7 exciting birthday party games for 7-year-olds!

Ah, birthday parties – the highlight of any kid’s calendar (tied with Christmas, of course!)

And really, why wouldn’t kids love them? Cakes, friends activities, presents and of course, bulk lollies galore… what’s not to love?

Of course, it isn’t all sweets and presents – if your kid’s turning 7 (or thereabouts), they’re at an age where they might be a little more demanding with their plans.

First time your child’s been this picky about their party? Don’t worry – that’s totally normal!

And, we’ve got some great ideas for your child’s upcoming celebration. In fact, we’ve got 7 of them!

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7 birthday party games for kids (for adults short on ideas!)

As they get older, kids start expecting more from their birthdays.

And that makes your jobs harder as a parent – remember when all they needed to have a good time was a cake and a present?

Thankfully planning a 7-year old’s party is still doable. And these 7 party games are a great place to start!

1) Newspaper dance

Pair the kids off with one another and pop on a playlist with their favourite tunes and let them dance.

There’s a twist, however: each pair only has one newspaper-sized space to dance in!

The rules are simple: anyone who steps outside of their newspaper and touches the ground is eliminated until only the winner remains.

And just to make things even more challenging, each round, decrease the size of the newspaper by just a little bit, making it smaller and smaller until only one pair remains.

Not only is it fun, but it requires almost zero effort to set up, results in no waste, and is cheap!

2) Musical Chairs

Yeah, we know, it’s been done a thousand times. But it’s staying power is exactly what makes it such a simple, classic favourite!

Most 7-year olds aren’t too fussy about activities, as long as it gets them off their feet and (more importantly) it’s fun!

If you have enough space, Musical Chairs is a great way for kids to burn excess energy – not to mention, it requires minimal setup or materials. All you need is space, chairs and some fun tunes!

3) Relay game

Let each of your party attendees channel their inner marathon runner by setting up a relay game for your child’s birthday party.

Looking for a way to add an extra challenge to your relay race? Why not set up a themed or dress-up relay?

Better yet, make the costumes themselves the relay baton!

What you’ll need is a set of clothing for each group. That could be a funny hat, a pair of gloves, 

When one child completes their leg of the relay, they’ll have to take the costume off and help the next one get dressed, making things just that little bit more challenging – sure to result in tons of laughs!

4) Treasure hunt

There’s not much to say about treasure hunts that hasn’t already been said.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t put your own spin on it!

Lollies are great treasure hunt items, especially now that you can buy bulk lollies online with our online lolly shop.

However, that isn’t the only option.

Have you thought about fusing your treasure hunt with a puzzle of some sort?

Consider putting an Indiana Jones spin on your treasure hunt by making each of the things they’re looking for the “keys” to an ancient treasure chest waiting to be discovered! 

5) Balloon battle

A dozen children. One balloon each, tied to their ankles. And only one winner.

If you’re looking for competitive games, you can’t go past a balloon battle!

The rules are simple: protect your balloon, while popping everyone else’s. Think of it as a more family-friendly version of The Hunger Games, Running Man or Battle Royale.

It doesn’t even have to be balloons, either – a paper taped to each child’s back can also work, as can giving each child a funny hat to protect.

Just remember to make accommodations for smaller kids who might struggle against bigger kids!

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6) The chocolate game

You don’t need a lot of props or even a lot of space to get this fun game started! All you need is:

Gather all the kids in a circle with the block of chocolate in the middle and get them to each roll both die. If they get a double, they get to dive into the centre and eat as much chocolate as they can within the time limit.

But there’s a catch: they can only use the knife and fork – no hands!

This game is heaps of fun, and often just a little bit hectic as well (but really, isn’t that a sign that it’s a good game?)

7) Three-legged race

If you’re celebrating the party outdoors and have plenty of space, you absolutely need to make a three-legged race a part of your event.

Not only is it fun, but it’s also a sneaky way of teaching your kids teamwork – if they’re to win, they’re going to need to communicate and figure out a strategy to stop themselves from falling over at the starting line!

The result is lots of belly aches, a couple of tumbles, and an all-round good time!

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