Under the sea – bulk lollies for your mermaid pool party!

So you’ve got a young child, and they’re in the middle of their mermaid phase. All of a sudden, everything has to change – that means new toys, new posters and new clothes.

Luckily, their love of lollies hasn’t changed!

Birthday coming up soon? Need an idea for a party theme? Are they starting to get picky?

Here’s an idea: why not combine your child’s two loves to create the ultimate birthday party with a mermaid-themed party, complete with their very own lolly buffet?

Create your own mermaid pool party

What sort of mermaid party is complete without water?

The weather is still warm, meaning conditions are perfect for a pool party!

Think of fun underwater activities

The brief: fun games and activities.

The problem: finding games that are appropriate for your theme.

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to aquatic activities:

  • Pool volleyball
  • Underwater limbo
  • Water polo
  • Underwater treasure hunts
  • Mermaid races


Elevate your mermaid pool party to the next level by turning your pool into something more.

Have you got gadgets and gizmos aplenty? Whozits and whatzits galore? Have tons of thingamabobs lying around? Toss them into the pool to create the impression of a real life ocean!

Transport your little mermaid to her very own underwater world, complete with fake seaweed at the bottom of the pool along with seashells, anchors, driftwood, buried chests and other trinkets.


And of course, you can’t forget the music, either! Start with The Little Mermaid soundtrack (of course!) and explore Spotify for a number of other ‘Under the Sea’ playlists suitable for kids. 

Go the extra mile

Keep your own little mermaid happy with mermaid fins and flippers, or consider hiring for all your little guests.

(Though if the phase is set to last a while, you might consider purchasing!)


If some of your kid’s friends aren’t keen on the idea of mermaids, you could think about widening the theme to an ocean party, or add a second element, such as ‘Mermaids & Pirates’.

That way, you’re allowing a few more options to ensure that all little guests are comfortable and happy!

Lolly buffet ideas for your mermaid pool party

You didn’t think we’d ignore the lolly part of the equation, did you? Of course not – we’re an online candy store, remember?

While your child’s mermaid obsession is new, one thing that isn’t going anywhere soon is their love for Australian lollies

Not only that, but they’re sure to be a hit with all your party guests too!

When filling out your lolly buffet, you’ll need bulk lollies.

Of course, you can’t simply dump a bunch of lollies on your table and call it a day – for the best results, you’ll want to…

Choose a colour

Think shades of blue and green, of course, but don;t be afraid to enhance your setup with complementary colours too.

Pops of white, lilac, and pink look great, while a couple of foil-wrapped lollies can represent buried treasure! Buy chocolate gold coins and gold or silver wrapped hearts.

And finally, ensure that your lolly buffet is consistent with this colour scheme too! In addition to a blue cake, consider:

Don’t forget the cake, either – as the centrepiece, the cake will also need to match the theme!

Presenting your lollies

In keeping with the mermaid theme, decoration is key for your lolly buffet.

It all starts by choosing a colour for your tablecloth. We suggest starting with a white tablecloth so your coloured lollies will really pop! 

Alternatively, use light blue to convey that bottom-of-the-ocean feel!

Once you’re done with that, it’s time to move onto decorations. Naturally, your lolly buffet table will be dominated by:

  • Seashells
  • Pearls
  • Treasure chests
  • Pieces of coral

Finally, how are you going to present your lollies?

If you ask us, white and glass jars are a great starting point.

If you want to go above and beyond however, some other awesome ideas include:

Give out lolly bags

What children’s birthday party is complete without the traditional lolly bags?

As with all lolly bags, you’ll want a wide spread of lollies to ensure that each kid has at least something they like!

When it comes to mermaid lolly bags, we suggest sticking to the advice above – that means choosing lollies that are consistent with the colour and theme.

Fairy floss is a great choice, as it’s soft and an appropriate colour – the perfect fit for the mermaid theme! Dont forget to also include some of Austalia’s favorite lolly brands such as Allens

Bulk lollies for your upcoming party

Give your child a birthday they won’t forget!

If you’re planning a mermaid pool party complete with a lolly buffet, you’ll need bulk lollies to pull it off.

Luckily, we can deliver – both figuratively and literally!

MyLollies specialises in bulk lollies.

What’s more, we stock a much broader range of sweets than the local supermarket, allowing you to buy exactly what you need for your coming party.

For truly mind-boggling amounts of lollies at wholesale prices, make MyLollies a part of your world.

Take a gander through our online lolly shop today, or pop by our lolly warehouse in Melbourne!

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