8 weird and wonderful lollies from around the world!

We Aussies are spoilt for choice when it comes to lollies. From classics like Allen’s Killer Pythons to gluten-free options, there’s no shortage of sweet treats out there (many of which are available in bulk thanks to our online lolly shop).

Of course, Aussies aren’t the only ones who love their lollies – there’s a whole world of lollies out there!

Going overseas soon? Looking for something to spice up the lolly buffet you’ve got planned for an upcoming party?

If so, keep an eye out for these foreign (and delicious) lollies!

Weird candies from around the world to spice up your lolly buffet

Lollies don’t just take the form of snakes, jellybeans and sours – there’s literally an entire world of different lollies out there!

Are there any you should keep an eye out for in particular?

1) Australia’s musk sticks

This one goes out to all the oldies in the crowd!

While not as widely sold as they used to be, musk sticks are still a staple of any Aussie child’s lolly education.

Of course, they’re not quite as appreciated overseas. In fact, Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum actually included musk sticks as part of their collection! (The horror!)

We certainly have no idea why – unlike Vegemite or witchetty grubs, musk sticks are sweet, have a pleasant perfume smell and have a soft texture.

All of these are plusses, if you ask us!

Best of all, our online lolly shop stocks musk lollies in bulk, with bags of up to 6kg!

Talk about nostalgia, and there’s something about musk sticks that Aussies and New Zealanders remember about musk sticks.

2) Japan’s Kit Kat obsession

Japan has a bit of a reputation for its love of Kit Kats. On top of the standard chocolate, they’ve got a Kit Kat in just about every flavour, including apple, green tea, soy sauce, and even wasabi!

It isn’t just the insides that are swapped out – Japanese Kit Kats also infuse these flavours into the chocolate itself. If you have a friend or guest that isn’t a big fan of the taste of chocolate (rare, but not impossible), these Kit Kats are a great alternative.

3) Mexico’s salsa spaghetti

So you’re craving salsa or pasta, but you don’t feel like breaking out the pot and getting to work in the kitchen.

If only there was a way to combine these flavours.

Thanks to Mexico, there is!

Like the name suggests, Mexico’s salsagheti combines salsa and spaghetti! Open a packet of salsaghetti and you’ll be treated to unique spicy-sour salsa-infused gummy noodles ( a bit like snakes) soaked in tamarind sauce.

The sour-flavoured gummies are coated with a chilli-tamarind sugary powder that tastes just like pasta sauce. 

4) Filipino durian candy

Durian’s smell is legendary – so legendary in fact, that many countries have banned it on public transport in many countries (most famous of all, Singapore).

That hasn’t stopped The Philippines, who decided to take this notoriously smelly fruit and turn it into a lolly.

Available in soft, chewy gum-like lollies, durian candy is a surprisingly pleasant snack. Just remember to crack open a window before you chow down!

5) Finland’s salted licorice

Licorice – you either love it or hate it.

If you fall into the first camp, we might have something that interests you: salted licorice.

Originating in – where else? – Finland, this lolly is popular in Scandinavia and northern Europe.

Sometimes referred to as salmiakki or Dutch licorice, this form of licorice tastes like standard licorice, but with the saltiness turned all the way up!

While it may not be for everyone (just like licorice in general), salmiakki is a great choice for people looking to break up their tubs of standard licorice with something a little bit different.

Looking for something a little bit more traditional? Check out our range of licorice treats.

6) Indonesia’s ting ting jahe

Ginger isn’t only a spice – ginger is also used to create one of Indonesia’s favourite lollies!

Combining ginger with sugar and tapioca starch, ginger lollies are great if you’re looking for a lolly that has a bit of a kick to it.

Best of all, many brands use rice paper for their wrappers for a 100% fully-edible package. You won’t even have to unwrap them – just pop them straight into your mouth!

7) American bacon mints

When most Australians think of mint, their thoughts go towards classics like Allen’s Minties.

But not all mint needs to taste like mint!

If there’s one thing the USA is good at, it’s treats.

And when looking at lollies from the States, there was one that jumped out at us in particular as being particularly American: bacon mints.

So you love the refreshing feeling of mints, but the peppermint flavour reminds you too much of toothpaste.

Trust the Americans to fix the problem by flavouring their mints with bacon!

8) Turkey’s lokum candy

Otherwise known as Turkish Delights, lokum lollies are one of the oldest and most popular candies still around!

First produced in Turkey in the 15th century, lokum lollies come in small cubes and are made up of gel of starch and sugar, often coated with rich milk chocolate.

While the range in Australia is quite limited, in its native Turkey, lockum lollies are available in a wide variety of flavours such as hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, and dates, just to name a few.

Bulk lollies made easy

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Honestly, if we could, we’d keep going with the lollies – there are just so many interesting sweets that have popped up around the world that we haven’t been able to cover just yet, such as Chinese haw flakes, or Brazilian chocolate-covered crickets.

Alas, we have to stop somewhere, otherwise we’d be here all day.

And that would take time away from dispatching bulk lollies at wholesale prices to customers all over the country!

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