Bulk lollies for celiacs: gluten-free lollies

Celiacs get a rough deal. It’s even tougher being a celiac with a sweet tooth – unfortunately, gluten can be found in many different types of food, including some of our favourite treats.

Imagine having to live without sweet treats like donuts, muffins, or cake. It hurts just thinking about it!

And what if you’re hosting a party and some of the guests have a gluten intolerance? It wouldn’t be fair to exclude them from enjoying your dessert or lolly buffet.

Luckily, gluten intolerance doesn’t have to mean cutting lollies out of your life!

We here at MyLollies don’t just stock a huge range of bulk lollies – our online lolly shop also stocks a range of niche treats, including a wide range of gluten free lollies.

gluten free lollies australia allens

Wait, there’s gluten free lollies australia allens?


For those who don’t know, gluten is a protein that’s found in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye.

And unfortunately, these three grains can be found in much of our food!

It isn’t just the obvious candidates like bread, pasta, cakes and other wheat-based foods, either. Wheat products are used as ingredients in many other types of food, including – you guessed it – lollies.

For example, Allen’s lollies are moulded in a tray of wheat starch. This is how they get the iconic shapes that lolly-lovers everywhere are familiar with like allens freckles gluten free and allens sherbies gluten free

Another example is wheat glucose syrup, an ingredient found in many lollies. While the general consensus is that glucose syrup is safe for celiacs, there are some people who are extremely sensitive, and who may not be able to stomach it.

Gluten-free lollies

In addition to bulk lollies, our online lolly shop also includes a wide range of niche lollies, including lollies for special occasions and gluten-free options.

Our gluten-free lollies like gluten free musk sticks aren’t just gluten and dairy free – they’re also egg and nut-free, making them a great snack for people with egg and nut allergies too!

Gluten-free party mix

If you’re looking for fodder for your lolly buffet or simply something to snack on while you’re at work, you can’t go past a classic party mix!

Our gluten-free party mix is completely gluten and dairy free… not that you can taste the difference.

Click here to shop for gluten-free party mix online.

Gluten-free Gummi Bears

Who doesn’t love Gummi Bears? With our selection of gluten-free bears, everyone can enjoy these classic lollies too.

Our lolly shop online has all your favourite Gummi Bear flavours, only without the gluten!

gluten free lollies australia allens

Gluten-free jelly beans

Our jelly beans come in all colours. Best of all, they also come in a gluten-free option too!

If you’re looking for a small, bite-sized snack that you can share, or chow down by the mouthful (and which won’t upset your stomach), gluten-free jelly beans are the way to go.

Click here to shop for gluten-free jelly beans online.

Gluten-free snakes

Despite not containing gluten, our gluten-free snakes are just as stretchy (and tasty) as the real deal!

Whether you’re the type of person who loves stretching their snakes out, eating them whole or devouring them by the handful, our gluten-free lollies are a must-have for any lolly lover with a gluten intolerance.

Click here to shop Allens snakes that are gluten free

Sour lollies

Love the iconic twang of sour lollies? Us too!

Our range of gluten-free sour lollies are just what you need to satisfy your sweet (or in this case, sour) tooth.

Our sour mix includes all your favourite sours, such as cola bottles, neon worms and sour peach hearts, just to name a few.

Have a favourite? Each can also be purchased separately if you want!

Click here to shop for gluten-free sour lollies online.

What about chocolate? Is that gluten-free?

Short answer: sort of.

Cheap chocolate in its pure form is naturally gluten-free – after all, it’s just roasted cacao beans.

However, today’s chocolate contains much more than just cacao beans – they also contain other ingredients like emulsifiers, some of which may contain traces of gluten.

In particular, you’ll want to take extra care around chocolates with biscuits or cookies inside. 

The wafer or biscuit inside certain chocolate bars are wheat-based, and are very likely to contain gluten.

The best way to stay safe is to stay vigilant – be sure to carefully check the ingredients and label when shopping for chocolate.

Buy gluten-free lollies in bulk with MyLollies massive online lolly shop

Tired of scanning over labels everytime you want to treat yourself? Sick of having to consult celiac websites to check which brands you can trust to not upset your stomach?

If only there was a place where you could buy gluten-free lollies confident in the knowledge that the offerings are safe for you to eat.

Oh wait, there is!

At MyLollies, our mission is simple:

  1. To provide a widest range of lollies 
  2. To offer the best possible prices

We like to think we’re doing a pretty good job of achieving both of those!

With a lolly inventory that spans the world, there’s no shortage of options for lolly lovers with gluten allergies.

Best of all, we sell in bulk. That allows celiacs like yourself to stock up on months worth of lollies all at once!

Whether you’re looking for bulk lollies for an upcoming party, or simply want sweets that you know you can safely consume, we’re the place for you.

What are you waiting for? Click here to explore our range of gluten-free lollies today!

Live in Melbourne? Pop in and visit our lolly warehouse Melbourne!

Otherwise, we offer Australia-wide delivery so you can order online now!

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