Take our personalised candy quiz to learn which lolly you are!

Of all the lollies online… wouldn’t it be really fun if you could find out which one you were?

Well, we have the answer.

We’ve put together a short quiz to find out which lolly you are most like. 

Are you sweet with a little bit of an edge? Or are you a bit crazy? Are you loyal and loveable? What kind of lolly does that make you?

Take our simple lolly quiz to find out which delicious candies match your unique personality!

Which lolly are you?

We all love lollies, and they definitely make the hard days in life a lot easier to bear. Mary Poppins was right – a little bit of sugar really does help the medicine go down.

So, given that lollies and chocolate can play such an important role in our lives, it’s no surprise that some people want to know which lolly best suits their personality.

Our team has put together a quick quiz to help you find out which one of your favourite candies is most like you!

Once you’ve found your answer, pass this quiz onto your friends!

Take our personalised candy quiz to find out which candy, chocolate, and candy bar you have the most in common with

1. Which lolly colour would you be most likely to choose?

2. What is your favourite time of year?

  • A) Any time the sun is shining!
  • B) I live every day to the fullest
  • C) Christmas time – the festive season is my favourite

What is your favourite flavour in an online candy store?

  • A) I like a mix of sweet and sour
  • B) Something that’s a little bit bitter
  • C) You can’t go past peppermint

What’s your ideal date night?

  • A) Eating ice cream and walking on the beach
  • B) Something extreme – bungee jumping, skydiving, rock climbing, you name it!
  • C) Staying in with board games and hot chocolate with marshmallows

What is your dream job?

  • A) Fire fighter, lawyer, policeman, or doctor
  • B) Something where I get to work outdoors
  • C) A job with a good work life balance

What candies best describe your personality?

You answered mostly A – Sherbert Lemon

You’re a sherbert lemon!

There’s a sweet swide to you, but you also have a slightly sour edge. 

You’re the first person to stand up for your friends, and sometimes you can be passionate and heated. Everything you do comes from the heart though, and your sweet side always shines through.

You have a strong moral compass, and it’s important to you to be vocal and stand up for what you believe in.

And fun fact: Dumbledore is also fond of this “muggle sweet”!

You answered mostly B – Licorice All Sorts

You’re just like Licorice Allsorts!

You’re a very colourful person, and you’re full of life. There’s something different about you, and though you might not be for everyone, those who like you really LOVE you!

You’re unique. You can’t be compared to anyone else. You stand alone, and you are very loved and respected by those around you. 

You answered mostly C – Candy Canes

You’re a festive person, and you’re full of cheer. You love your family and your friends. What you do with your time isn’t nearly as important to you as who you spend it with. 

You’re smart and sophisticated but also warm and loveable. You are reliable, and people know that you are true to your word.

A festive person like you can’t go past Candy Canes – all year round!

What candy bar best describes your personality?

You answered mostly A – Chocolate Honeycomb

You have a sweet, warm heart.

You leave a real impression on people, and you’re a very passionate, kind, and opinionated person. 

There’s no way anyone is going to forget about you!

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You answered mostly B – Chocolate Peanut Clusters

You’re a little bit nutty, but that’s exactly why you’re so loved!

You’ve got tons of energy and you love doing anything adventurous. 

You like to live on the edge, and your friends describe you as an adrenaline junkie.

Discover our chocolate peanut clusters.

You answered mostly C – Peppermint Twist

You are a Peppermint Twist.

You have the warm, sweet, chocolate outside, with the sharp intelligence of the peppermint inside.

You’re often the first person that friends call when they need help, advice, or simply an ear to listen. Others know that they can always rely on you to be there. 

What chocolate says about your personality…

You answered mostly A – White chocolate

A sweet chocolate. Sometimes a little bit controversial (Is it really chocolate if it doesn’t have cocoa in it? We say yes!)

You stand out because you’re different, and you hold your own in every situation. You’re strong, resilient, and march to the beat of your own drum!

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You answered mostly B – Dark chocolate

You’re extroverted, and all eyes are on you when you enter a room.

You create conversation wherever you go (and people LOVE talking to you!), and you’re not the type of person who just goes with the status quo.

You’re an individual, and you’re proud of it! 

Discover sultry dark chocolate here.

You answered mostly C – Milk chocolate

The reliable chocolate choice. Everybody likes milk chocolate.

You’re the reliable, intelligent choice, and some might say you’re even a bit of a people pleaser. Every person at the dinner table is always happy to see you!

You can’t go past a classic: explore milk chocolate treats.

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