Explore red, orange, and green lollies for autumn!

While we can’t speak for everyone, if you ask us, autumn is the best season of the year: not only is the temperature perfectly mild, but the falling leaves look beautiful!

And with the official end of summer mere days away, now’s time to look forward to a new season and everything it brings with it.

What better way to celebrate the season to come than with a party?

We know, we know – who throws a party to celebrate a new season?

It’s a little unconventional, sure. If you’re looking for an excuse to party however, this offers one – not to mention, we all deserve one after the year that was!

And just as with any other type of party, there are some things you’re going to have to think about – namely, which lollies are the best fit for an autumn party?

Colour is everything: what is the sweetest candy for autumn?

What better way to celebrate the arrival of autumn than with sweet and colourful lollies in green, orange, yellow and red?

Whether you’re planning for an autumn-inspired backyard cookout to mark the ending of summer, a campfire party, or simply quick autumn get-together before the cold weather really sets in, lollies are a great way to celebrate.

Just one question: which ones?

If you want lollies that fit perfectly, you’ll want to start shopping around for things like…

  • Lollipops
  • Jellybeans
  • Gummies

Not only are these lollies versatile and appropriate for a range of seasons, but they also come in a huge range of colours, giving you complete freedom over what lollies you feature at your event.

So, what candies are green?

While it might not be the first colour that comes to mind, green still has its place during autumn.

As such, green lollies need to be a part of your autumn celebrations, especially if you’re planning an outdoor party.

After all, not all the green’s going to go away – you’ll still want a little bit sprinkled in among all the browns, reds and yellows!

Luckily, there’s a wide range of green lollies out there…

Mints and leaves

Think of mint, and what’s the first colour that comes to mind? Green, naturally!

If you’re looking for green lollies, mints are a great place to start, so add them to your shopping list, pronto.

Our online lolly shop lets you choose from a variety of mint lollies, including Tropix Mint leaves, and of course, dark choco lollies with a peppermint twist.

Green watermelon

Watermelon might be more of a summer fruit – however, watermelon lollies are an underappreciated autumn treat, combining green and red, two of the biggest autumn colours.

And since they’re rock candies, you won’t need to worry about them going soft if the big day ends up being hotter than expected.

Apples and pineapples

While these lollies are perfect for both tropical theme parties, they’re also good fits for nature-inspired ones too, including autumn parties.

After all, they’re yellow and green, ticking both of those colours off your autumn colour list!

We’re green with envy: shop all green lollies online now.

I want to know… what candies are orange?

You don’t necessarily have to wait until Halloween before you start looking for orange candy – such a tone perfectly fits the autumn season as the leaves start turning from green to orange.

There’s something relaxing and soothing about the colour orange – and there’s something irresistible about orange lollies.

Barley sugar lollies

Barley sugar lollies are a traditional variety of hard candy that’s made from barley extract. This is what gives them their distinctive orange shade. 

On top of tasting fantastic, studies show that incorporating barley sugar into your diet in moderation can lower blood sugar and reduce diabetes risk.


Your list of orange lollies isn’t complete without soft and chewy Allen’s Sherbies! These fizzy, soft orange lollies are best served in glass jars or packed in with your party favours and lolly bags.

Orange choco drops

Chocolate and orange: could you think of a better combination?

With rich milk chocolate on the outside and a smooth twist of orange inside, these lollies are a great pick for any event, including an autumn one.

Orange you glad lollies exist?! Browse all orange lollies here.

And lastly, what candies are red?

When you think about autumn, what’s the final colour to come to mind? That’s right, red.

Red lollies aren’t just for Valentine’s Day; this colour perfectly embodies changing seasons and crunchy leaves on the ground!

Additionally, red lollies are some of the most popular around, making finding the right lollies for your autumn party a piece of cake!

Don’t worry, you won’t need to spend ages going through party mix bags and picking out all of the red ones – our lolly shop online sells a range of red lollies individually too…


When you think about red-coloured lollies, we’re sure that these particular lollies are the first that come to mind!

With your choice of ripe raspberries from brands like Allen’s, Tropix and Kingsway, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to these red lollies.

Red frogs

Red frogs are an Australian classic – and they’re also the perfect fit for your autumn party as well.

Available on their own in bags of up to 1.3kg, you’ll be able to buy all the frogs you need to make up the red component of your autumn lolly buffet.

Strawberries and cream

Real strawberries and cream can get messy, especially thanks to cream’s habit of getting everywhere and leaving sticky fingers behind.

These classic little lollies however offer the irresistible taste of strawberries and cream, without the mess!

You won’t want to miss strawberries and cream lollies if you’re looking for red lollies then these should be the first lollies you get if you’re looking for sweet, soft and chewy red lollies for your autumn party.

Seeing red? Us too! Shop red lollies online.

Buy all the lollies you need this autumn only at MyLollies!

Like summer, autumn is best enjoyed with a table of sweet and refreshing food and drinks – and that includes sweet lollies.

Whether it’s for a lolly buffet and cocktails or just to snack on as the mercury starts dropping, there’s always time for lollies.

And that’s especially true if you’re throwing an autumn party to welcome in the new season and farewell summer!

Visit our confectionary warehouse to choose from our variety of lollies or check our lolly shop online.

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