Candy Cane Lane: fun and easy corporate Christmas party themes

December is finally here. After a long, long year we have finally made it to Christmas time.

Now that we’ve made it around the sun another time, and we’ve spent the year working so hard, it’s time for a much-needed break. 

That’s right: it’s time for the corporate Christmas party. 

If there ever was a year that we deserved an extra special Christmas party…it’s this year!

So, how can you make the end of year work party the best one yet?

How can I make my office Christmas party fun?

The best way to make any party extra special is give it a theme – and don’t hold back! 

Try and pick a theme that works with Christmas time, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Get your team excited about doing something different! 

Try our list of corporate Christmas party themes for an end-of-year work send off that no one will forget. 

What are good Christmas party themes?

Winter Wonderland

A winter wonderland Christmas is a really beautiful idea for the end of year office party. 

Transform your office or party space into a winter wonderland with snowflake cutouts, twinkle lights, blue backlighting, and white linens. 

Use candy canes to really set the scene. You can hang them from the twinkle lights, or use them to create a table centerpiece. 

Treat everyone to hot chocolate and use cotton balls to replicate snow. A winter wonderland can be the prettiest corporate Christmas party ever – especially for us here in Australia who have never experienced a white Christmas! 

Santa’s Workshop corporate party

For a really fun office party you can choose to do a Santa’s workshop theme. Bring the fun and colour of the North Pole to your corporate party. 

A great way to do that is with a Christmas lolly buffet, and creating the perfect lolly buffet is easier than ever. 

A bright, colourful, lolly buffet can bring all the fun and merriment you imagine at Santa’s house, right into your office party.

Customising a Christmas lolly buffet is simple with My Lollies! 

  • First, choose a variety of glass jars – find different heights and sizes, in fact, the more varied, the better!
  • Next, fill up all your lolly jars with different coloured lollies; opt for multi-coloured goodness or stick to the traditional colours like red lollies, green, white, gold, and silver
  • Fill in the gaps on your lolly buffet with decorations, fairy lights, and tonnes of candy canes

Grinch-themed Christmas party

How The Grinch Stole Christmas has to be one of the best Christmas movies (and books!) there is – for kids and adults alike!

Pavlovas covered in peppermint crisp, jars filled with green lollies, and green tinsel decorations. 

You can even have a resident Grinch at the party in addition to your visit from Santa Claus!  

Aussie themed Christmas

Australian Christmases have always been beautiful: Christmas at summer time is something not everyone gets to experience. 

Lean into your Aussie Christmas roots and create a summer, beachy vibe at your corporate Christmas party. 

Deck out your office party with Aussie Christmas decorations: fry filling a vase with gum leaves, a little bit of tinsel, and some protea flowers. It makes a beautiful centrepiece. 

You can even stick to a theme of Australian lollies. Pick out some Allen’s fantales, some Allens snakes, and make everyone at the office feel at home with some nostalgic candies from childhood. 

What should I get my office staff for Christmas?

Buying a Kris Kringle, or a little something special for your office staff can be a challenge. 

What can you get that everyone will really like – that won’t break the budget?

The answer is simple.


Put together a small lolly bag to thank your staff for all their hard work this year.

Pick your favourite Christmas lollies and surprise your team with a sweet and special treat. Add a festive spin with some candy canes or stick to classics like Jelly Beans, Snakes, and Rock Candy.

You can even personalise each lolly bag for an extra special touch.

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