Did you know? Our online lolly shop also sells gluten-free lollies!

Celiacs, you have our utmost respect.

You need to cut many different foods or ingredients out of your diet – something we simply couldn’t do!

Luckily, lollies don’t have to be one of them.

Whether you’re desperate to add lollies back into your diet or have never had lollies before (the thought terrifies us), our range of gluten-free lollies lets you get a bit of sweetness back into your life.

Best of all, like the rest of the stock at our online lolly shop, they’re available in bulk and for cheap, allowing you to gorge yourself on all the lollies you want!

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Our range of gluten-free lollies

Imagine not having to check the label every time you get a craving for sweets!

Thanks to the gluten-free lollies we stock at our online lolly shop, you can gorge yourself on the sweet stuff without having to worry about an allergic reaction.

Some of these gluten-free options include your all-time favourite candies. Whether you have celiac’s disease, an intolerance towards gluten or simply want to cut gluten out of your diet, our range of gluten-free lollies ensures that you don’t need to cut lollies out too!

Buy lollies online – and gluten-free ones, at that – with our online lolly shop.

What sorts of gluten-free lollies? We’re glad you asked…

Gluten-free Gummi bears

Gummi Bears are an all-time classic. And now, they come in gluten-free options!

Our gluten-free gummi bears come in all your favourite flavours, and have the exact same chewy texture and delicious taste that we all know and love.

Nibble on them one by one or swallow whole handfuls at once – it’s all up to you!

Gluten-free party mix

Have a party coming up with celiac and gluten-intolerant guests? Or are you celiac who simply can’t decide what gluten-free lollies to settle on?

Our gluten-free party mix ensures that you don’t have to make the tough decision!

All of your favourites are here. Snakes, raspberries, frogs… you name it, and they’re included. 

Most importantly, they are also 100% gluten-free, allowing you to enjoy them without a second thought!

Gluten-free snakes

Stretchy, tasty and colourful – our gluten-free snakes are just like the real thing, only without the allergic reactions!

We wouldn’t stock gluten-free snakes unless we knew for sure that they’re just as stretchy and twisty as regular snakes.

Thankfully, our gluten-free snakes are checked for stretch, allowing celiacs and those with sensitive stomachs to continue the age-old tradition of stretching out snakes when eating them.

Gluten-free sours

So you’re a fan of the sour stuff? Our range of gluten-free lollies has you covered!

Included in our range of gluten-free sweets is a range of sour options, including gluten-free sour mixes and gluten-free sour cola bottles.

Enjoy that tangy taste: you won’t be disappointed with our gluten-free sour lollies!

Gluten-free jelly beans

Gluten-free jelly beans are just what you need to fill out your lolly buffet if you have gluten-intolerant guests attending your upcoming party.

Available in the signature mixed colour bags, fill up your jars and delight guests with these sweet, nostalgic treats.

Best of all, they still taste and feel the same as regular jelly beans!

Gluten-free raspberry lollies

Let’s just say that there’s a reason raspberries can be found in just about every party mix out there!

Want a bowl of raspberries to nibble on throughout the day? Need red lollies to go with your theme? Or do you simply love the flavour?

Whatever it is, our gluten-free raspberries allow those with allergies and sensitive stomachs to enjoy these all-time greats.

Buy bulk lollies online… including gluten-free lollies!

If you have celiac’s disease or a sensitive stomach, you’re used to carefully inspecting ingredients and checking labels before you buy anything.

Of course, just because it’s your normal doesn’t mean you should put up with it!

It can be tiring having to stay on your guard all the time. Luckily, our ability to supply bulk lollies online means you don’t have to worry about it when it comes to a sweet treat!

Buy bulk gluten-free lollies at MyLollies!

Who said you have to give up lollies? Our gluten-free lollies allow you to continue indulging your sweet tooth, without having to worry about an allergic reaction!

Our online lolly shop specialises in providing customised lollies online. Moreover, we ensure that you don’t need to worry about paying a fortune for it thanks to our wholesale prices.

And that includes our range of gluten-free lollies like our gluten free musk sticks.

Buy cheap lollies online – and gluten-free ones, at that – with MyLollies. Explore our online lolly shop now!

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