Leftover bulk lollies? 3 creative ways to recycle your Halloween lollies

Halloween is one of the most lollies-focused times of the year.

But what happens to all those Halloween lollies after the decorations come down and the costumes come off? What happens to all those leftover bulk lollies?

Yes, as delicious as they are, sometimes a Halloween haul of lollies aren’t all eaten straight away. Maybe you live on a quieter street, or you bought way more lollies than you actually needed.

As we’re about to explain, this isn’t necessarily a problem – in fact, it can be a great thing! There are lots of things you can do with your favourite lollies, left over from Halloween.

Whether it’s lollies from trick or treating, or Halloween party leftovers, there’s no need for any of your Halloween lollies to go to waste.

Here are some ways you can put your leftover lollies to good use…

1) Decorating gingerbread

Right after Halloween comes November, which means Christmas isn’t far away!

And Christmas is a perfect time to think about gingerbread.

Gingerbread houses and people are a popular Christmas treat. They can be a dessert to enjoy at home, taken along for an event, or be a great personally made gift.

Instead of throwing out all those leftover Halloween lollies, why not save them for your gingerbread construction project? 

Lollies don’t just taste good with gingerbread – they can also shape how your gingerbread creation looks.

There are lots of ways to integrate lollies into gingerbread, but to get you started, for gingerbread houses we suggest adding:

For your gingerbread people we suggest using:

  • Smarties or other small lollies as buttons
  • Lollipop as a fun prop for your creations to hold (check out this fun example we found on YouTube) 
  • Any matching lollies from a Party Mix Lollies bag as shoes

These are just some ideas – the possibilities are endless (just like our online lolly shop!)

2) Desserts with a lolly twist 

Looking to make your desserts even sweeter? Look no further than all those leftover Halloween lollies!

Lollies can be a great ingredient for recipes or added to other foods to build sweet new creations.

Cakes and biscuits  

Baking a cake or biscuits? Why not include your Halloween lollies?

Whether it’s for a special occasion or simply and excuse to create something delicious, lollies can be used in lots of ways when baking cakes or biscuits.

Some examples are:

  • Funny face cupcakes – this is a fun idea when baking for or with children. Use your Halloween lollies to create goofy faces
  • Lolly biscuits – bake lolly biscuits. This simple recipe uses orange lollies similar to Soft Jubes lollies, but other lollies are fine too
  • Cakes that use lollies in creative ways – there are many cake recipes that include lolly decoration ideas ranging from simple to spectacular. Choose or adapt one to use up your leftover lollies

Fruit and hot chocolate 

Combine your leftover Halloween lollies with fruit or hot chocolate to give them a fun (and sweet) twist!

This is an easy and creative way to put your leftover Halloween bulk lollies to good use.

Some ideas include:

  • Fruit coated in chocolate and confectionary – chocolate and caramel can be melted down to dip fruit in. You can even use Chocolate Freckles for a sprinkle effect (here are some photos for reference)
  • Fruit, chocolate and lolly skewers – put some fruit, chocolate and lollies on wooden skewers to create a fun treat. Soft chewy chocolate and lollies like Chewy CaramelsSoft Jubes and Marshmallows are perfect to put on skewers (check out this lolly skewer on Pinterest)
  • Hot chocolate – leftover chocolate can be melted and stirred into hot chocolate. This hot chocolate recipe on Pinterest also includes whipped cream and lollies – an excellent idea for your Halloween leftovers!

3) Advent calendars

Advent calendars are an iconic Christmas fixture – not to mention, they’re also a crafty way to use some of your leftover Halloween treats!

Tired of chocolate? If you’ve got leftover bulk lollies, consider breaking with tradition and using them in the place of traditional chocolate.

Not only is it unique, but there’s also way more variety than a traditional calendar!

Looking for ideas? This article we found shows 20 creative and unique advent calendar ideas using: 

  • Matchboxes, wrapping paper and stickers 
  • Wrapped parcels tied to numbered pegs 
  • Cloth bags tied up with ribbon
  • Cute baby socks numbered with stickers and hung with pegs
  • Lots of other materials!

Traditionally advent calendars are used in December in the lead up to Christmas – as such, most store-bought ones only start from the 1st of December.

Can’t wait? Looking to start early? You can create a treat-filled calendar for the rest of November using your leftover bulk lollies!

Looking to buy bulk lollies online?

As these ideas show you can never have too many lollies. 

And just because Halloween is over, doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating lollies – if you ask us, lollies are for all seasons!

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