The perfect personalised Candy Crush gifts and party themes

If you had to make a list of apps that are installed on almost every phone on the planet, what would be on it?

Chances are you’d find YouTube, a calculator app, Google Maps and other basic utilities.

We also wouldn’t be surprised if Candy Crush Saga made its way into the top 10 either!

People at the office, those waiting in the line at the station and even at home – it seems like everybody’s playing this addictive game.

If you’ve become addicted to the Candy Crush Saga, then welcome to the club of 272 million monthly active players!

And naturally, as something that’s so heavily themed around candy, it also means that you can take Candy Crush off your phone and work it into your party theme – talk about sweetness overload!

And our online candy store has everything you need to make that happen!

Here’s how to plan the sweetest Candy Crush party – with real lollies, of course!

What are the candies in Candy Crush?

Maybe you’re going to organise your lolly buffet like a game of Candy Crush.

Perhaps you just like the way those digital lollies look, and you want to bring them into your upcoming party.

Whatever you need, our lolly shop online has you covered!

Planning a Candy Crush theme? If so, you’re going to need Candy Crush lollies in a variety of different shapes and colours, some of which are regular candies, while others are special ones. 

With both international and Australian lollies available, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Red sausage

While there isn’t anybody out there who makes a red sausage lolly, there are plenty of options when it comes to red lollies out there that you can use as substitutes.

Case in point: why not buy a bag of an Aussie classic like red frogs lollies?

Orange lozenge

Who said orange candies are only for spooky Halloween treats?

If you’re craving orange lollies, why not go for orange barley sugar? It’s sweet, and most importantly, they look exactly like the ones in the game!

Yellow teardrop 

These yummy flavoured lemon sherbet bombs don’t just perfectly compliment your Candy Crush lolly theme – they also taste great on their own too!

Enjoy each individually-wrapped lemon bomb either as part of your party or in a bowl for you to enjoy all by yourself.

Green pillow 

Green pillows don’t only exist in Candy Crush – you can relive the excitement of stringing together a chain of these yummy green lollies with our range.

From minty green lollies like Allen’s minties and green jellybeans to classics like pineapple lollies, our range of green lollies has you covered!

Blue planet

The blue planet in Candy Crush actually does exist in real life (sort of). Case in point: our blue chocolate drops that will surely satisfy your requirements for blue candy to fill out your Candy Crush lolly buffet.

Purple flower

Just like how there are no countries with purple flags, purple lollies are rare in general (unless you count dark red as purple).

Luckily, we offer a range of sweets that you can use as substitutes for the purple flowers found in the game – purple jelly beans are always a good bet.

Personalised Candy Crush gifts for your loved ones

Candy crush jars

Are you looking for a gift or souvenir for your Candy Crush-obsessed friend, relative or coworker that doesn’t just taste great, but which also looks the part too?

A great idea is to take each of the lolly types mentioned above and put them into glass candy jars to make the ultimate Candy Crush present.

That can be personalised with stickers and messages, Candy Crush graphics or topped with ribbons.

This idea isn’t just great for Candy Crush addicts – swap the Candy Crush lollies out for lollipops and party lollies and you’ve got a fantastic “evergreen” present idea right there!

Glittery cup

Jars aren’t your only option – what about a cup?

Instead of using a glass jar, consider replacing it with a coffee mug or cup for extra style points (not only that, but they’ll also have a personalised mug to use for their morning coffee).

You can even take this as an opportunity to get creative, painting your mug with a personalised design or message and covering it with crystals or beads – a perfect kid-friendly craft activity! 


Time to put your designer hat on!

Who wouldn’t want an actual Candy Crush-themed cake or creatively designed cupcakes?

If you’re celebrating the birthday of somebody who’s obsessed with the game, you can take your decorating skills to the cake itself.

Personalise your cake not just with the birthday celebrant’s name, but with a design inspired by the Candy Crush game with each of the lollies listed above.

What do you need in a Candy Crush theme party?

You’ll never go wrong with a Candy Crush party theme!

Of course, as with any other theme, the food alone isn’t enough to bring it all together – you’ll also need to think about things like…

Lolly invites

No party is complete without invites – and if you’re going to be making invites, you’ll want to go all-out.

Let your guests know that you’re throwing a Candy Crush party theme by sending them a lolly invite with graphics and photos of Milly, Mr Toffee, Benny and Bubblegum Troll. 

And don’t forget to include all the regular invite details as well as important info around costume or colour themes to ensure that everything will be beautifully coordinated.

Candy Crush balloons

When you think of party decorations, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Balloons, that’s what.

And of course, you’ll need to choose balloons that perfectly fit with your party theme.

That means carefully picking colours and thinking about an eye-catching balloon installation for that high score!

Candy Crush-inspired centrepiece

No party is complete without a centrepiece – bring life to your party tables and add a touch of Candy Crush-inspiration with an eye-popping centrepiece.

This can be a combination of lollipops, party mixes, and rock candies, all arranged so that you will have something to tie your lolly set-up together.

Whether it’s the centrepiece of a dessert and sweets table or how you intend to present your lollies, it’s important that you put a lot of care and effort into your centrepiece.

Candy Crush lolly buffet

We’ve already done the hard work and listed out some lollies that you can use for your buffet – why not take it the final step and theme your entire lolly buffet around the game?

Make sure everyone gets a cup and a scoop of a variety of lollies to choose from that can be a party favour too. Add lots of colour with our rainbow lollipops and candy canes

Explore the sweetest lollies for your Candy Crush party theme and giveaways!

Where can I buy lollies in Australia? Check our online lolly shop out!

Whether you’re planning for a next birthday party, bridal shower or even baby shower, make MyLollies a part of your next event.

Don’t stress yourself thinking about putting everything together, especially all the lollies you’ll need to make it happen!

MyLollies offers a huge range of options, including bulk wrapped lollies that will help you add sweetness to any kind of event.

Discover a variety of lolly treats at an affordable price. We offer wholesale prices for bulk lollies, meaning you can buy lots of lollies for the cheap whenever you need an absolute truck full of sweets for your celebration.

And it isn’t just birthdays and parties, either – we also offer lollies for other types of events, including fundraisers and promotional events.

What are you waiting for? Shop now!

And if you’re ever in Melbourne’s southeast, make sure you pop into our confectionery warehouse to say hi!

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