Buying bulk lollies online for kids? Stock up on these extras too!

Pin the tail on the donkey. Birthday cake. Face painting. Lolly bags.

What’s better than planning a colourful, exciting, and delightful kid’s birthday party?

Lolly bags are a crucial part of any kid’s birthday party – however, it doesn’t just have to be lollies that go into them!

Have you bought bulk lollies online for your child’s upcoming birthday? Filled up your lolly bags with sweet, colourful treats? Looking to add a little extra something to them?

If so, we’ve got some GREAT ideas for lolly bag extras!

Why give lolly bags for treats?

Because it’s tradition

You probably remember getting lolly bags at the end of the party when you were younger. You’ve probably handed out your fair share over the years, too!

It’s a birthday tradition that lives on – one that we’re happy to help you continue!

They’re a way of saying thank you

One of the most common reasons why parents continue to give out lolly bags as part of their child’s party is as a way of saying thank you for coming.

It lets children take home a little sweet treat that they can enjoy later on. 

Add fun extras to your lolly bags for extra favour

You’ve bought bulk lollies for your lolly bags. Party mixes, novelty lollies, gummi lollies – all of the classics are here.

On top of lollies themselves, you can also give away little add-ons like toys and other knick knacks in your lolly bags to make them even sweeter.

Having a hard time looking for those lolly bag extras? Short on ideas? These toy choices are an excellent start.

Princesses and unicorns

If you have a doll or princess-themed event, why not include stuff directly related to your party theme?

Make your attending princesses look the part by including princess tattoos, unicorn slimy, mini tiaras and magic wands on your lolly bag shopping checklist.

(And of course, you can consider pairing them with pink lollies, red lollies or bags of fairy floss!)

Fun toys

Slinkies, bouncy inflatable balls, mini dinosaurs, boomerangs, glow in the dark stickers – adding these to your loot bags are sure to get kids playing and keep them occupied well after the celebrations have ended.

Funny stuff

Play isn’t the only way you can spice up your lolly bags for your kids – you can also cram your lolly bags full of funny items too!

Surprise the party-goers with a funny face, finger puppets and even sticky eyeballs that will get them laughing while playing.

Of course, that isn’t the only way your gift bags can educate – you can even add small puzzles or Rubiks Cubes to your grab bags.

Artistic toys

Tap into kids’ artistic sides by giving away crayons, pencils and watercolour paints, as well as other artistic stuff like stamps, notepads, pencils and slime.

If you want to get creative with little ones, these are great ideas.

Little mementoes

Lolly bag extras don’t just have to be toys – you can also include other items they can use long after the party has ended.

Kids will love these colourful sneaker keychains or these cool mini games!

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