How to plan a posh pink and gold candy buffet

Are you planning a pink and gold themed party? A party in pink and a touch of gold will always be timeless.

If you’re up for glitz and glam for the Mrs-to-be, a gender reveal or even the prince or princess guest of honour, then the combination of gold and pink will be the theme that you’re looking for!

A pink and gold themed party suits all ages, young and old, and in any stage of life.

What’s so appealing about a pink and gold party theme? There are a lot of decorations, surprises and, of course, lollies for your candy buffet that everyone will enjoy.

And mind you, there are a lot of pink tones that you can choose from – baby pink, hot pink, flamingo pink, rose pink and salmon! And of course, shades of gold and rose gold will add glitz and glam to your theme.

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, get inspired by our pink and gold candy buffet ideas. Read on to learn more!

How do you organise a candy buffet?

You wouldn’t want to have a pink and gold party without a candy buffet!

And lolly buffets go far beyond display; it makes your guests travel back in time, inspire their sweet tooth and add more sweetness to your party.

But before you get busy planning out all your lolly table decoration ideas, make sure that you have a variety of pink and gold lollies that will complete your lolly buffet.

So, where do you start? And what exactly do you need to make your candy buffet plan a success?

Step 1: Stock up on bulk lollies

A lolly buffet is more than just aesthetics, so you must make sure you stock up on bulk lollies to ensure each guest has plenty of sweets to gorge on!

As much as possible, buy lollies in bulk so you can stock up on all your favourites without breaking the bank. MyLollies offers an exceptional range of lollies at the sweetest wholesale prices.

What pink candy do you use for a candy buffet?

Looking for the perfect pink candies to bring your candy buffet dreams to life? Pink has so many hues that it compliments a lot of other colours, especially gold. Our lolly shop online offers a variety of pink sweets in a number of shades that will match your buffet.

Order these bulk pink lollies and never run out of supplies, and enjoy our attractive wholesale prices!

If you find yourself needing more, you could also use black and white wholesale lollipops that you can find at our lollipop category. As they are neutral, they won’t disturb the palette, and in fact can have a dramatic impact on the look.

How much candy should I buy for a candy buffet?

Don’t fall short when it comes to lollies! Make sure everyone gets a taste of everything on offer.

Our how many lollies for a lolly buffet you’ll need:
Determine what type of jars you will use
Work out roughly how many lollies will fit in your jars
Plan on 150g to 200g of lollies per person
And this will tell you how many grams of lollies you’ll need!

Step 2: Design your backdrop

From a handmade piece to a flower, balloon, or nameplate arrangement, a backdrop will instantly elevate your table.

Consider lighting elements, too, such as battery operated fairy lights to capture the eye of passers-by. Arrange these on the table or string them up as part of your backdrop. Guests won’t be able to resist such a gorgeously set up table!

Step 3: Accessorise your candy buffet

We know that you can’t get enough of your fancy candy jars and lollies but don’t forget to add other accessories like bags and scoops. You want to make it as easy as possible for guests to get their favourite lollies!

You might also like to add a brightly coloured table cloth for your jars to sit on.

Step 4: Consider labelling your jars

Suppose you want to personalise your lollies, even just by name.

In that case, use handwritten labels, mini chalkboard stands, or even calligraphy painted labels to let your guests know what lollies are waiting for them!

Make sure you choose pink and gold labels that will surely match your event theme.

Step 5: Elevate your table with even more sweet treats!

Don’t limit your buffet to lollies only.

To make your lolly buffet look even more tempting, add a variety of cakes, cookies, cupcakes, macaroons, fairy floss, popcorn boxes, and even customised drinks!

This gives your guests even more opportunities to enjoy your sweet treats!

Let our MyLollies expert help you with your candy buffet!

Make your lolly buffet table full of fun, colour, and excitement with the help of MyLollies.

MyLollies satisfies your sweet tooth cravings by providing a variety of lollies online at a sweet price. Explore our list of lollies online.

Lolly buffets work well in any celebration you have.

We can customise your lolly buffet in terms of the theme and presentation however you want. Don’t forget to also pick the jars and containers the guests will use!

If you’re having a hard time deciding on the overall theme and presentation of your lolly buffet, then get in touch with MyLollies’ candy experts – we’ve done it tons of times before!

We’re more than happy to offer assistance and guidance when it comes to the nitty-gritty details of your candy buffet table.

Call MyLollies on 1300 899 000, fill in the form or visit our lolly warehouse Melbourne for any lolly enquiries that you have today.

Alternatively, if you know what you’re looking for, start shopping online now!

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