Buy bulk lollies for your kids’ lolly bags!

You’ve popped the cake in the oven.

The decorations have been hung up. Invites have been sent out RSVPs have been received.

That should cover just about everything…

… everything except for the lolly situation, that is!

No children’s birthday party is complete without a lolly bag to send guests off. 

And what about lollies for classmates? Just think back to your time in primary school – those birthday lolly bags were the highlight of your day.

Despite the years that have passed, party favours (a fancy name for kid’s party bags) have never gone out of style.

As long as kids love lollies, they’ll love birthday lolly bags.

But what bulk lollies should you include in your party favours?

And more importantly, how can our huge online lolly store help?

Short on ideas? Our kids’ lolly bag suggestions

You can’t have a lolly bad without lollies – it’s in the name, after all!

But what lollies should you choose? That’s a much tougher question!

Many parents opt for a traditional party mix, with snake lollies, teeth, and more. It’s a good mix, and you can’t really go wrong with it.

If you want lolly bags that stand out, you’ll want to look into ways of adding variety.

Luckily, our online lolly shop has got you covered.

In addition to selling bulk lollies, we also stock a huge range of different lollies in all shapes, colours and flavours.

And that includes some lollies that you’ll be hard-pressed to find at your local supermarket.

Want to (literally) spice up your lolly bags? Sour straps, rock candy and fizzers might be just what you need!

Our final piece of advice? Match your theme.

We know, we know – it sounds basic. But you’d be surprised how many parents neglect this!

Our online lolly shop stocks a huge range of novelty lollies, allowing you to choose lollies that perfectly match your theme.

Not only does it grant more variety, but it’ll help sell the theme to all the kids attending too!

More than just lollies – other lolly bag ideas

While lollies are the main attraction of any lolly bag, they aren’t the only things you can include!

Mixing up the lollies in your lolly bags can help add flavour to your lolly bags – so too can including…

Small toys

If there’s one thing kids love more than lollies, it’s toys.

So why not slip a couple into your lolly bags?

Lollies won’t last an hour – some kids may even get impatient and eat up all the contents of their lolly bags before heading home from your party!

Toys on the other hand have a much longer shelf life. Not to mention, they’ll also help keep kids occupied while waiting for their parents to pick them up, making your job as a chaperone just that little bit easier.

Luckily for you, our online lolly shop doesn’t just stock lollies.

Browse our selection of toys, each of which are small enough to fit in your lolly bags.


Toys are good. But you know what’s better? Puzzles.

Challenge the logic and thinking of kids by putting snake puzzles and Rubik’s Cubes for kids to put all together in wonderful designs. They’re great time-killers, and fun to boot.

You can even make it into a competition – the first child to solve their puzzle could get an extra prize!


Why not slip a small book into your lolly bags?

Now, obviously you aren’t going to be able to fit in something like Harry Potter or War And Peace (not that they’d be able to read either of them!)

However, you can slip in something small.

A pocket joke book is a great suggestion, as it also gives kids something to do while waiting to get picked up (as long as you’re willing to put up with months of bad puns).

Another great idea are Mr Men and Little Miss books – not only are they small enough to fit, but at a couple dollars each, they won’t break the bank either!

Art materials

Pens. Crayons. Textas. Encourage all the budding artists attending your party with art supplies.

Smiggle and Typo are great places to start when it comes to art materials. 

Consider highlighters, pencils and a small notebook – they’re easy to pack, and not too heavy on the spend, either.

If you want, you can even set up a canvas for kids or a stack of colouring books to experiment with afterwards and really get their creative juices flowing.


While they may be young, kids still have an innate desire to express themselves and customise their things.

In many cases, that takes the form of stickers.

Stickers are a great, low-cost way of spicing up your lolly bags.

Purchase sheets of stickers to match your theme.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also choose glow-in-the-dark and scratch-and-sniff stickers, which are sure to make an even stronger impression with your young guests.

Lolly bags for venues

Our online lolly shop doesn’t just sell to consumers – we also work with businesses of all stripes, providing custom lolly bags for events and promotional campaigns.

And among our list of commercial clients include kid’s play centres.

As the operator of a kid’s play centre, you no doubt host many children’s birthday parties. In many cases, you may also get requests from parents asking whether or not you supply lolly bags.

That’s where MyLollies comes in.

Many of the businesses we partner with are play centres looking to take the work of preparing lolly bags off their hands.

We can create custom party mixes for your play centre in a range of sizes and options. We’ll also provide:

  • Nutritional information
  • Ingredients
  • Expiry dates (all our bags are sealed and have a 10-12-month shelf life)
  • Allergen statements

And best of all, we do it in bulk, ensuring that you only have to make a couple of orders each year!

Need lolly bags or bulk lollies?

If you need lollies on a budget, call MyLollies

Instead of having to make multiple trips to the supermarket, our online lolly shop allows you to buy bulk lollies online in only a handful of clicks.

Better yet, we can do it for less – we’re able to offer huge quantities of your favourite lollies at close to wholesale prices, helping you create lolly bags without breaking the bank.

Click here to buy bulk lollies online.

Our friendly staff are happy to help you. Just contact any of our MyLollies staff on 1300 899 000 or click here to send us a message. And if you live near Melbourne, feel free to drop by in our lolly warehouse and check our lolly emporium in-person!

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