Baby shower lollies to create your own lolly bags and buffet

Summer – everyone’s favourite season… doubly so for those who are expecting!

You’ve spent weeks and months preparing your home, double-checking the baby bag, and attending prenatal classes.

You’ve arranged maternity leave and thrown your gender reveal party.

The only thing left before seeing your sweet pea for the first time is the baby shower!

Baby showers are a staple of the new mum experience. Not to mention, it also gives you an excuse to catch up with friends and be showered in presents – it’s a win-win.

And what better way to celebrate the upcoming birth than with lollies?

Lollies and babies – it’s a match made in heaven. The sweetness of a lolly buffet is the perfect way to celebrate your upcoming childbirth.

And of course, you can’t spell lolly buffet without bulk lollies, courtesy of MyLollies!

Baby shower lolly buffet ideas

As with any party, the first thing you’ll want to think of for your baby shower lollies is a theme.

Here are a few popular favourites! Candy shop theme

Be honest: who didn’t want to run their very own lolly shop when they were a kid?

If you’re looking for a lolly buffet theme that’s perfect for your baby shower, you can’t go past the lolly shop theme!

Pastel colours, swirls, stripes, polka-dots… each of these positively reeks of youthful energy – the exact same energy that’s about to fill your life!

With this theme, colour is the name of the game.

You’ll want to fill your lolly buffet jars to the top with all sorts of brightly coloured sweet treats:

  • Gummy bears
  • Jelly beans
  • Swirl lollipops
  • Snake lollies

Remember: bright and vivid is the name of the game here!

Baby theme – of course!

There’s a reason pastel colours are often used to represent babies. Bright colours a bit too vivid for your liking? You can always go with a pastel baby theme instead.

Using lighter shades, you create a softer lolly buffet theme that’s a bit more in line with how fragile and delicate newborns look.

We also suggest going with lollies that are nice and soft, in keeping with beautiful chubby baby cheeks!

Luckily for you, marshmallows tick both of those boxes, and make for a great foundation for your baby-themed lolly buffet.

Our online lolly shop allows customers like you to buy bulk lollies sorted by colour and type.

You’ll be able to choose lollies that perfectly fit with the baby theme of your lolly buffet.

Gender colour theme

Don’t have time for both a baby shower and a gender reveal party? Why not combine them both?

This is an increasingly common idea that many mums-to-be are using to save time and reduce the amount of effort that comes with planning.

And of course, a gender-themed lolly buffet for your baby shower can mean one of two things:

  1. You need a lot of pink lollies
  2. You need a lot of blue lollies!

That means having lollies entirely in either blue or pink, tipping off your guests as to what gender the baby is.

Alternatively, you could opt for a range of lollies in other colours, and have only a single blue or pink lolly hidden among them.

You could even turn it into a game, with jars full of lollies of other colours, with a single blue snake or pink lollipop hidden in the middle!

Need bulk lollies in blue or pink? Browse our range of blue lollies, as well as our range of pink lollies.

Lolly invitation for baby shower

Add a touch of creativity to your baby shower invites by spreading the lolly theming to your invitations as well!

Consider creating custom invitations that match the theme and style of your baby shower.

What’s more, be sure to sneak in a little bit of lolly-themed sweetness as well – consider taping a lollipop to the inside of your invites.

Chocolate gold coins are another great option that add a bit of novelty to your baby shower, while rock candy is a nostalgic sweet treat guests will love!

Lolly bags

So you’ve received all manner of fantastic gifts for your baby shower – it’s only fair that you repay the favour!

While they’re small, lolly bags are a sweet way (pun intended) of giving back to your guests.

MyLollies doesn’t just do bulk lollies – we also do lolly bags too.

We can bag up to 100 lolly bags a minute – compare that to doing it on your own by hand. There’s no competition!

The process is simple:

  1. Choose your lollies
  2. Design the bag
  3. Pack the bag
  4. Have them delivered right on your doorstep

You choose the contents, we’ll do the rest!

If you want, we can even customise your lolly bags with your baby’s name printed on it.

Choose from MyLollies’ great range of Lolly Bags with full-colour stickers or a digitally printed colour bag. 

MyLollies is your one-stop shop for baby shower lollies!

You don’t really have the need to buy bulk lollies all that often – but when you do, MyLollies is the place to go!

Are you looking for the best-quality yet affordable price of lollies for your baby shower? Find everything you need at MyLollies!

If it’s sweet, we’ve got it!

It doesn’t matter what theme you’ve chosen for your baby shower – our online lolly shop stocks just about everything, allowing us to provide lollies for all sorts of occasions.

Live in Melbourne? Feel free to drop by in our confectionery warehouse and see our impressive lolly emporium!

Need something custom? We’re happy to help – contact our lolly-loving staff on 1300 899 000 or send us a message here.

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