Step back in time: bulk lollies for your vintage lolly buffet

Stranger Things. Synthwave music. The revival of high-cut jeans and chunky runners. It seems wherever you look, what’s old is new again.

Why not bring some of that nostalgia into your lolly buffet?

Combine retro theming (something that’s back in a BIG way) with lollies in Australia (something that has NEVER gone out of style!) for the ultimate lolly-themed celebration.

Want to go retro for your upcoming lolly buffet? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

MyLollies doesn’t just specialise in bulk lollies – in addition to supplying ridiculous amounts of sweets, our huge range means it’s possible to find lollies for every retro and vintage period!

Why vintage or retro lolly buffet?

It’s fun

Whether it’s the Roaring 20s, the rock ‘n roll 50s or more recently the 1990s, people just LOVE dressing up and being inspired by the past.

And that’s what makes retro and vintage themes so perfect for your upcoming lolly buffet!

A lolly buffet is all about adding a dash of fun to your party. Lollies are inherently fun, after all – and so too is playing dress-up.

By combining these, you’re making your party even more unique, no matter what era you plan on designing your theme around.

And of course, it also allows you to mix around your lolly buffet too!


As an adult, you don’t really eat as many lollies as you used to (of course, there are some adults that do the opposite, and eat more than ever before now that their parents aren’t there to control them!)

There’s something inherently nostalgic about being able to gorge yourself on your favourite childhood lollies once again.

Why not enhance that by decking your lolly buffet out in the stylings of your favourite period of history?

If you’re eager to re-create that feeling and take a trip back down memory lane, a retro or vintage lolly buffet is just the ticket.

Add a classic look

If you’re looking to add some dignity to your lolly buffet, going vintage is one way to go about it.

When we say vintage, we mean turning the clock back decades to the 1920’s or even earlier.

Back then, architecture was more classical, and fashion more dressed-up and formal than it is today – both of which can give your lolly buffet an air of dignity and formality that other themes can’t.

If you want to add a classic touch to your lolly buffet, this is the theme for you!

How to make a vintage lolly buffet

So you’ve decided on a vintage lolly buffet. Of course, creating a vintage lolly buffet is about more than just adding a touch of pinkish gold lace or using fancier plates.

A good lolly buffet adds fun to any celebration and elevates any event, especially if the theme AND the lollies work together to set the time period.

Are you looking for ways to start preparing your vintage lolly buffet for your next event? If so, here are some ways you can start…

Choose the right coloured lollies

While this piece of advice doesn’t apply to ALL periods, there are some where it most certainly does!

For example, say you settle on an 80’s theme. In this case, you’ll want neon colours – the gaudier, the better! In particular, fluro blue, green, pink, and yellow are popular choices.

By contrast, if you’re going vintage, a more conservative colour palette may be in order. That may include rose pink, burgundy, cream, mint and copper brown.

This extends beyond your table setting, and also covers plates and table decorations.

Choose a suitable retro tablecloth or table linen

As the thing your lolly buffet will rest on, it’s important that you choose a tablecloth that’s period-appropriate.

Choosing the right colour and style of table linens will (along with accessories, props and table toppers) will complete your vintage-themed lolly buffet.

Say you’ve got a Roaring 20s theme going on. Consider hiring a tablecloth with an art deco-inspired motif to complement your lollies and table decorations.

Be creative with props

Let your imagination run wild!

There’s no limit to what you can use to deck out your lolly buffet with. As long as it fits with the era, you’re set.

For example, if you’ve got a 70s theme, that could take the shape of lava lamps, as well as psychedelic colours and crystals, all capped off with – what else? – a disco ball.

Think of how your lollies are going to be served

So you’ve bought bulk lollies online. Before they arrive, you should start thinking about how you’re going to present them when the day comes.

As with the rest of your lolly buffet, be sure that they’re period appropriate.

For example, if you’ve decided on a vintage theme, intricate glass jars with intricate detailing is a great choice.

Bulk lollies for your vintage lolly buffet

After deciding on the colours, linens, and accessories, now you’re ready to buy bulk lollies!

The good news is that lollies are timeless.

Of course, there are some lollies that are decidedly more retro and period-appropriate than others!

For example:

  • Swirl lollipops
  • Allen’s Minties
  • Rock candy

Each of these three lollies are classics. They’re some of the oldest candies around, and are therefore the perfect option for older time periods.

Another good idea is to colour-coordinate your lollies to match the time period you’re going for.

That means psychedelic, bright colours for the 60s, fluro and neon for the 80s, and gold, silver, and bronze for the 20s.

Need ideas? This article goes over the trends of each decade, as well as what colours were in fashion.

Need bulk lollies in these colours? Luckily for you, our online lolly shop lets you sort our range of lollies by colour as well as type – just plug your chosen colour into the search box!

Make your vintage-themed lolly buffet happen with bulk lollies from MyLollies!

Are you planning on a vintage-themed lolly buffet in the near future?

If so, you’ll need lollies to fill it out.

Lolly buffets are supposed to be fun. You know what ISN’T fun? Having to spend all your party budget on it, leaving no cash for decorations, games and other party essentials.

And that’s where we come in!

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