Quick and easy homemade lolly gift ideas for Christmas

Want to get your loved ones something special this Christmas, without breaking the budget? The answer is a fun and easy activity even the kids can get involved in…

Make them something from scratch! 

And the best way to do this is by combining two things everybody loves for the perfect Christmas: Australian Christmas candy and heartfelt, homemade gifts. 

Homemade Christmas gifts are such a special way to show someone how much you care. Putting something together yourself puts a personal touch on a Christmas gift and is an inexpensive way to show someone you care. 

There’s something beautiful about a gift that is handmade; it holds much more meaning than a gift card or something you bought from a department store.

There are so many ways to give a homemade gift this Christmas. Here are some of our favourites! (Bonus – they’re all super quick and easy to do!)

What are the best homemade Christmas gifts?

Bake something special

Baking a cake or brownies for someone this Christmas is a cost effective way to put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season.

After all, who doesn’t like baked goods?

There’s endless possibilities when it comes to baking. You could make rum balls, chocolate ripple cake, florentines, brownies, or even a delectable mud cake. 

Hey, it’s Christmas time. Why not go all out and make a gingerbread house? (Or better yet, buy one of those pre-made packs so all you need to do is build it and then decorate it with delicious lollies!)

The best thing about baking is that you can add that extra special touch by decorating with the perfect lollies.

Bonus: whatever you bake can also become into your Christmas Day dessert!

What is the most popular Christmas candy?

If you do decide to decorate a gingerbread house or chocolate cake with lollies, then you’ll need access to the best Australian Christmas candy

You can decorate baked goods with almost anything that you like; of course, at Christmas time you can’t go past using candy canes.

You don’t have to stick to a Christmas theme with the lollies though. Any lollies that work with what you’re baking will be perfect. 

A simple yet effective way to adorn a cake or other sweet treat is by using small lollies to spell out Merry Christmas or any other festive phrase.

Create colourful lolly jars

A glass mason jar, a few Christmassy decorations, and a ton of lollies – this gift is SO easy to create and guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of all recipients.

Choose traditional red and green candies or fill it up with any kind of lollies you like. You can add some white fur around the top and create a black belt to mimic Santa Clause, and you’ve got a simple, effective, and beautiful homemade gift.

Do it yourself Christmas gifts with kids

A great way to make homemade Christmas gifts AND to get the kids involved is to give them a project that will make regular candy even more fun than it already is!

Take your favourite chocolate bar, and a few arts and crafts supplies, and all of a sudden you have a chocolate bar reindeer.

A few googly eyes, some red pipe cleaners, and some brown felt will turn any chocolate bar into a reindeer. 

The key is to stay imaginative. Kids just want to have fun, especially at Christmas.

So now’s the perfect time to give them a school holiday activity that will make a perfect, heartfelt give for a loved one.  

3 tips for DIYing a kids christmas gift

1. What do they love?

To make DIY-ing for kids simple you need to start out with something kids already like.

That way it doesn’t matter if they’re not the best DIYer – or still a little bit young. Your child is still going to create something they really like! 

The best idea is to start with lollies. All kids like lollies and there are so many cool ways you can use lollies to decorate.

2. Pick their favourite animal

Helping your child, little brother or sister, or neice and nephew turn lollies into their favourite animal is a great idea! 

Not only does it put a great spin on a cost effective Christmas present, but it’s also a really fun way to get little ones involved in the Christmas gift-giving process, and create something they will love to keep (or give away, if they choose!) 

Whether it’s an octopus, a flamingo, or a unicorn…you can turn lollies into anything if you use your imagination. All you need is a quick trip to your local craft store and a large supply of sweet lollies!

3. Make sure to use their favourite colours 

MyLollies makes it easy to find customised lollies and candy in all your favourite colours.

So whether you’re looking for traditional red and green lollies, or need to find blue, purple, pink lollies, and anything in between, we’ve got you covered!

Keep all young ones satisfied with gluten free lollies in their favourite colours – whether they’re filling up lolly jars, making cards, or decorating a gingerbread house.  

My Lollies is the one stop shop for Australian Christmas candy

Whatever kind of homemade gift you decide to create for the special people in your life… it’s no doubt going to be really special. 

The year gone by has been a stark reminder of the importance of family, and how material objects mean nothing if you can’t be with the ones you love most. 

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This Christmas, give a gift with an extra special touch of magic – give the gift of lollies to sweeten every family member’s day.

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