Sweet! Bulk lollies for your sweet pastel aesthetic

If you’re big into alternative fashion you’ve probably come across Lolita – specifically, Sweet Lolita – before.

If not however, here’s a quick primer: imagine the stereotypical Victorian-era style with all of its petticoats, ruffles, lace and long and modest bell-shaped skirts.

Now take that and dial it up to 11, changing the colour palette to almost exclusively pastels, and you have Sweet Lolita in a nutshell! This theme originated in Japan, and at the core, this specific aesthetic is all about looking sweet.

And as a subculture that’s all about sweetness, it’s little wonder that bulk lollies can be a powerful accessory to go with a Sweet Lolita ensemble or, in fact, any pastel-themed celebration (like a baby shower!)

5 sweet lollies that fit perfectly with your sweet pastel aesthetic

As a subculture and colour palette that’s all about looking as sweet as possible, lollies are the perfect complement.

It’s like punk rock and leather jackets – they’re perfect for each other!

Of course, you can’t just buy bulk lollies online and just expect them to complement your sweet theme. As with other styles and themes, it’s crucial that you choose the right lollies.

While it’s got a pastel layer on top, at its heart, Sweet Lolita is a revival of old Victorian fashions.

And that means choosing lollies that don’t just complement pastel colours, but choosing vintage lollies specifically!

Specifically, we’re talking about lollies like…

1) Lollipops

Lollipops are all-time classics – and that’s what makes them such a great compliment to a sweet themed outfit or party theme.

In particular, swirl lollipops pair excellently with Sweet Lolita – after all, nothing says vintage lollies or old-fashioned sweets quite like a nice, large, swirly lollipop.

Our online lolly shop stocks blue and pink Swirly Pops that wouldn’t look out of place in a 19th century lolly shop – better yet, since light pink and baby blue are by far the most common colour combinations in this aesthetic, they’re the perfect colours for your sweet theme!

2) Rock candy

If you’re looking for vintage lollies, you can’t go past rock candy.

While they may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of such a soft style, as one of the oldest forms of lollies around, they’re more than a match for the vintage element of lolita styles.

Not to mention, our online lolly shop stocks rock candy in jars too, taking the aesthetic even further!

With a wide variety of flavours and colours available ranging from Strawberry, Watermelon, and even in Sour Mixes, our range of rock candy is just what you need to finish off your Sweet Lolita ensemble with some, well, sweets!

3) Jelly Beans

Huge ranges of colour variety in a fun-sized package – jelly beans are the perfect fit for any theme thanks to the huge range of colours.

Our online lolly shop doesn’t just sell jellybeans and other lollies in bulk – we also allow you to organise your lolly order by colour.

The upshot? You get to choose exactly which colour jelly beans make up your order, allowing you to make an order that perfectly fits your ensemble.

4) Chocolates 

You can never go wrong with chocolate – if you’re struggling to think up lollies that fit, chocolate is a great choice.

In particular, chocolate twist wraps are the ideal choice. Not only are they delicious, but you’ll also be able to choose from a range of wrapping colours, allowing you to find one that perfectly fits your pastel colour scheme and theme!

Not only that, but the chocolate twists you’ll find in our online lolly shop also come with a wide range of fillings from peppermint cream, to coffee, black forest cherry, strawberry and more. 

You could say they’re chocolate – but with a twist!

5) Marshmallows

Soft, fluffy, light – it’s these qualities that make marshmallows such a perfect pairing with a sweet theme.

With fluffy marshmallows in pastel blue, pink and multicoloured varieties, we’ve got the 

Things to remember when looking for pastel sweets


Sweet Lolita is all about pastels and light colours – so ideally, that’s what your lollies should be.

Your choice of colours is the most important thing when selecting lollies to fit your sweet aesthetic. As such, pastels like cream, lavender, mint, baby pink, and white are the order of the day.

Of course, they aren’t your only option.

If you want, you can always go the high-contrast route, choosing clashing colours that can help make your pastels “pop” more such as dark chocolate.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s one that fits with your ensemble or party theme!

Time to accessorise!

When you think of Sweet Lolita accessories, you probably think of things like bows, parasols and the like.

What you don’t think of are lollies!

Lollies can be a great accessory to your sweet outfit. What better way to capture the sweetness of the subculture than with lollies, the sweetest treats around?

Carrying around a jar of carefully-chosen jellybeans or having a swirl lollipop in your bag ready to go can help you really bring it all together. Think of it as the ultimate accessory!

Sweet Lolita makes for a sweet lolly buffet theme

It isn’t just a personal fashion choice – it can also be a great theme for your lolly buffet!

Whether you just love pastels, want something unique and super “out there” or absolutely adore the Victorian-era and its fashions, Sweet Lolita is the perfect choice.

Are you a sucker for cotton, lace and bows? Do you have a vintage tea set or even an old set of brass candle holders sitting in storage somewhere? If so, you’re already way ahead of most!

Now all you need are bulk lollies to fill out your table! 

Get bulk lollies online for your sweet theme

Our online lolly shop is still open for delivery!

No matter where you live in Australia, our online lolly shop is still delivering – all you have to do is place an order.

Our specialty is providing bulk lollies, and offering them at affordable prices to boot.

Whether you’re planning for a hen’s party, high tea, baby shower, an upcoming birthday party or simply want a large supply of lollies to snack on throughout the workday, we’ve got all the lollies you need to make it happen.

And that includes the perfect lollies for a Sweet Lolita theme or pastel style!

Explore our online candy store and find exactly what you’re looking for – all you need to do is click and select your preferred lollies and you’re good to go!

With fast delivery to anywhere in Australia, we’re the place to go for all your lolly needs – just click here to start shopping.

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