Our 6 favourite kids party venues (and where to buy bulk lollies!)

Would it surprise you to find out that one of the most common reasons people visit our lolly shop online is to buy bulk lollies for an upcoming children’s party?

Bulk lollies and kids’ parties are a match made in heaven. Of course, a huge shipment of lollies isn’t the only thing you’ll need to organise for your child’s birthday party – you’ll also need a venue.

Luckily, you’ve got plenty of time to plan!

Struggling to come up with a suitable venue? Don’t worry – we’ve got a couple of suggestions that you can bring onboard when planning your child’s upcoming birthday.

Our top venues for children’s birthday parties

While the home is a great starting point for a kid’s birthday party, sometimes, parents simply want something a bit more exciting – and also don’t want to deal with the hassle of cleaning up afterwards!

Get the best of both worlds with an exciting party your kid (and their guests) will love – without lifting a finger!

Here are some top venues you should consider for your child’s upcoming celebration.

1. Swimming pool

Who can resist a dip in the pool?

Kids love splashing around in the water – that’s what makes the swimming pool one of the best places that you can have your special one’s upcoming birthday party.

What’s more, going down the local pool opens up a whole world of unique underwater themes, as well as a bunch of fun games you can’t do anywhere else:

  • Rafting
  • Water games
  • Underwater treasure hunt
  • Pool volleyball
  • Kickboard racing

Just make sure that you give the kids enough time between gorging themselves on your candy buffet and going back into the water!

(We suggest letting them go wild in the water before moving to the food and lolly portion of the celebration!)

2. Bowling

Want to foster their competitive spirit? If so, bowling is a great way to do it!

Not only is bowling a great activity to bring kids together, but most bowling alleys also offer dedicated party rooms as well as a range of food options that are sure to be massive hits with the kids.

And of course, who could forget lollies?

While bowling alleys offer food, most of the time it’s only for after you’ve completed a couple of games. And kids being kids want something to chow down on right now.

Lolly bags are the way to go if you’re looking for sweet treats to satisfy the kids’ appetites while they’re bowling:

  • Cutlery? Who needs that?
  • Easy to eat
  • Minimal cleaning up

3. Movie theatre

Are you kids major cinephile in-the-making? If so, this is the perfect way to celebrate their birthday!

We suggest organising a movie date with a small group of friends, then taking the celebrations to a nearby park for kids to run around in and enjoy a range of snacks, party food, and of course, lollies.

Whether it’s lolly bags or a fully-fledged candy buffet, our online lolly shop has what you need to end your theatre trip on a sweet note.

4. Ice cream shop

There’s only one thing that kids respond to as strongly as lollies: ice cream.

So what better place to throw your child’s birthday party than at an ice cream shop?

Whether you book out an entire ice cream shop or you’re renting an ice cream truck at the park, ice cream is sure to be a huge hit with the kids.

The only way to make it better? Bring lollies into the equation!

Ice cream toppings don’t need to be limited to sprinkles – you can also add lolly toppings into the mix as well with our online lolly shop.

For example, jelly beans and gummi bears make some of the sweetest ice cream toppers – and kids will LOVE creating their own unique mixes!

5. Arts and crafts centres

Are your kids the artistic type?

Luckily for you, there are plenty of fantastic arts and crafts centres spread throughout the country’s major cities that you can make a part of your child’s birthday!

If you’re looking for suggestions, a pottery studio is a great way to encourage guests’ artistic endeavours and provide them with a really exciting and unique afternoon.

Alternatively, art studios are the perfect way for kids to release their creative inhibitions, get a little bit dirty, and have a ton of fun!

Kid-centric centres may even have their own on-site venue room, so kids can gorge on lollies and play some games when their creativity has been exhausted!

The problem is that while pottery is fun, very few pottery studios have the same food options that party venues like bowling alleys do.

Whether it’s a party mix, Allen’s Killer Pythons or jelly beans, we’ve got just what you need to put the final touch on your kids’ freshly-made art projects.

6. Play centres

Children seemingly never run out of energy – something that can make them incredibly difficult to look after. Now imaging a dozen or more, all pepped up on birthday party energy.

It’s a lot to handle – that’s why a trampoline park or a play centre is one of the perfect places to throw your party!

Inflatable toys, slides, trampolines, climbing frames, dancefloors – play centres have everything an energetic kid loves.

Whether it’s a trampoline park, an indoor jungle gym or a sports facility, play centres have everything you need to channel your child’s energy.

And what better way to cap it all off than with a candy buffet?

So your venue gives you the okay to bring in your own lollies – now all you need to do is get all of the bulk lollies you’ll need to make it happen.

Luckily, our online lolly shop has you covered!

Buy bulk lollies online for your child’s upcoming birthday party

Buy lollies online with our online lolly shop

You need lollies, and you need a lot of them to feed attendees’ combined insatiable appetite for sweets.

Our lolly shop specialises in lollies – and lots of them. If you need bulk lollies for your child’s birthday party, we’ve got you covered:

  • All-time classic lollies like party mixes
  • Lollies for theming (like jellybeans, ordered by colour)
  • Lolly bags to give to attendees before they leave

What’s more, we can do it without breaking the bank either – we know that between the venue, the cake and (naturally) the presents, costs can creep up.

Thanks to our near wholesale prices, we’re able to bring down the cost of throwing your child the best darn birthday party ever, and offer you better value while we’re at it!

We stock all your favourite brands like Tropix, Allens lollies, and Cadbury lollies, covering every type of lolly under the sun – anything you need, we’ve got it here.

Click here to start shopping – alternatively, give us a call on 1300 899 000 to ask our friendly team any questions you might have.

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