Party Lollies for a Tropical Summer Party!

The weather is (finally) starting to turn around in Melbourne!

And what better way than to celebrate than with a party?

If you’re planning a shindig of your own to welcome back the warm weather, a lolly buffet might be just what the doctor ordered.

Besides, who doesn’t love being able to gorge themselves on bulk lollies?

Planning for a lolly buffet might seem challenging, but with a bit of inside info, you can totally pull it off yourself! (And, of course, with a little help from our bulk lollies experts!)

You may have settled on a guest list, but before you stock your fridge with snags for the barbecue, you’ll need to settle on a theme.

And what better way to celebrate the return of warm weather than with a tropical-themed lolly buffet?

What makes tropical such a great theme?

It’s a great way to welcome warmer weather

When you think of warm weather, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably a tropical island paradise!

With that in mind, there’s really no better theme to welcome the warmer weather back – guests will be able to lounge about outside, as the weather heats up and the winter layers are shedded.

(Got a pool? Not only are we envious, but that couldn’t be more perfect for a tropical theme!)

If you’re looking for an excuse to take the party outside and enjoy the warm weather, a tropical theme is absolutely perfect!

It’s perfect for kids parties

Let’s face it: kids love the jungle, the beach, and any opportunity to splash around in some water!

Why not indulge those fantasies by going tropical with your child’s birthday party?

Lolly buffets are one of the most exciting things you can choose for your child’s birthday – imagine the awe and excitement on kids’ faces as they walk in to discover mountains of candies in all different colours!

(And guess what? It’s actually easier than you think!)


Speaking of colours…

With most lolly buffets, the colour scheme you choose can go a long way when it comes to selecting specific candies. 

The same goes for a tropical theme. Think yellows and oranges with splashes of blue and green, and even brights like pink and red for a full Copacabana theme!

Ensure your decor matches the theme and lolly selection too: bold stripes and spots invoke a bright, bubbly celebration; you can find cheap tablecloths that perfectly match this summer theme.

You might like to emulate the tropical and Carribean seas as well as the nature-inspired Hawaiian atmosphere through floral, retro, or patterned table cloths.

Add tropical decorations

Decorations are the finishing touch to your summer party theme!

The best thing about the tropical theme is that it’s actually so simple to bring to life – it’s easy to find cheap decorations that will make guests think they’re on a Hawaiian island or partying in the Mediterranean!

Some great party decorations that are usually affordable and easy to find include: 

  • Fake vines and flowers
  • Tropical banners (like coconuts or pineapples!)
  • Palm leaves to use as placemats and coasters
  • Hawaiian leis to drape across furniture (and guests upon arrival!)
  • Flamingo straws (paper, of course!)
  • Tropical paper cups

Add background music

What would a party be without the music?

A summer soiree invites all the best summer tracks! Whether it’s a throwback playlist (Beach Boys are a must!), the hottest tracks for the season, or a mix of both, creating the perfect playlist is essential for your summer party.

Best of all, the right playlist will get everyone SO excited for the upcoming summer!

Tropical food and drinks

OK, so we’ve got your theme sorted, and your decorations are being delivered in the mail. Before we move onto the lollies that’ll adorn your buffet, it’s time to think about the rest of the menu!

Of course, nothing screams Aussie summer more than a good old fashioned barbecue, but you might also like to consider other ‘summer’ menu items, like grilled seafood and delicious marinated chicken.

Add a couple of fresh salads, some grilled veggies, and some colourful fruit, and your menu is complete! 

Stick with the tropical theme by sticking parasol picks in food and drinks, and ensure tropical fruits like pineapples and watermelons are on hand!

You can also serve fresh fruits on trays along with some sweet treats and colourful lollies.

What bulk lollies should you choose for a tropical lolly buffet?

Now for the most important consideration when planning a tropical lolly buffet: what types of bulk lollies should you be buying?

Get the best and the sweetest lollies that will satisfy your tropical cravings. 

Order bulk lollies for an absolute sweet buffet treat ranging from Allens Killer Pythons are a must!) and other sweet jellies, like Party Mix Lollies, Skittles, Lollipop, and more! 

Explore our colourful lollies that suits your perfect tropical themed treats seen on your lolly buffet.

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