4 unique (and easy!) twists on the traditional lolly bag

There’s nothing wrong with breaking from tradition – especially when it comes to planning a kid’s birthday party!

After all, lolly bags are a classic birthday treat, as well as a staple of fundraising, corporate events, and even in bridal and baby showers.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to use the exact same types of lolly bags you’re used to!

So you want to continue the lolly bag tradition, but you want to do it while also putting a unique spin on the whole idea.

Luckily, we’ve got just what you’re looking for with these 5 creative twists.

Better yet, we can supply bulk lollies online to fill your lolly bags!

5 creative twists on the traditional lolly bag

1. Mason jar lollies

Sure, it’s a little more effort – however, using mason jars is way more presentable, and it allows you to offer even more lollies to your guests.

If you only need lolly bags (or rather, jars) for a handful of guests, then this is an idea that requires a little more effort that’s sure to impress.

You can even take it to the next level, decorating and personalising each jar with ribbons, burlap thread, and even paint and stickers. The end results speak for themselves, and your guests will be truly impressed!

You can use any kind of jar or bottle – be creative! For example, cheap baby bottles could be filled up with lollies – a perfect gift for a baby shower!

2. A mug of treats 

Ever wished you could just drink a cuppa lollies?

Unfortunately, science hasn’t reached the point where that’s feasible – until then however, we’ll have to make do with mugs of treats!

Think of this like a tiny hamper, except using a mug instead of a basket.

Fill your mugs to the top with everyone’s favourite lollies. Then simply wrap up each mug using colourful cellophane, attach and ribbon or bow, and you’re done!

3. Buckets of lollies

Who hasn’t ever dreamed of receiving a literal bucket full of lollies to gorge on?

Well, now you can turn that dream into reality with lolly buckets.

Lolly buckets can be purchased in bulk, decorated and individualised and handed out to everyone attending (after they’re filled with bulk lollies, that is).

If you want our advice with buckets, we suggest:

  • Choosing buckets with lids on them
  • Prioritising wrapped lollies for hygiene
  • Offering a bigger lolly bucket as a prize

These are also perfect for trick or treating during Halloween!

 4. Lolly cones

Think ice cream cones, except instead of soft-serve ice cream melting everywhere and giving everyone brain-freeze, you’ve filled your cone with lollies.

What type of cone you use depends on what lollies you’re giving out. If there are a lot of chocolates and dark chocolate aniseed rings, we suggest a traditional waffle cone like you might find in an ice creamery. Not only is it a good combo tastewise, but it’s also 100% edible, reducing the amount of rubbish.

Otherwise, paper cones are probably your safest bet. Not only can they be made bigger, but they can be decorated as well! (And this could even be an activity the kids sit down and do during the party!)

More than just lollies

Who said that your lolly bags need to be just lollies?

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your lolly bags, we suggest broadening your horizons and including more than just lollies.

Naturally, what you include is going to depend on the crowd. For example, if it’s a kids party, you might want to add a small trinket or toy alongside your lollies. 

On the other hand, brochures or pamphlets might be more suitable for lolly bags handed out as part of a fundraising campaign or a corporate event.

With that second example in particular, sneaking sales materials into your lolly bags can increase the chances of them being noticed and read instead of thrown out immediately – or never picked up in the first place!

Customised lolly bags

MyLollies doesn’t just sell bulk lollies online – our online lolly shop also offers customised lolly bags for your next event, whatever they may be.

Filling up lolly bags on your own is a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re also responsible for the rest of your party planning – fortunately, we can take this particular task off your hands.

Better yet, our lolly bags are professionally and safely sealed, giving them a distinctly professional appearance – just what you’re looking for if you’re planning a corporate event, and making them easier to handle as well.

Not only can we make party planning easier for you, but our team also creates customised lolly bags, adding logos, branding and even individual’s names to your lolly bags

All you need to do is get in touch – our online lolly shop will be glad to help you!

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