What you need to host a cupcake decorating party!

You know what’s more fun than eating cupcakes? Making them!

Wait, don’t leave, we’re going somewhere with this, we promise!

Whether it’s for a birthday party, the nieces and nephews are coming over or you’re just looking for a fun way of spending a weekend with your kids, cupcake decoration parties are a great activity to satisfy a child’s sweet tooth and their innate creativity.

It’s this unique combination that makes cupcake decorating such a hit with kids – best of all, it’s one that you can do from the comfort of your own home!

If you’re struggling to fill out the activity planner, we strongly recommend adding cupcake decorating to the list of activities.

Why cupcakes?

Keep the kids occupied

Kids can be hyperactive little things – any activity that stops them from running all over the place is something you’ll want to look into including in your party plans.

Requiring intense focus and concentration, cupcake-making is a great way to stop the kids from wrecking the house, and also keeps them all in one area where they’re easy to supervise.

Something creative like cupcake making is best suited to kids aged 8 or older – those who might be a bit bored with traditional parties and have the ability (and attention span!) for an activity that’s a little more intricate and requires some focus. 

Everyone loves cupcakes

We defy you to find a child that doesn’t like cupcakes – we’ll wait!

Kids love cupcakes – not to mention, what kid wouldn’t be over the moon to have their very own cupcake, covered in sparkles and with their own design on it?

It’s a fun, creative activity

You want activities that aren’t just fun, but which play to your kids’ inherent creativity and curiosity.

And what better way to do that than with cupcake decorating?

Unlike painting, cupcake decorating is delicious and 100% edible – and that means much less cleaning up after the fact. Do you have cupcake mix left over? Throw it in the fridge and save it for another day!

What you need for a cupcake decorating party

1) Cupcake mix and premade icing

Obviously, the first thing you’re going to need for your cupcake decorating party is something to make cupcakes with to begin with!

You have two choices here:

  1. Making your own from scratch
  2. Using premade cupcake mix

Personally, if you’re hosting a cupcake decorating party, we recommend sticking to premade cupcake mix – and making up the mixture in advance, say the night before. 

You’ll save yourself a lot of effort. Just think about how much other work that comes with planning a kid’s party. Do you really have time to spend making a cupcake mix on top of that?

Additionally, we suggest premade icing so you have spare, should you need it (and you probably will!)

Cake stand

Extra accessories like a cake stand or tiered cupcake tray are perfect to display your kids’ finest creations!

Got a lot of kids attending? Why not create an awesome candy buffet that they can visit to select their cupcake decorations? 

What do you put on top of cupcakes? Lollies, of course!

Of course, there’s nothing better to stick into fresh icing than a ton of delicious, sweet lollies!

Chocolates like M&Ms are probably what comes to mind, but you can use just about any lollies for your cupcakes – soft party mix classics  like raspberries and snake lollies are safe bets.

Our online lolly shop allows you to buy lollies online, in bulk and for near wholesale prices.

Whether you just need that many lollies to decorate your cupcakes with or simply want a lolly buffet for the kids to nibble on between activities, our range of lollies has you and your cupcake decorating party covered.

Tailor the plan for your audience

Slightly younger kids will appreciate an “anything goes” decorating rule (just be prepared for quite the mess afterwards!).

On the other hand, older kids might like to show off some more intricate skills with a topic to follow, for example, a specific colour or a theme such as mermaids! 

Make sure you have an alternative available

Whether it’s a nut, dairy, or gluten, some of the kids attending your cupcake decorating party may have allergies that prevent them from partaking.

As such, you’ll need to include an alternative for them.

Whether it’s an alternative cupcake mix that’s free of allergens, giving them a separate baking tray to avoid cross-contamination or simply offering them a premade (allergen-free) cupcake to decorate, there are plenty of things you can do to keep them included.

The best and safest thing to do is get in touch with a parent of each kid in advance, to clear any allergies or intolerances.

Double-down and turn their creations into take-home party bags

Consider some cute and colourful take-home boxes so guests can pack their lovely creations and share with their own families.

Alternatively, you could make decorating the box an additional activity for the party!

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