5 creative ways to display all those lollies you bought online!

You’ve set up a table for your lollies. You’ve selected the “menu” so to speak. And of course, you’ve gone ahead and bought bulk lollies online to fill out your table.

Your preparations for your lolly buffet are almost complete!

One area that many people overlook when buying lollies online, however? How they’re going to present them all!

It may not sound like a big deal, but this decision can go a long way towards setting the tone and complementing your theme. Think of it as the “finishing touch” for your lolly buffet.

Don’t just settle for regular old bowls! If you’re short on ideas, we’ve got some creative ones for you that we think you will love!

1) Get that classic look with apothecary and mason jars

If you’re going for the old-timey lolly shop look, these are just what you need!

With their retro theme, apothecary and mason jars are a great choice for vintage-themed lolly buffets.

Since they’re made of glass, these jars allow you to put the lollies themselves on full display, turning your lolly buffet into a feast for the eyes – as well as for the stomach.

Apothecary jars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and many of them feature lids and stems, immediately invoking a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory vibe.

And since they’re made of glass, apothecary jars mean that the lollies – the real stars of the show – are on full display.

By contrast, mason jars are smaller, and can be found in the home section of your local department store.

Get the most out of your jars: the best lollies to use with jars

Thanks to their stems, apothecary jars are usually quite tall. As such, they should sit at the back of your setup, with mason jars filling out the space in front.

Not only does it make it easier for everyone to reach the lollies that they want, but it’s also more visually appealing as well!

What about the best lollies? Truth be told, jars work well with just about any type of lolly if you ask us!

If you’ve committed to the vintage look however, we suggest “vintage” lollies that evoke nostalgia, including:

Of course, that isn’t the only way you can use glass jars – if you’re following a colour theme, you can use jars to segment candies by colour.

2) Hollowed-out fruit and veg

In the early stages of planning a party?

Many types of fruit and veg like watermelon come with a hard outer shell.

Most of the time, this shell gets thrown out afterwards, going straight into the green bin or the compost.

Need creative ways to present all the lollies you’ve bought online? If so, it may be a good idea to hold onto these shells!

What fruit and veg are best?

Does it have a hollow shell? Can it hold a large amount of lollies?

If so, it can be used to present and hold your lollies!

Melons are the best bet here – we’re talking about things like watermelon and honeydew, though even coconuts can work if you’re going for a tropical theme with your lolly selection.

Recommended use: it’s all about coordination

Specifically, colour and flavour coordination!

When it comes to colours, a great idea is to choose lollies that fit with the shell.

For example, if you’re using a hollowed-out watermelon, consider filling it exclusively with red lollies.

3) Spooky decorations for your Halloween lollies

Lollies and Halloween – name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait.

Halloween is the perfect time to cut loose and gorge yourself on all those lollies you bought online.

What’s more, it’s also the most creative theme there is when it comes to lollies – there’s nothing to hold you back from going all out with the theming!

Jack-O-Lantern lollies

Do you have a spare pumpkin leftover from your jack-o-lantern carving? Consider carving the insides of that, and using that to hold some of your lollies.

Sure, we could have listed this under fruit and veg (see above) – really though, pumpkins are so very Halloween that we felt this was the only place it fit!

While any lollies will go great with your jack-o-lantern, we suggest choosing a colour that contrasts with orange so that the carved-out face is still recognisable.

Spooky, scary, skeletal lollies

Got a plastic skull prop lying around? Can you cut the top off, opening it up into a lolly bowl?

When it comes to giving your Halloween lollies an extra-spooky touch, there’s no comparison!

Looking for a lolly suggestion? We’ve got one: snakes, like Allen’s Killer Pythons.

Pack your skull to the top with snakes – it’ll end up looking just like brains (only much more appetising!)

4) Cast-iron

Do you have a set of cast iron pots and pans lying around? If so, why not use them for your upcoming lolly buffet?

Cast iron pots almost act like cauldrons – in addition to Halloween lolly buffets (see above), they’re also perfect if you’re going for a magic and witchcraft-themed party.

For example, your child may be discovering Harry Potter for the first time – while you can’t get your hands on a cauldron, you do have access to a heavy set of cast-iron pots on hand that will do the trick!

Double double, toil and trouble, what lollies should be in your cauldron bubble?

While it’s tempting to simply toss a bunch of lollies into your “cauldron” and call it a day, you can take it a step further by making lolly-infused jelly!

When your jelly’s in the fridge solidifying, drop a bunch of your favourite lollies into it to add texture and variety.

5) High tea stands

When you hear the words “high tea”, what comes to mind?

Chances are it’s things like sandwiches, scones, obscure tea blends and the upper-crust of society.

Of course, it isn’t just the ultra-wealthy that can enjoy high tea!

While pastries are the best fit for this theme, that doesn’t mean you can’t work lollies into it. 

Whether you’re a big fan of Alice in Wonderland or simply love the Victorian-era aesthetic, high tea cake and sandwich stands are a great way to present your lollies.

Lolly cupcakes

While it’s possible to bake lollies into cupcakes, we’re thinking of something a little bit different this time.

Consider taking a bunch of foil or paper cupcake liners and filling them with a mix of bite-sized lollies instead.

Gummi bears and frogs are a great choice, though at the end of the day, the choice is yours (as long as it fits, of course!)

Think of these as a personal stash of candy guests can easily grab and munch on. 

Chocolate tea

And we aren’t talking about chocolate tea infusions, either.

Chocolate is the perfect lolly for a high tea theme. And what better way to present it than using tea cups?

Instead of filling up with your favourite black tea blend, consider subbing it out for dark chocolate.

Of course, that isn’t the only way you can work chocolate into your high tea – you could also consider filling out the space between macarons and biscuits with fruit-flavoured wrapped chocolate.

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The sky’s the limit when it comes to your lollies. And we aren’t just talking about your presentation options, either!

The most important ingredient isn’t the jars and bowls you use, but the lollies themselves. 

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