The Big Reveal! 4 things to consider for your gender reveal party

Finally…The Big Reveal!

What’s one good way to welcome a new member of the family? A gender reveal party of course!

Some people choose to have their gender reveal party and their baby shower in one! Of course, having a gender reveal party on its own makes it more exciting – and we’re not the kind of people who would deny two parties instead of one!

Celebrating the life of a little one starts even before you meet them in person.

So, whether you’re a mum-to-be, a soon-to-be aunt, or a close friend who happens to be ecstatic about this new chapter in life, we’re sure you want to celebrate in the most unique and sweet way possible!

What do you do at a gender reveal party?

If you’re planning for the first time or if you’ve attended one in the past, we’re sure you know what to expect at a gender reveal party.

Whether you’re planning for a small, intimate gathering of close friends or relatives, or for a large function with lots of friends and family, the most important thing is the anticipation of the gender reveal done right.

This is achieved via the amount of time you wait, the pre-snacks and activities, and of course the way you make the announcement.

And just like any other occasion, the gender reveal party has so much excitement in store as guests will ultimately need to choose between Team Boy or Team Girl.

So how do you prepare for the event?

1. Gender reveal party theme

How do you start your gender reveal planning? Start by thinking of a good party theme!

A good theme will always be the starting point for all the other decisions you need to make for your event.

A perfect gender reveal party theme needs to complement your venue, party decorations, food, and your party giveaways.
The theme will help you envision how you would like your party to look and how you want people to dress.

A good theme for a gender reveal will most likely play between traditional pink or blue aesthetics.

You may need to be creative in choosing a fun-filled and personalised gender reveal party theme; that’s why it is important to choose one that is easy to set up, highlights the mystery, and allows for a good photo background.

Some gender reveal party themes that you can consider are:

  • Fairy tale: Prince or Princess
  • Stars and moons
  • Nautical: Sailor or mermaid
  • Rustic theme: Buck or doe
  • Football theme or other sport

2. Party food ideas

Preparing snacks and refreshments before the reveal is a must during gender reveal parties.

If your guests already have young children, you can plan on making your party child-friendly and during the day. Or if you’re the first one to have a bun in the oven, then you can pop out the champagne (not for you!) and have an evening party with adults only.

Food choices will always need to suit your party theme. It will have an important part in your gender reveal surprise!

You can opt to keep the snacks at a minimum so that everyone will have a mouthful of the main course or your party platters.

What food is served at a gender reveal?

To keep the expectation rolling, gender reveal food can come in various forms, which in turn can lead your guests guessing whether it’s a boy or a girl!
Some good food and drink options include:

  • Chocolate covered cupcakes
  • Pink and blue frostings for cookies
  • Cake pops
  • Cotton candy snacks
  • Creative pink and blue drinks

Leave a space for the eye-popping cake, which can be one of the main attractions of the party.

3. Gender reveal lollies

One good thing when preparing for a gender reveal party is that you can always include lollies as part of your snacks table.

Lollies have a great way of adding a burst of sweetness to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth!

And if you are thinking of adding a lolly table or a candy station to your party, make sure that you put lollies inside big glass candy jars that you can decorate to suit your theme.

Another great way to incorporate lollies in your gender reveal is to stuff the gender reveal balloon with the appropriate coloured lollies.

That way, when you pop it, as well as having confetti and streamers, there will also be that added layer of delicious lollies that will land straight on the ground, to be picked up by little guests.

What candy is served at a gender reveal?

Some gender reveal or baby shower lollies can feel more appropriate than others. If you’re unsure, we suggest opting for pastel colours and soft lollies like gummy bears or marshmallows, but to be honest, any kind of candy will suit!

So while you might like to choose lollies that align with your theme, at the end of the day, we simply say choose your personal favourites, whether that’s organising a colourful lollipop candy buffet, heaps of rock candy, or tonnes of chocolate!

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4. Games and gender reveal ideas

Entertaining your guests after setting up all the party details is one of the major concerns that hosts will have when planning.

You may need to think about what activities and games are appropriate depending on:

  • The theme
  • Whether children will be present and/or participate
  • What lollies are left over that you can use for games

Some games to consider are:

  • Baby guessing games (gender, belly measurement, etc.)
  • Pink vs blue based team games
  • Piñata (can be used for the reveal)
  • Blindfolded nappy folding or baby food tasting!

Activities to reveal the baby

There are many creative ways to reveal the gender of the little one, such as:

  • Balloon popping with pink or blue confetti
  • A nest with a hidden message inside
  • Open envelope to announce
  • Hitting a baseball filled with coloured powder
  • Dropping a coloured bomb in a tub
  • Spell out the gender with balloons

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