How bulk lollies can elevate your upcoming event or celebration!

So you want to bring bulk lollies into your next celebration. There’s just one problem: you don’t know if your event is appropriate for a lolly buffet.

If you ask us, there’s no event that won’t benefit from bringing in the colour (and sweetness) of lollies.

Of course, there are some that are better suited than others!

Our online lolly shop has supplied many a party organiser with bulk lollies for their event. Our sweets have popped up in just about every type of celebration or party out there.

Here are just some of the more common ones!

Bulk lollies for your upcoming party

Whether it’s a fully-fledged lolly buffet or simply custom lolly bags to act as party favours or gifts, there’s no party out there that can’t benefit from lollies in one way or another!

The list is endless when it comes to bulk lollies – if you’re running short on ideas and are looking for ways to take your party to the next level, we suggest reading on…

Wedding lollies

Weddings are supposed to be sweet affairs – who said you can’t take that literally?

The dessert table and cake are one of the first things people think of when they hear the word “wedding” (up there with the dress, of course). Why not go all-out and bring some lollies into the equation?

Lolly buffets are the perfect fit for many different wedding themes.

And thanks to our huge range of bulk lollies, there’s bound to be a lolly (or several) that perfectly fit your wedding theme:

  • Going for a vintage theme? We’ve got wrapped lollies and rock candy for days
  • Planning a whimsical wedding? We’ve got swirl lollipops and cotton candy galore
  • Thinking of going formal? Dark chocolate is your friend

Of course, lolly buffets aren’t the only way you can bring bulk lollies into your wedding – party favours are another one!

No doubt you’ve spent hours mulling over what to put on the tables at your reception. Why not add lolly bags?

Click here to check out our range of wedding lollies.

Bulk lollies for your upcoming birthday party

Kids love birthdays. What’s more, they also love lollies – it’s the perfect combination!

From jars of party mixes, rock candies, and Tropix varieties, lollies are the perfect way to improve kiddie parties.

Not only that, but they’re sure to be a big hit and have all the kids (and even some parents) talking about your party for weeks to come.

Imagine how kids are going to react when they see a whole table of their favourite sweets , including Allen’s Killer Pythons, Raspberries and more!

Just be sure that you choose lollies that fit your party theme – that means choosing lollies that are:

  • A suitable colour
  • Feature appropriate designs
  • Just fit the overall “vibe”!

Sweeten up your baby shower with – you guessed it – lollies

So you’re expecting – congratulations!

And what better way to celebrate than with lollies? In fact, with kids about to enter your life, lollies are probably one of the best ways of throwing a baby shower!

Baby showers are all about you – you can choose whatever lollies you want.

Over the years however, we’ve noticed that healthy and gluten free lollies are especially fast sellers for baby showers. We suppose it makes sense – it’s not just your health you’re responsible for anymore!

If you want, you can even work your bulk lollies into a gender reveal as well, colour-coding your lollies if you already know the gender of your baby, with blue for boys and pink for girls. 

Alternatively, you can mix the colours up to keep things a surprise for your attendees.

Bridal shower lollies

Lavish the bride-to-be and her guests with lollies galore!

Bridal showers are fun events – why not pair them with the “funnest” food there is – lollies?

One option is to go all-out and choose a wide spread of lollies for your bridal shower lolly buffet – another is to split your bulk lolly order, with “his and hers” lollies to represent your upcoming wedding.

Whatever lollies you choose, make sure it’s a combination that you’re happy with.

Whether it’s something mature like dark and white chocolates to something light and fluffy like party mixes and gummi lollies, you can’t go wrong with lollies.

Lollies for corporate events? You bet!

Who says you can’t bring lollies into company events?

Sure, lollies might not be the first thing you think of. But hear us out: when chosen correctly, bulk lollies in Australia can double as an effective marketing tool!

Think about it – you already give out pens, cards and other knick knacks. Why not add lollies to the list?

If you’re hosting a company event, consider setting up a lolly buffet with carefully selected, brand-appropriate colours. Say your brand colours are purple and white – luckily, we can supply lollies in both of these colours (and plenty more, too)!

Another great idea is to hand out custom mini bags. In addition to customising the contents, we can also print your company logo on these lolly bags – hand these out to attendees as part of an event care package.

Promote your company and brand with perfect lolly displays with your company logo.

Whether you are launching a product or service, raising funds, or just looking for gifts to give your company partners, you can’t go wrong with lollies!

Special holiday events

Each of these is cause for celebration – so why not celebrate with lollies?

If you’re throwing a party, a fully-fledged lolly buffet with bulk lollies might be just what you’re looking for.

Halloween in particular is the perfect event to celebrate using lollies – after all, Halloween lollies are half the fun!

In other cases though, a personalised hamper (including lollies, of course) might be better.

For example, Valentine’s Day is best celebrated just between the two of you, with a platter of your favourite sweets and wrapped chocolates between you.

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