All I want for Christmas is… Christmas lolly bags!

Red and green, with a touch of gold and silver- you can’t go wrong with this colour combination to represent the most wonderful time of the year!

Can you believe that yet another Christmas is upon us?

With all the festive songs, feastings, gift-giving, and of course, Christmas parties, why not consider bulk lollies to create your very own lolly bags to give out to those who have made an impact this year?

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing, and one best way of giving a simple and affordable surprise to your guests is through lollies!

If you’re hosting a big Christmas party event for your family, workplace, or clients, MyLollies has got you covered!

Whether it’s a sweet treat to give as a small gift or a bonus treat on top of a regular present, lollies are always welcomed and received with a smile!

Our team of lolly experts provide you with bulk lollies at close to wholesale prices this holiday season!

Our special Christmas lollies include candy canes, strawberry leaf lollies and Christmas mini bags – all ready to be enjoyed by you and your loved ones.

Christmas lolly bag ideas

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, snowmen, elves, and of course the big man in Red, Santa Claus, are all gearing up for their busiest nights of the year.

And as the office comes to a close, your schedule is heating up, too!

The end-of-year Christmas party, dinners and lunches with the family, catch-ups with friends – ‘tis the season for gift-giving!

Add a bonus sweet treat to your gifts with our range of Christmas and coloured lollies – use your creativity to present gorgeous lolly bags that will surely put a smile on everyone’s face.

But if you don’t have the luxury of time to think about lollies?

How will you order so many at once?

How can you find Christmas-themed candies?

MyLollies offers a variety of Christmas lollies (as well as lollies sorted by colour_ to fill your stockings!

Buy lollies online or call our team of lolly experts on 1300 899 000 if you’d prefer to chat!

Alternatively, you can fill in the form to send us your lolly requirements today.

Festive candies with Christmas tags

Beautiful lolly bags don’t need to cost a fortune or take hours to create.

Even simple plastic pouches can have a touch of Christmas added to them through printable tags.

There are literally thousands of free templates online, or you can purchase certain styles instantly and get them delivered to your inbox, ready for printing.

Packing lollies for kids? We suggest lots of bright colours – no need to stick to traditional red and green (unless of course you want to!)

Think party mix lollies, sherbet lemon and gummi lollies – buy bulk lollies and distribute for your kids, their friends, young cousins, and all the other important children in your life.

Don’t forget to include a sweet note!

Handcrafted Christmas boxes

Keep the mystery of lollies wrapped inside traditional Christmas boxes. Whether you make them yourself or purchase them in-store, you can fill a variety of boxes and give as gifts.

Watch eyes light up as recipients unveil an overload of sweetness!

Handcrafted Christmas boxes make a well-presented lolly bag with a slight twist.

We suggest filling these boxes up with a combination of chocolates and candies. We love Tropix and Allens lollies, along with some gold foil wrapped chocolate hearts thrown in too!

Tie those cute boxes with Christmas coloured ribbons to complete the look.

Personalised Christmas paper lolly bags

Who knew the humble brown paper bag could be turned into an adorable reindeer?

This is a great activity for kids, as it incorporates their hand prints (these make up the antlers!) Check out the instructions here.

While the paper now represents a reindeer, it won’t fit any lollies inside. However we suggest fixing it to the front of a paper bag with handles.

That way, you can fill up this paper bag with sweet treats, and present your hand-made gift to the lucky recipient.

These are perfect sentimental gifts for grandma and grandpa or even the teachers at school!

Have your child write a small note, and pop that in the bag too. They could even write the recipient’s name on the reindeer!

Burlap or hessian Christmas lolly bags

Add a touch of Australia to your festivities this year by looking towards nature.

Natural materials and local foliage helps create a truly unique look for Christmas lolly bags.

A hessian sack affixed with a wooden or cardboard name tag and fixed with a small gumnut leaf (or pinecone!) is a beautiful way to inject something native into your gifts.

We love this adorable gumnut wreath we found on Pinterest. (These can also be a great idea for place settings at Christmas lunch!)

Stick with green, red, gold, and silver lollies as you fill your hessian sacks to the brim.

You can use twine string to tie up the bag, or choose a cute red checkered ribbon for a splash of colour and great contrast against the green,grey, and silver eucalyptus leaves.

Christmas drawstring bag

Running out of ideas or don’t have time to DIY your own lolly packaging?

Head to the stores and pick up a couple of festive drawstring bags. These eco-friendly bags can be reused once all the lollies have been gobbled up!

Share sweet treats of bulk lollies and Christmas mini bags from MyLollies this holiday!

Inspired to create your very own lolly bags this Christmas?

You get the craft supplies, and we’ll supply a huge range of bulk lollies!

Whether it’s a small treat for your child’s classmates, a token of thanks to staff, or a sweet add-on to all your other gifts, lolly bags are always received with a smile!

Order bulk lollies online from MyLollies today! Need assistance figuring out how much to order? Our expert lolly team is more than willing to assist! Call us anytime on 1300 899 000 or click here to send us your ideas, questions, and favourite lollies!

And if you live in Bayside, feel free to visit our confectionery warehouse and explore our range of lollies in person!

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