Planning a baby shower? We love an Alice in Wonderland theme!

You know what everyone likes? Babies. You know what else people like? An excuse to throw a party!

And it isn’t just Aussie mums either – people have been throwing baby showers in one for or another going all the way back to ancient times.

Whether you’re throwing a baby shower for a friend or you’re planning your very own, baby showers require a little bit of thought – just like any other party you plan on throwing!

And that starts with the theming.

Many go for a back-to-nature theme. Others decide to go the pastel route. Some people even decide to build the entire theme around the colour blue or pink.

Here’s one whimsical and magical theme that will stand out from the crowd: Alice in Wonderland!

How do you plan a baby shower with an Alice in Wonderland theme?

With its insane colours, unique setting, and attention-grabbing aesthetic, is it really any wonder (pun intended) that this is such a common party theme?

However, it’s one that goes surprisingly underutilised when it comes to baby showers!

An Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party is the perfect theme for those looking for a whimsical way to celebrate an impending birth.

Just think about it: it has lace, bright colours and best of all, it even has a tea party scene built right into it for you to use as a guide for your baby shower decorations.

Of course, the visuals are just one part of the planning – you’ll also need to think about…

Sending out invites

Invites are the first thing you should be sending out once you’ve organised a time and venue.

If you’re using the Alice in Wonderland theme specifically, you can’t just send out a mass text or use generic invites – no, you need to put in effort.

Need ideas? We’ve got some to get the ball rolling:

  • Decorate it with white rabbits. Not only is the White Rabbit a major part of the story, but they’re also a symbol of luck (that’s why you say “white rabbits” at the start of a month).
  • Another idea is to decorate invites like playing cards – specifically, as cards from the hearts suit!
  • Don’t forget to tell recipients to reserve this “very important date”, just like the White Rabbit!
  • Teapot paper cutouts are the perfect way to set the scene well before the party has even begun!

Choose a date and the venue

If it’s an Alice in Wonderland baby shower you’re throwing, then a garden party is the obvious way to go.

Whether you’re taking inspiration from The Mad Hatter’s tea party or the Queen of Hearts’ court, either one requires a gorgeous garden setting. 

Not only does it fit with the theme, but the local park also has the size and capacity to handle all of your guests and doesn’t require a booking.

If you’re worried about the forecast, stay at home, or ask a friend if they’re happy to host in their own backyard.

Decorating an Alice in Wonderland party

The best part of this theme is that, in a way, there are no rules.

And that means mismatched… well… everything!

Think colourful, mismatched tea cups and saucers, plates in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, and even different chairs for guests to relax in. 

The result is that playful, surreal look that’s so closely tied to Lewis Caroll’s stories. 

And of course, you can’t forget the little things – consider sprinkling playing cards, clocks, chess boards and chess pieces into your decor to really lock in the theme.

What are the best foods to serve at a baby shower?

Sandwiches, mini quiches, petit four cakes and tarts – finger food like this will always fit your Mad Hatter tea party.

Including condiments like jam doesn’t just add flavour, but also brings even more colour into your theming and table setting. 

And of course, you can’t forget tea! Aromatic blends, unique flavours, and gorgeous crockery – raise a pinky to a lovely cup of tea!

What are good finger foods for a baby shower?

While cupcakes and traditional high tea staples are your best bet, there’s nothing stopping you from also choosing other platter snacks like sushi rolls, cheese boards, and sausage rolls.

After all, one of the defining traits of the source material is how esoteric and weird it looks!

As long as it’s small and can be swallowed in a single bite, it shouldn’t be too out of place alongside staples like ribbon sandwiches and scones.

Add a dash of sweetness to your event with a lolly buffet and lolly bags

There’s no event that can’t be elevated with lollies!

Sweets are the perfect fit for all sorts of events. For a really easy way to add a ton of colour to your baby shower, consider a lolly buffet.

All you need is a table (normally a long one, but any size and shape will indeed do) plus a variety of jars, vases, and glasses, in different shapes and patterns.

You can put assorted lollies like multicolour sour lollies, marshmallows, fruit lollies, rock candies, and lollipops inside jars and arrange them on the table, allowing guests to come and go as they please.

And you can’t forget about party favours, either!

Whether it’s a thank-you for attending, a memento or something for guests to take home as they please, lolly bags are the perfect fit.

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