Fun and easy Christmas party ideas from MyLollies

We may not have snow, but we do have plenty of other things in our favour come Christmas. 

For example, the weather is actually good enough to go outside, throw events and hold parties!

Between the brightly-coloured lights, Christmas shopping, carols and the overall festive mood, December is certainly the busiest month of the year.

So busy in fact that a lot of people don’t have the time to plan all the details – a bit of an oversight, given the season!

This won’t do – so, what can you do for your upcoming Christmas party?

Specifically, if you’re going to host a Christmas party at home:

  • How do you make it memorable?
  • How do you satisfy everyone’s sweet teeth?
  • What are some less-conventional Christmas ideas?

Luckily for you, MyLollies has got you covered – we’ve put together a special Christmas lolly buffet with all the Christmas classics, from the traditional candy canes and strawberry leaves to party lolly bags!

Hosting the perfect Christmas: how do you throw a great Christmas party at home?

So the traditional venue is out of the question – of course, that doesn’t mean that your Christmas needs to be dull or somehow less interesting!

With the right planning, your home Christmas can be just as enjoyable and exciting as any other year.

Of course, it all depends on how well you plan it!

The first thing you need to plan a family Christmas party: a theme

Did you know? You don’t need to limit yourself to the traditional winter wonderland theme – in fact, it might be best if you don’t, given that it’s summer!

A Christmas party theme can come in many different forms. As we always say, your party theme determines everything else you do from beginning to end.

You can choose to adapt an existing theme and put a unique Aussie spin on it – alternatively, you might create a theme totally unique to you and your family. 

Some ideas you can use as a starting point include:

  • Winter Wonderland
  • The Ugly Christmas Sweater party 
  • Santa’s Workshop party
  • Luxe Christmas masquerade ball

Food, drinks and lollies

Snacks and finger food are essential not just in keeping all of your guests fed and happy, but also in setting the mood of the party.

The most important thing is quantity. You want to strike the perfect balance, the Goldilocks solution as it were: enough to keep everyone happy, but not so much that it will go to waste!

Carefully think about how many people are going to be coming over, and then use that to figure out how big the menu should be.

Also, don’t forget to ask about dietary requirements before you start planning menus.

And don’t just limit yourself to the usual suspects like pavlova or Christmas cake, either – it can be worth expanding your Christmas menu with all sorts of other eats like…

Christmas lollies

Since Christmas is all about making unforgettable memories together, one of the best things you can choose is a festive lolly buffet for everyone to enjoy.

After all, it’s summer – and nothing (aside from ice cream) screams summer in Australia quite like a bag of lollies!

To start with, you can always buy Christmas classics like candy canes and mints – however, they aren’t your only option.

Our online lolly shop has you covered, with a huge range of both Christmas and evergreen lollies you can enjoy any time of the year.

Take your pick from our massive selecting of Australian Christmas candy and general lollies!

Christmas playlist

What’s Christmas without some tunes to bring it all together?

Setting your home as a Christmas party venue takes a great deal of effort – you’re going to need to look at a lot of little things to build that warm and festive atmosphere.

And that includes your Christmas playlist. 

The songs in your playlist may range from traditional carols to modern all-time Christmas classics like Jingle Bell Rock, Feliz Navidad, Last Christmas and more.

Tired of hearing the same tunes on loop year after year? Looking for something a little less conventional? There are plenty of alternative playlists out there on Spotify or YouTube if you want Christmas music with more of a metal,  punk or indie rock flavour.

How can I host the perfect Christmas?

What kind of games can you play at a Christmas party?

Christmas parties and games keep your party fun and lively. If you haven’t started thinking of Christmas party games, we suggest getting onto that ASAP!

In particular, you’ll want to choose games that allow everyone to mingle with others.

Some of the Christmas party games ideas that you can try doing are:

  • Ugly sweater murder mystery
  • Christmas song picture scrabble
  • Photo Op game
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Dirty Santa

Be sure to plan around how many people you’re inviting, as well as the stuff you’ll need to make game night happen.

And of course, don’t forget about prizes – party mini bags are a great starting point!

Make sure the place is presentable

There’s always that unspoken pressure when you’re the one hosting a Christmas party.

From the big things like preparing food, drinks and games, down to the nitty-gritty details of preparing the tableware, decorations, and cleaning up, it’s a lot of pressure on the host.

If you ask us, being a good host starts by ensuring that your home looks the part.

There’s nothing more precious than letting everyone feel the holiday experience while enjoying the company of others.

So if you’re tasked or have volunteered to be the host this Christmas, then it’s best to keep your eyes not only on the major details but also the minor ones.

You can start by making sure that everything is prepared and well planned, including:

  • Cleanliness of your home
  • Tablewares and dinnerware
  • Table linens and napkins
  • Christmas decorations

Atmosphere is key in hosting a fun Christmas party

In addition to cleaning up, as host you’ll also need to ensure that your home’s ambience is sufficiently Christmas-y.

Lights, sounds, colours… all of these come together to build the atmosphere in your home, and help make Christmas unforgettable.

Short on ideas?

  • If the forecast allows, use candles instead of lights
  • Pre-cool your home before guests turn up
  • Move furniture that might make it difficult to move around
  • Make sure everyone has space to mingle and interact
  • Plan your decorations out – get into the beautiful festive spirit!

Each of these can go a long way towards building the atmosphere when it’s time for your party!

What do you do with a Christmas party lolly buffet?

If you ask us, Christmas is one of the best times to arrange a lolly buffet. After all, summer and sweet things go hand in hand, so they’re a perfect match!

Setting it up is simple: just set it up and let people help themselves.

Obviously, you’re going to want to stock your lolly buffet with all sorts of Christmas-theme lollies like:

  • Christmas mints
  • Christmas fruit chews
  • Christmas mix
  • Candy cane
  • Strawberry leave

And it isn’t just lollies, either – it can also be a good idea to add all of your Christmas desserts to your lolly table:

  • Gingerbread
  • Christmas cake
  • Pavlova
  • Christmas pudding
  • Trifles
  • Brownies

These are just as sweet, and bring some additional variety in colours and textures to your lolly table!

Stock up on bulk lollies and Christmas mini bags at MyLollies this holiday season!

Whether you’re planning a full lolly buffet or simply want some snacks to hand out between the big events, lollies can be a surprisingly important part of your Christmas celebrations.

They’re also the sort of thing you’re going to want to purchase in bulk if you want to ensure that everybody gets their fair share of sweets!

If you’re looking to buy bulk lollies online, you’ve come to the right place.

Our online lolly shop is all about:

While we may not be able to help with things like the turkey or following up on RSVPs, one thing we can do for you is look after all of your lolly needs!

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