4 sweet lolly bag ideas for your next corporate event!

Who says lollies are only for kids?

There are a thousand and one ways to bring lollies into your next corporate function.

Yep, you heard us right: if you’re looking for a sweet compliment to your next corporate event, you can’t go past lolly bags!

But how?

Many struggle to understand how lolly bags can be used for business purposes, and how impactful they can be.

To help you get the most mileage out of your lolly bags (and create the best possible outcome for your upcoming corporate event), we’ve put together this handy list of lolly bag ideas!

How promotional lolly bags can promote your company or brand

Give the gift of lollies!

Most of us have entire drawers full of company pens, cards and other knick-knacks we’ve built up over the years.

For most of us, they’re pretty boring – “oh great, another pen to add to the pile.”

In fact, we’ve received so many of them that it doesn’t even warrant any attention.

Lolly bags, however? That’s a different story!

When was the last time you received a lolly bag from a corporate event? We’re talking a proper lolly bag, packed and sealed by a pro and with the company’s branding on full display?

It’s this novelty that makes corporate lollies stand out from the crowd. And that in turn makes them ideal for corporate events and for promoting your brand!

Lolly bags put your brand front-and-centre

MyLollies’ corporate lolly bags aren’t the type you used to get at birthday parties when you were a kid!

Instead of hand-prepared lolly bags, each of our corporate lolly bags is professionally vacuum-sealed, ensuring freshness as well as a clean presentation.

That isn’t the only way lolly bags reflect well on your brand, either – MyLollies can also print your logo or branding on each bag we create.

We print in full colour, with the choice between stickers and laser prints.

Finally, our team is happy to provide customised lollies the content of your corporate lolly bags!

Say your corporate logo has a snake in it – instead of the standard party mix, talk to your helpful team about getting snakes in your lolly bags (we recommend Allen’s Snakes Alive! in particular).

We can also choose lollies that match your company colours, giving you lolly bags that reflect your brand in every single way!

Need lolly bag ideas?

MyLollies offers custom prefilled mini bags in 50g and 100g sizes – the perfect size to hand out to attendees to chow down on right there and then!

Our lolly bags are great for all sorts of corporate events:

Need some ideas to get the creative juices flowing? Here are a couple…

1) Company fundraisers

Got a company fundraiser coming up? Need a way to get people to spend? Lollies are a good bet!

Lolly bags can be the focus of your fundraiser. Alternatively, fundraising lollies may be given out whenever an employee buys a ticket to the company raffle.

Either way, nobody can resist the temptation – as a result, you can expect the donations to pour in.

2) Gifts

Lollies are a great gift – they’re small, handy and can be consumed right there and then by the recipient.

Got guests visiting your facility? Making a sales call? Need consolation prizes for a company raffle? If so, lolly bags are the way to go.

What’s more, they’re also affordable – we do production runs in the hundreds, bringing the cost down dramatically (and that’s on top of our already low prices!)

3) Give them out to potential partners

Whether it’s a major promotional campaign or a gift to potential partners, lolly bags are a great way to make a strong impression.

Our lolly bags can be customised with your branding, as well as your corporate colours, ensuring that they’re congruent with the rest of your promotional materials.

Pair your promotional lolly bags up with a glossy business card, and you’ve made a strong first impression!

4) Lollies are a major morale-booster

Morale is one of the most difficult issues you’ll face as a manager or business owner – while you can control costs and expenditures, you can’t control how others feel.

Luckily, there are ways to make your staff feel valued.

Benefits, bonuses, support and training… these are just some of the ways you can show that your staff matter and that they’re cared for.

Looking for another morale-booster? Lollies are the way to go!

In the market for lolly bags? Call MyLollies today!

So you’ve settled on a great lolly bag idea. The next step? You need to get in touch with MyLollies!

Our lollies are sourced from a range of big-name lolly brands – we think you may have heard of them!

You’ll be able to pick and choose lollies from all of these brands (and many more), giving you lolly bags that you’re 100% happy with.

Best of all, we offer all of our lollies in bulk and at near wholesale prices, allowing you to promote your brand, give the gift of lollies and raise morale, all without significantly impacting your bottom line.

Get started by contacting MyLollies today – give us a ring on 1300 899 000, or start browsing our online lolly shop!

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