How to DIY a Lolly Buffet

Looking for a fantastic way to add more sweetness to your event? A lolly buffet is just what you need!

Lolly buffets are a great way to sweeten up your event, whether you’re hosting a wedding, hens party, graduation, kid’s birthday, baby shower, or corporate event.

After all, who doesn’t love lollies?

Best of all however, lolly buffets are easy to set up on your own!

Thinking of setting up a DIY lolly buffet?

Before you start looking online to buy bulk lollies, there are a couple of things you’ll want to think about…

How to DIY lolly buffet

A good lolly buffet is more than just a couple of lolly bowls laid out on a table!

If you ask us, creating a good lolly buffet is easy, and can immediately elevate your event, adding a dash of fun to your celebration… provided you do it right, of course!

So, where should you start with your lolly buffet?

Choose a theme

Just like the rest of your party, planning your lolly buffet starts not with buying bulk lollies, but by choosing a theme.

In our experience, there are two ways to select a theme for your lolly buffet:

  1. Build the theme around your red lollies and multicolour lollies
  2. Theme your lolly buffet around the rest of your event

Which approach you take will depend on your event. For example, say you’re planning a lolly buffet for a wedding reception.

In this case, your lolly buffet is a supporting act so to speak, and should reflect the theme of your wedding. That could mean dark chocolate and other “mature” lollies if you’re going with a traditional wedding, or light and pastel-coloured lollies for a softer, more romantic look.

Conversely, say it’s your child’s birthday party – naturally, the lolly buffet is going to be the main event! And if your child loves specific types of lollies, you can choose a theme around that lolly selection.

For example, say they can’t get enough of fairy floss, you can set up a pink lolly buffet, themed around this sweet treat.

Whether it’s a unique theme chosen specifically for your lolly buffet or a theme that’s been carefully chosen to match the overall design of your party, theming is crucial, as it touches every other element of your plan.

Bowls or jars for your lolly buffet?

Let’s face it, regular kitchen bowls are kind of boring. Not to mention, they might not fit in with your selected lolly buffet theme!

Looking for a place to start? We suggest lolly jars.

In addition to evoking the feeling of an old-school lolly shops, these jars also serve to show off your selection of lollies for all to see. In particular, they work especially well for bulk wrapped lollies and hard lollies in our opinion.

Of course, it pays to think creatively – if you’ve chosen a beach theme for your lolly buffet, use plastic buckets, instead!

Think about layout

We suggest starting by dividing your lolly table into portions. Most simply, consider the front, middle, back, and sides of your table.

A good idea is to put larger lolly buffet jars towards the back, with smaller ones towards the front – not only does in ensure all lollies are shown off, but it makes accessing all lollies easier for your guests.

Another good layout suggestion is to choose a “hero” item, like a cake, cupcake stand, or donut display. 

This “hero” item can be placed at the centre of the table, while the rest of your lollies surround, bringing attention to it!


A good lolly table isn’t just chock full of sweets – it should also feature suitable accessories and other support acts!

Say you’ve chosen a mermaid theme. You might choose to decorate with seashells and other nautical-themed decorations.

And finally, stock up on bulk lollies!

Okay, so you’ve decided on a theme, have sourced your jars and containers, and have finalised numbers.

Now, it’s time for the most important part: buying bulk lollies!

Sure, you could pop down to your local supermarket. Depending on the size of your event, however, that can result in multiple shopping trips – not to mention, you’ll also be paying the supermarket markup.

And what if you have your eye on a specific niche lolly or are looking for better, wholesale prices for bulk lollies?

While most supermarkets will carry general lollies and chocolate, rarer options like gluten-free lollies can be harder to find.

To complete your list, you may find yourself running between different stores.

The solution? Buy bulk lollies online! Not only does this give you access to a wider range of lollies, but buying bulk lollies in Australia- at near wholesale prices – keeps your lolly buffet budget in check!

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