What bulk lollies can you use in a lolly buffet?

The question: what bulk lollies can you use in a lolly buffet?

The (simple) answer: well, whatever lollies you like!

After all, it’s lollies we’re talking about – if you like a certain lolly, then by all means, include it in your lolly buffet.

There’s no limit to the types of lollies you can include in your lolly buffet.

You can go for classics like Allen’s Killer Pythons, or something more out-there like sours.

Of course, there’s no accounting for your guests. Even if you love licorice, there’s no guarantee that your guests and attendees will (many probably won’t, knowing how divisive this particular lolly can be!)

Struggling to come up with a list of crowd-pleasing lollies? Here are a couple of pointers to get you started.

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4 lolly buffet choices you can’t go wrong with

So you’re almost done planning everything for your lolly buffet. 

Theme? Check.

Buffet table and decorations? Check.

Jars and containers? Check.

You’re almost there. Now the only thing left is to buy enough bulk lollies to fill out your lolly buffet!

Party mix

The good old-fashioned Party Mix lollies is an all-time classic. It doesn’t matter what sort of event your lolly buffet is celebrating – a Party Mix offers a diverse spread that will please all of your guests!

  • Snakes
  • Jelly babies
  • Raspberries and cream
  • Bananas
  • Frogs

Looking for something in particular? We also offer customised lollies – pick and choose what goes into your party mix for a truly custom lolly buffet!

buy bulk lollies

Gluten-free lollies

You can accommodate for guests who may have health conditions that prevent them from consuming food with gluten our range of gluten-free lollies.

We offer a range of GF sweets:

  • Fruit rings 
  • Gummi bears
  • Raspberries
  • Snakes
  • Soft jubes

To keep it simple and clear, we recommend filling a couple of jars specifically with gluten-free lollies, and clearly labelling them as so on your buffet table. 

Jelly beans

The most beautiful thing about jelly beans isn’t their taste (though that’s great too) – rather, it’s the huge range of colours they come in!

In the past, we’ve talked about how some partygoers have opted to set up their lolly buffet jars not just as containers, but as decorations, carefully layering differently-coloured lollies to create jars that are reminiscent of characters.

For example, say you’re theming your lolly buffet around Star Wars.

A great idea might be to fill a couple of small jars with white jelly beans, with two eye-slots and that distinct moustache-shaped breathing filter drawn on in black Sharpie.

Bam, you’ve got an instant army of stormtroopers on your hands!

Unlike your local supermarket, MyLollies offers bulk jelly beans in your choice of colour. This lets you go absolutely wild with your colour combinations, and lets your inner creativity run free!

Novelty lollies

As of the time of writing, Halloween is only a couple of days away. To add some extra Halloween flavour to your lolly buffet, consider buying some unique Halloween lollies.

At MyLollies, we stock a wide range of novelty lollies if you want to break the mould with your lolly buffet.

Finding these novelty lollies can be hard – many supermarkets offer only a basic range. Luckily, our online lolly shop in Adelaide has a full range of unique and yummy novelty lollies for events throughout the year, including Halloween.

What’s more, we also offer them at great prices too – if you need bulk lollies, we’re the number to call!


There are very few lollies that immediately fill us with that sense of child-like glee and excitement quite like lollipop do!

Let’s face it, lollipops trigger a strong reaction.

While we aren’t psychologists, we reckon it’s because of their distinctive appearance and how visually striking they are – there’s something distinctly nostalgic and old-fashioned about the original candy on a stick. 

And that’s exactly what makes them such great choices for your lolly buffet.

Not only are they sweet, but they also look fantastic, which makes them ideal for lolly buffets. After all, it’s essential that your lolly buffet looks fantastic too!

bulk lollies

We offer a range of lollipops, all of which can be bought in bulk:

  • Chupa Chups
  • Swirly pop lollipops
  • Rainbow lollipops
  • Your choice of assorted lollipops

These yummy and eye-popping lollies add that little bit of extra pageantry and excitement to your lolly buffet.

We suggest ordering a bunch in different colours and filling a jar with them for an attention-grabbing arrangement.

Order bulk lollies or customise your favourites for a lolly buffet!

Add variety, fun, colour and excitement to your next event with a lolly buffet.

These are only a handful of suggestions. While they’re safe bets, if there’s a specific theme you want to keep with, or a flavour that you’re a big fan of, don’t be afraid to include it.

Need to buy bulk lollies? Get them with MyLollies!

We’ve got everything you need to make your lolly buffet unforgettable, from classics like the traditional party mix, to rare and niche lollies.

Order bulk lollies online and we’ll help you figure out your lolly buffet quantity!

Contact our friendly team of lolly staff on 1300 899 000 or send us a message at our contact us page.

And if you’re ever in or around south-east Melbourne, feel free to visit our lolly warehouse in Melbourne and see our awesome range of treats and lollies in-person!

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