Prepare for Halloween by Buying Bulk Lollies!

It’s October, which means the spookiest day of the year (as well as peak demand for bulk lollies) is fast approaching! 

Dedicated to celebrating all things scary, the popularity of Halloween in Australian has grown over the years.

And with all the fun (and Halloween lollies) involved, it’s not hard to see why!

And what’s the best way to join in the celebrations on this spookily fun date? Hosting a Halloween event.

Spooky and creative costumes, decorations and food make Halloween themed parties and events a lot of fun for all ages. Whether it’s an event at your home or at work, there are so many ways to make your Halloween event a highlight for you and your guests. 

While Halloween is meant to be scary, planning an event to celebrate it shouldn’t be!

Struggling? Here are some ideas to get the juices flowing when planning your Halloween event, including where to buy lollies online.

“Trick-or-treat, give me something good to eat!”

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween?

Lollies, of course!

Lollies are a big part of Halloween! It’s not just trick-or-treaters who love them – who doesn’t love customised lollies at an event?  

Like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter, you’ll need to stockpile a lot of Halloween lollies if you’re to cope with the sheer number of trick-or-treaters headed your way.

Luckily, MyLollies offers bulk lollies online, including:

Lollies with a natural edge are also huge hits when it comes to Halloween.

Classics like snakes, Killer Pythons, teeth and orange lollies (like Jack-o-lanterns) are perfect fits for the traditional pumpkin theme of Halloween!

Is a lolly buffet right for your Halloween party?

Of course – what better way to celebrate Halloween?

Need bulk lollies for your Lolly Buffet? You’ve come to the right place!

Consider setting up a table at your Halloween party dedicated to your favourite sweets. 

Some suggestions include:

  • A huge jelly bowl
  • A jack-o-lantern filled with orange lollies
  • Bowls of (gummy) body parts
  • Red cordial (with chopped-up red lollies inside for guts)

Our online lolly shop allows you to stock your Halloween lolly buffet, no dramas!

Desserts and Halloween lollies

Okay, so now that the lollies are sorted, what about desserts? 

There are so many options for creative and spooky Halloween desserts.

Best of all, you needn’t settle for regular old dessert, either – many can be designed to fit with the fun and spooky Halloween theme.

When it comes to Halloween desserts, decoration is the key.

Some dessert foods that can be turned into Halloween works of art using decoration include: 

  • Skull-shaped biscuits (or cookies) 
  • Cupcakes (consider sticking gummy worms into some!) 
  • Jelly (with loose eyeballs and body parts floating around)

From Green Monster Slime Bark to monster cupcakes and spooky fruit trays, the possibilities are endless.

These are just a couple of the ones that caught our eye – there are plenty of recipes online. You can take a look for yourself and decide! 

And of course lollies can be part of the creative process: they can be used as a central part of the recipe or the finishing touch for your spookily delicious Halloween desserts.

Consider sticking some Spooky Eyeballs on your cupcakes or biscuits when they come out of the oven, or top your cake using our Snakes, Teeth and Body Parts.


Need decoration ideas? We’ve got them!

Skeletons. Witches. Pumpkins. Cobwebs. Each of these are the staples of any Halloween.

However, they aren’t the only options!

Decorations around the home and workplace are part of what makes Halloween so much fun. Best of all, you needn’t limit yourself to these old standbys.

Looking for an alternative Halloween theme? One idea is to go the abandoned house route (à la Steven King’s It). You’ll want to deck your house out with:

  • Fake weeds and vines
  • Rusted prams or bikes
  • Cobwebs in the corners
  • Spooky music and atmospheric sounds

It’s a lot of effort, admittedly – trust us though, the effect is well worth it

You can also use everyday items to create this spooky effect. Cotton wool can be used to make spiderwebs. You can even open a window and use a small fan to blow the curtains outward – perfect for the abandoned house effect. 

And of course when it comes to decorating, you can’t overlook the lollies at your lolly buffet!

Consider slipping a couple of plastic spiders into your lolly bowl, or using tombstones as signs.

For a really creative idea, you can even use lollies to add teeth to your jack-o-lantern. Here’s an example of this in action. 

Need bulk lollies for your Halloween event? 

Many of these ideas need lollies to work (and a lot of them, to boot!)

Need bulk lollies? You need to get in touch with MyLollies!

We’re all about affordable bulk lollies online.

Our lolly warehouse in Seaford is filled to the top with Halloween lollies, as well as sweets for all occasions, just ready to be shipped out to customers all over Australia.

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