5 reasons why kids and adults love gummy bears

Can’t get enough of those bear-shaped, colourful gummies?

Neither can we! There’s perhaps nothing better than happily munching on a handful of sweet, chewy, delicious gummy bears.

And it’s not just for the little kids – adults will fall in love all over again with gummy bears, as childhood memories are unlocked from the very first bite.

Besides being so delectable, who can resist the cuteness of gummy bears?

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What is the history of gummy bears?

Well before gummy bears had their glory, Japanese rice candy and Turkish delights were popular in their respective native countries.

Both of these treats are made from cornstarch and rice, and not the main gummy ingredient we use today – gelatin.

In 1920, Hans Riegel, a German confectionist, started making hard-boiled and colourless candies which became his own sweets company named Haribo – we think you may have heard of it!

How cool is this: the name Haribo actually comes from the first two letters of his first and last name, as well as the town he was from, “Hans Riegel of Bonn”.

However, these hard candies didn’t do very well on the market, leading him to start making gelatin-based and fruity-flavoured sweets that were shaped like dancing bears.

The rest, as they say, is history!

What are the benefits of gummy bears?

Gummy bears come in different shapes, colours and flavours. They have been popularly eaten for decades all over the world.

These colourful and glutinous shaped bears come in a variety of flavours, such as pineapple, watermelon, and strawberry. They will forever be a part of lolly buffets, birthday lolly bags, and – let’s be honest – any home pantry or office desk drawer!

Here are five reasons why more and more people are loving these sweet gummy bears.

1. Choose from a variety of colours

No boring colour codes to be found here; instead, discover every colour of the rainbow!

Enjoy a vibrant mix of red, green, yellow, and orange bears to munch on – and they are a fantastic way to add a ton of colour to your mixed lolly bags!

Gummy bears will be the perfect treat for platters, candy buffets, or lolly bags.

2. Enjoy chewy and yummy bites

If you’re looking for something chewy and yummy to bite on, gummy bears are the perfect lollies to grab. Each bear becomes sweeter and sweeter!

These soft delights are easy to chew and as such are suitable for kids and adults of all ages.

3. A pocket-sized treat you can enjoy anywhere

Gummy bears are the perfect grab-to-go option, no matter where you’re headed!

  • Out with the kids? They’re a perfect pick me up when they’re getting tired or grumpy.
  • Heading somewhere outdoorsy? Enjoy an excellent burst of sugary goodness.
  • Cheering on your favourite sports team? You can’t go wrong with a half-time treat!

Their compact and pocket-size shape makes it easy to carry and eat wherever you are.

Put them in a zip lock bag, a small container or your pocket so that you can enjoy them on the go.

4. Enjoy various fun shapes, sizes and types

Kids and adults love variety. Especially when it comes to snacks – why would you want a boring one when you could have a fun, vibrant, and delicious one instead?

That’s why gummy bear candies are the perfect choice.

Choose other soft gummies and jellies alongside your bears; a variety of shapes, flavours, and sizes will delight young and old. Some of our other favourites include:

5. A great candy option

When you think of gummy bears, you shouldn’t only think about the sugar content but also the health options they can provide.

And while this isn’t exactly on any kid’s mind, parents are always looking to make smart choices for their kids.

Additionally, gummy bears have also been recommended as a post-workout snack.

So next time you hit the gym or the pavement, consider a small stash of gummy bears in the kitchen cupboard. This is a quick (and may we add, delicious) way of helping your body replenish glycogen lost during your workout.

Is eating a lot of gummy bears bad for your health?

We at MyLollies agree that it’s simply impossible to cut sweet delights from our lives!

Instead, we enjoy delicious candies in moderation, and we encourage you to do the same, too.

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