The best summer lollies (and where to find bulk lollies online)

Summer might officially be over, but there’s still ways to cling onto any bursts of warmth coming our way!

And what better way to farewell summer than with lollies?

Whether it’s a lolly buffet or a final summer barbie, lollies and sweets are the perfect send-off to the warmest time of the year.

Eager to build a more summer-appropriate selection of lollies? You’ve come to the right place (and no, we aren’t just talking about our ability to provide bulk lollies).

The best lollies to enjoy during the warmer months

The fun outdoors and at the beach is incomplete without any snacks and lolly treats that will simply add sweetness to your summer celebration and activities. 

And whether that’s the summer lolly buffet that you’ve been preparing for weeks now or a summer twist of lolly drinks that you’ve been thinking of, have all those bulk lollies all ready before you surf and go out to the beach.


Mints are soothing, fresh, and relaxing – just what you need in the summer heat.

We all love how cool mint leaves our mouths feeling. And it’s all thanks to the protein TRPM8, (or “transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily M member 8” – try saying that three times in a row!)

For a breakdown of how this happens, click here.

If you are preparing a summer lolly buffet, don’t forget to include mint candies in your list of lollies.

With MyLollies’ huge selection of lollies online, you’ve got a bunch of different options:

  • Mint chews
  • Gluten-free mint leaves
  • Choc mint
  • Peppermint rock candy
  • Tropix mint leaves

Looking to cool your party even further? Mint is also a perfect complement to these summer drinks and cocktails too!

Gummi bears

Who doesn’t love gummi bears?

They’re sweet, bite-sized little pieces of fun, and a sure hit at any lolly table.

However, these aren’t the only things that make gummi bears such a great summer lolly.

Thanks to their small size, they’re the perfect complement to ice cream and froyo (frozen yoghurt)!

If you aren’t content with the standard sprinkles and chocolate sauce, consider adding gummi bears to your list of ice cream toppings.

Gummi bears are also the perfect garnish for your summer cocktails too – why not ditch the lime and go for something a little bit sweeter this time?

Jelly beans 

When it comes to summer parties and lolly buffets, jelly beans are a great addition.

This isn’t just because they’re so sweet and tasty – they also come in a small and bite-sized package, which makes them easy to chug by the handful.

Best of all, our online lolly shop lets you buy jelly beans by colour, making jelly beans the best choice for colour-themed lolly buffets!


Lollipops never run out of style, especially during summer!

Summer is all about having fun outside, after all.

And what lolly brings up the nostalgia of childhood more than lollipops?

In addition to your standard Chupa Chups, our selection of lollipops also includes swirly pops in fun blue, pink and rainbow colours.

With their vivid colours (and of course, their sweet, sweet taste), rainbow lollipops are the perfect addition to any summer-themed lolly buffet.

Basically, any bright, colourful lolly!

Summertime is arguably one of the best times of the year, for so many reasons:

  • We’ve enjoyed the festive season
  • Kids are on an extended school holiday break
  • The nights are lighter and warmer
  • People love entertaining!

Whether you’re hosting a BBQ with a few close friends or in the early stages of planning your kid’s upcoming birthday milestone, you want to live up to the frivolous, fun, and exciting feeling that summer evokes. 

And the best way to do that is with sweet and bright lollies!

No one can resist the look, smell, and taste of lollies, so adorn your tables, fill your jars, and share the love of lollies with your nearest and dearest!

Need bulk lollies online for your lolly buffet?

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Is there a burst of warm weather on the forecast?

If so, send out the invites and get your mates around to make the most of it!

Need ideas for your lolly buffet? These particular bulk lollies in Australia are a great way to start.

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