Get rainbow-themed lollies for your kid’s lolly bags!

The mind of a child runs a million miles an hour – just ask any parent!

One day they’re into trucks and dinosaurs, the next they’re into arts and crafts.

One day their favourite food is chicken nuggets, and the next, they’re screaming for ice cream! 

Luckily for you, lollies are never out of style with kids, making them the perfect choice for a kids birthday party.

The problem is colours. When you buy bulk lollies online for your child’s birthday party, you want to choose colours that fit with your theme, and which are your kid’s favourite.

One way to get around their ever-changing preferences? Rainbow lollies!

Stock up on tons of delicious bulk lollies in a range of bright and zesty colours thanks to our lolly shop online!

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Rainbow-themed lolly bags for the kids’ parties

You want to add colour to your child’s party with the magic of lollies.

Our lolly afficianadoes have a couple of suggestions if you can’t settle on one particular theme or colour!

Rainbow lolly bags or a colourful lolly buffet

It might be one of the easiest themes going around, because anything you choose (in any colour!) will match it!

Rainbow-coloured lollies are the perfect idea for a kids’ lolly buffet, especially if they can’t choose a favourite colour.

There are two ways to go about this, both of which are valid:

    1. Go for mixed colours across the board – use mixed bowls and multicolour lollies like Allen’s Killer Pythons or Sour Straps.
    2. Organise by colour – have one bowl for red lollies, one for yellow lollies, one for pink lollies, one for blue lollies, etc. (All arranged in the colours of the rainbow, of course!)

Either one can work, with the first option usually taking less effort to implement. If you ask us however, the best way to go for the second option.

Luckily, our online lolly shop allows you to buy lollies online in your favourite colour, allowing you to choose the exact colours you need, in the quantities you need.

From swirly coloured lollipops to coloured jelly beans and gummies, we’re sure that you can find what you need with our online lolly shop.

Lolly cake

No birthday party is complete without the cake!

What better way to bring some much needed rainbow flair to your kid’s birthday party than by making a rainbow-themed cake?

The problem: you aren’t exactly a cake decorator – you’ve never used fondant, don’t know how to make each layer its own colour and buttercream may as well be unobtanium to you.

Luckily, you can get by with multicoloured bulk lollies – in fact, since it’s a kid’s cake you’re making, the fact that you’re no Nigella Lawson will be easily glossed over!

Top the birthday cake with jelly beans arranged in the colours of the rainbow, or consider embedding frogs along the sides – the choice is yours!

Rainbow-coloured lolly display

Eating lollies is great – when they’re set up properly however, they can also make for a great display as well!

One great way to keep those rainbow-coloured lollies is to fill glass bottles and displays to the brim with multi-coloured lollies:

  • Arrange multiple jars in the colour of the rainbow
  • Fill them to the top with multicoloured lollies
  • One large jar, arranged like a rainbow with different-coloured lollies inside

Not only will this add colours that will pop and add fun, but they’ll also generate excitement among the kids attending – all those lollies on display will get them hyped up and ready for the rest of the party!

If you want, you can even offer one of your rainbow lolly jars as a prize after a party game!

Multi-coloured lolly bags

Children’s birthday parties and lolly bags – name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait!

Lolly bags are a tradition – little wonder they’re also a great candidate if you want to bring the rainbow theme into your children’s birthday party.

Making lolly bags can be a lot of work – you need to:

  1. Buy lollies online
  2. Buy bags
  3. Separate your lollies into colours
  4. Set up the lolly bags

You’re willing to do a lot to keep your children happy, but your time is valuable too!

The solution? Our custom lolly bags.

MyLollies’ online lolly shop doesn’t just offer bulk lollies online – we also offer premade lolly bags.

With a wide mix of lollies in all sorts of different colours, our custom lolly bags are like little premade rainbows to give out to the other kids attending your child’s party.

And while you’re there, feel free to throwing in a couple of rainbow-themed party toys as extras such as:

  • Rainbow necklaces, bracelets and rings
  • Rainbow lollipops
  • Rainbow pencils and pads
  • Rainbow toys like slinky springs
  • Rainbow rubber bands

Bulk lollies online for your kid’s party

Check out our online lolly shop today!

You need lollies for your child’s birthday party – you need specific colours, specific flavours and most importantly, you need lots of them to feed the insatiable appetites of all the kids attending.

You need bulk lollies – more importantly, you need somewhere you can buy bulk lollies, without having to spend all the time that comes with having to buy bulk lollies the traditional way.

Whether you need bulk lollies or custom lolly bags, our online lolly shop has you covered – there’s only a couple of clicks between you and the rainbow-coloured lollies you need (as well as a happy and successful party!)

  • Step 1: Choose your multi-coloured lollies or mini bag in our online lolly shop
  • Step 2: Choose your lollies and add them to your cart 
    • Step 2a: for lolly bags, tell us how you want your lolly bag to be personalised
  • Step 3: MyLollies packs and seals your lolly order
  • Step 4: Our online lolly shop dispatches your lollies and sends them directly to your door!

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