Fundraising? How to raise funds with lolly bags and bulk lollies

Do you need to raise funds? If so, there’s no better way to go about it than with lollies!

There’s a reason that schools, charities, workplaces and more all turn towards lollies when fundraising season comes around.

Whether you run a non-profit and want to get people donating, or simply want to pool money for a valued team member’s retirement party, lollies are a great way of getting people to engage.

In particular, lolly bags are a great way of encouraging people to be generous!

Our fundraising lollies have been used to raise money for a range of different organisations and groups:

  • Corporates
  • Schools and kinders
  • Sports teams
  • Charity drives
  • Churches
  • Social groups

Lollies are more than just a fun way of sharing the love, or a parting gift to attendees at a wedding or children’s birthday party – we’re happy to work with you to help you raise money for your cause too!

Fundraising lolly bag ideas

Leaving a tin by the front door just doesn’t get the type of response that it used to. Luckily, lolly bags do!

Over the years, our online lolly shop has collaborated with all sorts of good causes, helping them raise money. Many have ordered custom lolly bags, customised with your favourite party mixes and lollies like gummies and Allen’s Killer Pythons.

And there are a couple of ways our lolly bags have helped with that.

Are you fishing around for ideas? Do you need to lay some groundwork in order to convince a supervisor to include lolly bags in your next fundraising drive?

If so, we’re giving you all the answers you need!

Sell mini lolly bags

Simple and straightforward, this is the most direct way of using lolly bags to raise money.

After all, who can resist walking past a tray of their favourite sweets all wrapped up in handy little packages every single day without giving in at least once? Especially if the asking price is reasonable?

This is especially effective if you set your lollies up in an area with plenty of foot traffic. Passer-bys will find them hard to resist!

Our lolly bags are sealed and safe to eat for a year, meaning they’re a great choice for passive fundraising – just leave a couple of lolly bags and a donation tin next to your reception desk, and you’ll be able to raise money without any extra effort!

Finally,  lolly bags are compact and easy to store, making for a lot of donation potential relative to how much physical space your order takes up.

Use lolly bags as prizes

Raffles are a great way to raise funds.

However, some more risk-averse people might be hesitant to take part, worried they won’t get anything in return.

If you ask us, even a small consolation prize can be enough to encourage people to sign up for a raffle in droves!

And mini lolly bags can be just what you need to get people to hand over their coins!

Of course, that isn’t the only way you can combine the allure of lollies with people’s natural competitiveness – one creative idea we’ve seen people play with is the lolly jar.

Essentially, you buy bulk lollies online and put them in a jar. Entrants pay a small fee, and take a guess at the number of lollies inside. Whoever guesses correctly (or who gets the closest) wins the entire jar!

And of course, in keeping with the lolly theme, many choose to also offer lolly bags as runner-up prizes!

Using lolly bags as “thank you” gifts

Raising money is only one part of the equation – just as important is ensuring that donations and contributions are recognised.

And lollies are a great way of doing that.

A good idea is to give out free lolly bags to people who contributed above a certain amount. It’s a small gesture, but it can go a long way towards showing your gratitude and encouraging them to continue to support you.

Our online lolly shop can even personalise your lolly bags, to make the gesture even more personalised and meaningful!

Affordable, customised lolly bags for your fundraising efforts

When fundraising, one of the most important things to keep track of is expenses. The goal is to raise money, after all – something won’t happen if it costs more to set up your fundraiser than you bring in!

Fortunately, lolly bags aren’t just attractive and fun-sized – they’re also extremely affordable!

Our online lolly shop specialises in providing cheap lollies online, and in large quantities.

Our lolly bags are no different in that regard, with a huge range of options available:

Buy lollies online for your fundraising project!

Bulk lollies, lolly bags and more – whatever you need, our online lolly shop can help! 

With a range of personalisation options and nationwide delivery, our lolly bags have helped countless charities, community groups, schools, and more raise much-needed funds.

And your group can be next!

Our process is simple…

  • Step 1: Choose your lollies
  • Step 2: MyLollies customise your lolly bag
  • Step 3: We’ll seal and pack your lolly bag
  • Step 4: They’ll arrive at your doorstep!

Using the best quality lollies for each of your lolly bags, you can rest assured knowing that people are getting a fresh and delicious reward when they donate to your cause.

Choose from a range of your favourite lollies, including:

If you want to know more about our confectionery warehouse, you can call our team on 1300 899 000 or fill in the form to get in touch with us today.

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