.

You’ll want your chocolate buffet to reflect that, with a checkered table cloth and bright red plates, jars, and stands.

Top it all off with your favourite 50s tunes and a print-out of some classic American road signs and you’re all set!

5) Jungle buffet

Add an outdoor twist to your lolly buffet by making use of a jungle theme for your sweet treat. 

Feel free to go wild with colours – we suggest choosing green lollies, red and yellow lollies in particular, as they evoke exotic jungle creatures.

But what types of lollies in particular?

Some ideas:

  • Snakes – lots of them
  • Red frogs lollies – we suggest Aussie Bush Friends
  • Sour straps (and call them “exotic jungle fruit”!)

Tie it all together with a green backdrop, faux vines and branches, some brown paper plates and trays, green balloons, and some toy animals: decorate your table with your kid’s cheeky monkey or slithering snake.

Creating a lolly buffet: can I really do it myself?

Did you see the title of this blog post, and wonder how you could possibly do this yourself? 

Did you believe that lolly buffets were reserved solely for event stylists creating decadent and over-the-top displays for extravagant events and weddings?

We hope by now that you can now see how crafting a beautiful lolly buffet simply requires a little creativity mixed with a lot of sweet lollies!

All of the ideas mentioned above are so easy to implement, and will require simply a trip to your local craft or retail shop plus an online order from My Lollies!

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