Wedding lolly buffet ideas – and where to buy bulk lollies online!

Most people don’t think of lollies and weddings going together.

Of course, your wedding can be whatever you want it to be – and if that includes lolly bags or a lolly buffet, you shouldn’t let other people’s opinions stop you!

When you get down to it, weddings are a celebration. And what better way to celebrate than with bulk lollies?

Everyone loves lollies. In our (somewhat biased) opinion, they’re the ultimate crowd-pleaser. As such, they’re the perfect compliment for your wedding reception.

Why choose a wedding lolly buffet?

Simple: everyone loves lollies. Who can resist their soft, sweet allure, or the eye-popping colours? Even the most sombre person can’t resist their inner child calling out for sweets!

Still on the fence about whether to include a lolly bar or buffet in your big day? Here are a few reasons why you should consider giving it a go…

1) It fits with certain wedding themes

More and more couples are eschewing the traditional trappings of a wedding, instead opting for unconventional and off-the-wall wedding themes.

Naturally, this has spilled over into the food on offer!

Whimsical weddings in particular are a trend that’s taking the wedding world by storm.

Think Alice in Wonderland if you crossed it with a dash of boho-chic and garden party… you get the idea: it’s quirky, eclectic and fun.

Funnily enough, all of those words also happen to describe many lolly buffets!

Lolly buffets are the perfect setup for these types of weddings. The almost Lolita styling of a whimsical wedding combined with the colours and tastes of a lolly buffet… it’s a match made in heaven (just like your marriage!)

2) Lolly buffets are a social treat

Want to make your guests to be on the move throughout the day? Lolly bars could be just the trick!

If you ask us, buffets are the most social way to eat food. Instead of being constrained to a table, guests will have to get up and go to the table to get food.

Along the way, they’ll bump into other guests and start chatting away – as they say, food brings people together.

Everyone has an opinion about customised lollies, as well as a favourite (or two). Not only do lolly buffets get your guests on their feet, but they also get people talking and socialising.

3) They bring your event to life

Beautifully crafted lolly buffets don’t just add a twist of sweetness to your wedding – they can also add a splash of colour to your event.

Lolly bars can be perfectly themed to match your event (and it’s thanks to the huge variety of lollies out there!)

Whatever colour, theme, trends and ideas that you have for your wedding, there’s a lolly (or several) that you can easily incorporate into your wedding.

Need bulk lollies? We’ve got you covered – we stock a wide range of lollies in all shapes, sizes and colours, allowing you to build a lolly buffet that’s tailored for your event.

4) It’s cost-effective

Let’s face it, catering can be expensive – especially when you add the dreaded “wedding mark-up”.

Luckily for you, lollies come with no such price hike.

Our online lolly shop makes this proposition even more attractive – in addition to selling bulk lollies, we also sell them at close to wholesale lollies prices, allowing you to save even more while setting up your lolly buffet!

Time and money are two of the most valuable resources that every wedding planner needs. Luckily, opting for a lolly buffet can save both of these things for you!

Need a theme? Lolly bar ideas

So you’ve decided – it’s a resounding YES to a lolly buffet for your wedding!

Of course, that still leaves the question of how you’re going to set up your bar, and how to best utilise the bulk lollies you’ve just bought.

Luckily, we have a couple of suggestions…

Coordinate your colours

Taste is just one part of what makes food appetising – colour is another (and science agrees!)

In particular, you’ll want to make sure that you choose colours for your lollies that are aligned with your wedding theme, style, and of course, personal preference.

Our online lolly shop lets you sort lollies by a range of factors. In addition to type, flavour and brand, we also let you sort lollies by colour.

This gives you the power to only buy lollies that fit your theme – no need to spend hours sorting through party mixes for the lollies that you’re looking for!

Old-fashioned candy bar

Treat your guests to a blast of nostalgia and give them a trip down memory lane with an old-fashioned candy bar.

Not only is this a great theme in its own right, but it’s also a perfect fit for traditional wedding themes.

You’ll want to start with lots of brass holders, as well as white plates and conservative colours.

As for the lollies, choose nostalgic treats like licorice allsorts, rock candy, milk bottles, and bananas.


The vintage look is back in – makes sense, since we’re about to hit 100 years since the Roaring Twenties!

Little wonder that this vintage look is finding its way into our wedding themes as well!

If you’re looking to integrate this theme into your lolly buffet, we suggest bulk wrapped lollies.

That’s because it wasn’t until the last couple of decades that party mixes became the “standard” way to enjoy lollies – before then however, it was all wrapped lollies and hard candies.

And that’s what makes these such a good choice for vintage-inspired wedding themes.

Rock candy is another fantastic choice for vintage lollies. Better yet, rock candy is available in jars right off the bat, further enhancing their vintage look!

Beach-themed candy bar

Planning a beach or coastal wedding? Why not complete it with a themed lolly buffet?

When it comes to lollies, swirly blue lollipop, jelly beans, jubes lollies, white marshmallows, and fruity snakes rule the roost. They’ve got the right colour to fit in perfectly to any beach celebration, including your wedding.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about beach-themed lolly buffets – if you’re short on ideas, you can refer to our last article for pointers and suggestions.

Adding a lolly buffet to your wedding day?

Buy bulk lollies online with MyLollies!

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Of course, to set up your lolly buffet, you’ll need bulk lollies.

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