Buy lollies online to celebrate Candy Day!

Candy Day? What’s that?! This might be your first thought when you hear these words.  

Well, don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Candy Day because we are here to explain. 

There is really only one thing you need to know about Candy Day. It’s the best day of the year to celebrate all things candy!  

Yes, there are lots of occasions to enjoy candy (can you ever really have too many?!) but this is the only day of the year wholly dedicated to enjoying sweet treats. 

While the day didn’t originate in Australia (as the word “candy” suggests) there’s no reason not to enjoy it. You can start the fun tradition of celebrating it! And the novelty means people will love finding out about it.     

This unique date on the calendar provides lots of opportunities to get creative and keep everyone entertained with fun candy ideas. 

Here are some ideas from MyLollies to help bring the fun of Candy Day to wherever you are on the day!  

Candy Day buffet

What better time to set up a buffet featuring lollies than Candy Day? 

You’ve probably heard of a buffet, but may not have seen one dedicated to lollies.

A lolly buffet is an array of lollies displayed in jars/vases. Those hosting one also choose something for guests to collect the lollies, or in this case candy, in!     

Lolly buffet might at first sound like just a fancy name for lollies put out on a table for guests. But with some simple planning, a lolly buffet can add a lot of fun and colour to your event.

And the Candy Day theme on 4th November means your colourful lolly buffet will be the centre of everyone’s attention.  

Read our tips for creating a lolly buffet that everyone will love!

Since candy (lollies) is the main event on Candy Day we suggest making the most of the day by choosing some of your favourite colourful, attention-grabbing lollies. 

If you order our bulk lollies online you will have some great choices. 

Candy-themed movies

Finding a candy-themed movie to watch on Candy Day is a fun idea. 

This is an easy way to celebrate at home or wherever you are that everyone will appreciate.  

You might think of some others but here are a few ideas of candy-themed movies (and candy you can enjoy while you are watching). 

Willy Wonka 

Who could forget the chocolate river in Willy Wonka? 

A classic that’s also suitable for kids, this is a great option for all ages.

Willy Wonka themed candy options include:

  • Swirly Pop lollipops – choose from Rainbow, Pink or Blue 
  • Gumballs, Extreme Sour Straps Blue Raspberry or TNT Rainbow Sour Straps (remember Violet and the three-course gum?) 
  • Allen’s Chocolate Freckles or Chocolate Gold Coins (Chocolate is a big part of Willy Wonka and unwrapping a gold coin could be compared to finding a golden ticket)  

Wreck-it Ralph

It’s impossible to watch this movie and not notice the candy! 

Candy-themed go karting and jokes make this a good choice for kids. 

Wreck-it Ralph candy options include:

  • Allsep’s Racing Cars – the candy version of Sugar Racers
  • Assorted lollipops – just like the lollipops you can see at the startline of the Sugar Rush Speedway  
  • Allen’s Party Mix – there is plenty of candy to spot in the movie and with a party mix everyone can join in the candy fun 


With the title of this movie and chocolate shop in the storyline this is a great choice for chocolate lovers.  

A film that has been enjoyed by many movie fans, this is a good one for adults.

Chocolat movie themed options include:    

Candy Treasure Hunt  

Candy is obviously a popular theme with children. And what better combination for kid-themed fun than candy and games? 

There are a number of candy-themed game ideas and one of our favourites is a candy treasure hunt!

Game basics 

A children’s treasure hunt is a great option for Candy Day.  

All you need is a collection of candy treasure and some places to hide it. 

You can design your treasure hunt to suit children of any age. Making the candy more difficult to find or adding clues is a great option for older children. 

A smaller area and more obvious hiding spots can be better for younger children. The best part is you can mix it up to suit all ages. 

Candy Treasure 

Individually wrapped candy is a great option for a treasure hunt. 

Our individually wrapped candy options include: 

  • Bulk wrapped lollies – a perfect option for a treasure hunt, our Wrapped Party Mix contains approx. 250 pieces of individually wrapped candy treasure. Fruit chews, ball lollipops and fruit drops are included! 
  • Pez Candies – our Pez Fruit Mix Candies come in a range of flavours – lemon, orange, strawberry and cherry. These are a great fit with the Candy Day theme. 
  • Chupa Chups – a long-standing lollipop favourite among children of all ages, these colourfully wrapped treats make perfect Candy Day treasure. 

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