5 tips for planning an unforgettable first birthday party

Your child goes through a lot of “firsts”. From their first steps, to their first words, and of course, their first birthday party, the first couple years of their lives are full of exciting milestones!

Each of these is cause for celebration – in particular, their first birthday.

While they might not remember it later, baby’s first birthday is a major milestone, and well worth celebrating.

But what do you do for a first birthday party? It’s not like you can book laser tag or bowling (yet, anyway).

Luckily for you, our lolly shop has a couple of great ideas that you can bring to your child’s first ever birthday bash – if you’re short on ideas, we suggest reading on!

How do I make my baby’s first birthday memorable?

Between all the planning and logistics like deciding a party venue, choosing a theme, budgeting, creating a menu and of course, buying bulk lollies to fill out your lolly bag treats, even a first birthday can be a lot of work.

It’s especially tough for first-time parents – so we’re sharing a couple of pointers that you can take on board!

What is a good theme for a first birthday party?

Are you thinking about where to start in your birthday party planning? Begin with your party theme!

A good theme for your child’s first birthday acts as a jumping-off point, and makes all the other decisions considerably easier.

That’s why this needs to be your first decision!

A good theme for first birthdays should be fun, colourful, and exciting themes – something that guests, especially other kids, will love.

Creativity is crucial – after all, any photos you take are going to come out at their 21st and be looked at for years to come.

Luckily, most soon-to-be 1 year-olds aren’t terribly picky (savour it, because it won’t last!)

Who should be invited to a first birthday party?

Your guest list should be the next thing you tackle, as it’ll help you sort out logistics like:

  • How much space you’ll need to throw the party
  • The amount of food to buy
  • How many party lolly bags you’ll need (as well as whether you need bulk lollies – what, you didn’t seriously think we wouldn’t mention sweets did you?)
  • How many people your cake will need to feed

Just one question: who should you invite?

Since your child is still a baby upon turning one, you might opt for an intimate event where only a dozen or so people – mostly relatives – are invited. As they say, first birthdays are for the family!

Alternatively, you could turn their first birthday into a playdate and invite all the other parents you run into at the park to bring their kids. (Just a word of advice, these parties can get a bit rowdy with so many little ones running about!)

What games can you play at a one-year-old birthday party?

Entertaining your guests after arranging all the party details is one of the biggest concerns that hosts will often need to plan about.

And rightly so – after all, kids are all about having fun!

That includes one year-olds too.

But what sorts of games are suitable for little tots? After all, 1 year-olds often struggle to stand, let along take a swing at a pinata.

Here’s a tip: instead of focusing exclusively on games that 1 year-olds can play on their own (of which there aren’t many), instead focus on games that they can play with the help of adults.

After all, most of the kids attending will still need their parents’ help to do most things, so why not work that into the games you choose?

What foods for adults and kids can you prepare?

What’s a party without the food?

Snacks, refreshments and of course, the birthday cake are essential parts of planning for a first birthday party.

We suggest sticking to foods that are easy to eat, and which don’t require a lot of chewing for the sake of little guests.

And of course, you’ll need to ensure that they go along with your selected party theme as well!

Since it’s a kids’ party, a lolly table is an ideal way of adding a burst of sweetness to the menu. Just make sure that when you buy lollies online, you choose sweets that are easy to digest for young eaters.

It isn’t just for the kids, either – lollies can help any parents who are around for supervision get in the mood too!

What do you put in a first birthday party bag?

Party bags are a birthday tradition – and as with all traditions, you need to start early.

Making your child’s first birthday even more memorable by introducing attending kids to their first ever lolly bags – the first of many, we’re sure!

As with your lolly table, we suggest sticking to lollies that are easy to chew and which go down easily:

The thing with a party lolly bag is that, well, you need a lot of lollies to fill them, as well as a lot of time putting them together.

Just tell us what lollies you want in the mix and how many lolly bags you need – we’ll do the rest, delivering customised lolly bags right to your door.

Choose from our range of party mixes, Tropix lollies, Allens and even customised lollies to fill out your lolly bags!

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Hosting a child’s first birthday party can be quite challenging, especially if this is your first time. Thankfully, at least the lolly situation won’t be too much work thanks to our online lolly shop.

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