This is what you need to plan the perfect Easter egg hunt

We know what you’re thinking: isn’t it a little early to start planning for Easter?

Au contraire – with something that requires as much planning as your Easter celebrations, an early start is exactly what you need to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

This way, you’ll have time to:

  • Purchase Easter eggs
  • Arrange invitations
  • Receive RSVPs
  • Prepare menus and food
  • Buy gifts

And of course, it’ll give you time to get ready for any Easter egg hunt you’re planning too!

Easter may still be a month away, but at the rate 2021 is speeding by, it’ll be here before you know it!

How do you plan an Easter egg hunt?

It’s one of those things that sounds simple – just like any other party game however, when you get down to it, there are countless different moving parts at play. You’ll need to arrange and coordinate each of them before the big day.

Just one question: how?

A lot of people just assume that all they need is chocolate eggs and a space for the kids to search.

While it’s true that this will get the job done, really, this is the bare minimum. If you want an Easter egg hunt that really lights a fire in the little ones, you’ll need to go further (and more importantly, start planning early).

How do you make an Easter egg hunt more fun?

Your kids are going to be a part of countless Easter egg hunts before they turn 10.

And fortunately, there’s a number of different things you can do to make yours stand out.

For instance, have you thought about…

  • Adding a prize for whoever finds the most eggs?
  • Hiding a “golden ticket” that comes with a big prize for finding it?
  • Putting kids in teams against one another?
  • Using a range of different eggs sizes and flavours?
  • Mixing it up and replacing the eggs with something else?
  • Incorporating riddles and challenges?
  • Turning it into a treasure hunt, complete with a map (instead of “X marks the spot” maybe “Lollipops mark the spot”?

All of these are just some of the ways that you can add some spice to your Easter egg hunt – just remember that many of them require a degree of preparation in order to work (and that in turn means planning things out in advance).

Where can I hide Easter eggs outside?

Whether you’re doing a conventional Easter egg hunt or one that’ll take your kids on an adventure as they search for their sweet, sweet reward, one thing that doesn’t change is the importance of finding good hiding places for your eggs.

So many Easter egg hunts consist of adults just sprinkling eggs throughout an area and letting kids go wild.

Just by hiding them, you aren’t only adding challenge – you’re also making your hunt more unique.

You can hide eggs in trees, potted plants, underneath chairs… the options are endless.

Just be sure that you don’t hide them in truly insane or potentially dangerous places. Most participants are going to be little kids, after all, meaning safety is king.

You’ll also want to note down wherever you’ve hidden your eggs so that you can go back and collect any eggs your kids might have missed!

Bring the adults into it

If you’re inviting other parents and their kids to your Easter party, then why not let kids and adults team up in their egg hunt?

Not only are you giving them an opportunity to bond as a family, but you’re also indulging your grown-up guests’ inner child!

Give ‘em baskets

After all, participants are going to need somewhere to store all the goodies they pick up, otherwise they might end up looking a little bit like this on the video.

And what better choice than a wicker basket?

Small baskets can be found for cheap at many department stores. Once you’ve got them, you can just hand them out or spend a little bit of time decorating them with ribbons.

And once the hunt is over, you can reuse them around the house.

Leave treasure for the adults

So you’ve bought a truckload of chocolate eggs and ordered bulk chocolate gold coins from Australia-based suppliers to spice things up.

If you’re following our suggestions and bringing the parents into it however, we recommend leaving some things for them to find as well!

For example, vouchers, mini wine bottles and other small gifts can be a great way of getting the adults engaged in the hunt.

Chocolate eggs aren’t your only option…

While chocolate eggs are probably the most common option for Easter egg hunts, by no means are they the only ones.

Whether you’re the old-fashioned type, want to mix things or you want treasure with a more personal spin on it, many are resorting to using hand-made Easter eggs. You know, just like how Grandma used to!

People love personalised candy, so personalised eggs are a sure-fire hit, especially if you’re looking for something a little more unique than regular old chocolate eggs.

If it’s an indoor hunt, you can use boiled Easter eggs, each hand-decorated with a unique design.

Of course, these are little kids you’re dealing with – they’ll probably appreciate something a little sweeter!

Here’s an idea: why not make your own chocolate Easter eggs with custom insides?

Chocolate egg molds are available in our online candy store– order one now, and you should have plenty of time to make your very own chocolate eggs, complete with delicious filling.

What to fill Easter eggs with for kids?

Since it’s kidds we’re talking about, you’ll want to fill your homemade eggs with something just as sweet on the inside.

That means things like:

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s sweet, and that it pairs well with chocolate – for example, strawberry lollies pair excellently!

What to fill Easter eggs with for adults?

Adults (usually) have more refined taste than kids – as such, you’ll want to ensure that their eggs are filled with things that are a little more, shall we say, dignified.

And don’t forget, you’ll also be able to get away with changing the formula as well by using dark chocolate instead of milk.

What can you stuff Easter eggs with besides candy?

Like we mentioned above, fruit is always a good choice for filling chocolate eggs – however, it isn’t your only option:

  • Ganache
  • Jelly
  • Caramel

It doesn’t even have to be edible either – there’s nothing stopping you from putting in things like money, trinkets, jewellery, and more! 

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While anyone can throw together an Easter egg hunt, if the goal is to have a fun one, you’re going to have to start preparing everything in advance.

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