Buying bulk lollies? How many sweets you need for your party

How many lollies should you buy? In our biased opinion, the answer is – the limit doesn’t exist!

No one wants to hear a guest whine and say, “no more lollies?”

Party-goers will expect overloaded jars and trays of lollies – especially if you’ve advertised it as a lolly buffet. The last thing you want is for the sweetness to run out mid-party.

So don’t leave your guests wanting more when you can have more than enough until the party ends.

When shopping for bulk lollies online, it’s important you get the right volume that will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth (and may leave you with a few leftovers, too!) 

Luckily, we’ve got a couple of pointers to help you out!

Buying lollies online: how to make sure you get it just right!

“This amount is too much, and this is too little. But this one is just right!”

While Goldilocks may have been talking about porridge (or a chair, or bed), it also applies to your bulk lollies purchase.

It’s crucial that you get the right amount, so that you aren’t left with unhappy guests who haven’t had their fill of lollies.

So, what can you do?

Know your audience and event

  • How many people are you inviting?
  • How old are they?
  • Are the lollies going to be the main attraction?
  • Is there going to be other food / desserts?

It’s important that you ask yourself these questions when buying lollies online, as the answers can change how many lollies you need for your party!

For example, say you’re buying bulk lollies for a child’s birthday party. While kids may be ravenous for lollies, they also have smaller stomachs.

Not only that, but they’ll have to contend with drinks and the cake itself as well – as such, it may be smarter to ease off on the lollies to leave space.

On the other hand, at a corporate Halloween function, the lollies are the main attraction. That means you can get away with buying more of them!

When buying bulk lollies online, don’t forget to choose lollies that pair well with the rest of your menu, either.

If your guests are mostly adults, choose lollies that go well with their tastes such as dark and white chocolates.

You may also want to order smaller amounts, as the lollies in this situation are more likely to be a dessert rather than the main feed. 

Are you buying crowd-pleasers or niche lollies?

Pay attention, as this could influence how many lollies you need to buy online!

Obviously, licorice is a controversial choice if you’re buying bulk lollies. As we all know, the black stuff is a bit of an acquired taste – unless you know for a fact that your guests will appreciate bulk licorice, we suggest reigning in your licorice order.

By contrast, Allen’s Killer Pythons or Chicos Allen’s or the traditional party mix are sure-fire hits – not only are they going to be insanely popular with your guests, but you can also be reasonably confident that there aren’t going to be any lollies left at the end of the night! 

Look at how you’re going to present your lollies

We’ve talked before about some of the more creative ways you can present all the lollies you’ve bought online.

Of course, appearances aren’t the only thing you need to look at – you’ll also need to worry about how much you can present!

If you’re struggling to choose an appropriate volume of lollies, look at how you’re presenting your bulk lollies in Australia.

In these cases, try buying lollies to fit your presentation.

Are you using lolly jars? In that case, start by measuring the volume of your jars and buying lollies online to match. 

Do your jars not feature measurements? Using something a bit more unconventional? If possible, fill it up with water and then weigh it all on your scales, subtracting the weight of the vessel itself.

What you’ll be left with is the total volume of lollies you’ll need to buy online to fill that container.

Repeat for each one – now you’ll have a stocktake of each one, as well as how many lollies you’ll need total!

Now the fun part: buying bulk lollies online!

You’ve figured out how many lollies you need. It’s a lot.

That leads to a problem: where the heck are you going to buy that many lollies, anyway?

You can’t exactly walk into your local supermarket and buy out their entire stock, after all!

Luckily, there’s another way.

Our online lolly shop stocks a huge range of lollies. No matter what you need for your upcoming celebration, we can supply it!

And more importantly, we can supply them in bulk!

Never run out of lollies – buy lollies from our online lolly shop

Everyone loves lollies! If you ask us, none of your guests should have to worry about running out.

Need a boatload of lollies? We’ve got you covered!

Our specialty can be summed up in a handful of words: bulk lollies, sold at wholesale prices.

If you need a ridiculous amount of lollies for your upcoming celebration (and you’re worried about accidentally blowing out your budget), our online lolly shop has just what you’re looking for.

And if you’re looking for something you can’t find at your local supermarket, we’ve got you covered there as well!

Order lollies online before 1pm on a business day, and MyLollies will ship your order out that very same day.

Check our online lolly shop and buy now with confidence!

Have further questions about the amount of lollies you might need? 

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