Why a Lolly Bar Should be Your Go-To For Your Next Celebratory Event

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Whether you’re celebrating your birthday, a baby shower, a special anniversary, or a corporate event, having something sweet to sample is sure to go down a treat. And if you want to go that one step further, hiring a professional lolly bar is a great option for adding a special touch to your celebration. Here’s everything you need to know before contacting your local service provider.

Why candies and lollies?

Professional confectionery providers have all the experience required to perfect the craft of candy buffets. Plus, you can guarantee the quality of treats will be sure to satiate even the sweetest of tooths. In addition:

  • The lollies, along with other sweet treats, can double up as party favours and a centrepiece.
  • The vibrant candies and lollies can also work as a brilliant backdrop for photos, and can sometimes go as far as acting as a great substitute for photo booths. 
  • It’s a fun alternative to traditional desserts. 
  • If you’re hosting a corporate party, lolly buffets can be the perfect place to relax during the intermissions. You can also use them for pre-treats. 

A wide variety

Both physical and online candy shops can make you feel spoilt for choices with the wide varieties of sweet treats they offer. However, here are some factors you might want to consider:

  • Do you want all the lollies to be nut-free or/and gluten-free, or to ensure that the selective assortment of candies do not contain potent allergens?
  • Do you want your candy mixtures to exhibit a variety of colours or to adhere to a particular colour theme?.

Going nuts (literally)

Allergies aside, nuts are a common favourite in weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and similar occasions. 

  • Get plump, large Jordan almonds with a coating of hard candy
  • Try adding a selection of them to a gorgeous candy bar. 
  • Pop a handful of nuts as return gifts.
  • Keep some nuts in the bowl as snacks. 

Adding chocolate candies

For graduation parties or more intimate wedding receptions where boiled lollies might be passé, chocolates with candy shells can be tasty option. You could:

  • Make colourful candies the highlight of every guest table.
  • Add an assortment of them as after-party favours.

Lollies are popular with all ages

Who wouldn’t want to hop back to the nostalgic memories of a lolly shop? Whether you’re organizing an office picnic, a wedding reception, or a birthday party, colourful lollies are going to be a sure hit. 

Strike it hard with candies 

Another nostalgic addition to your party could be rock candiesApart from adding flavour and colour just about anywhere, you can also use them in different ways. For example, try using rock candy sticks to stir drinks! 

Get them packed 

A dedicated company offering wholesale lollies can personalize their products according to your preference. For example:

  • Personalize your buffet as per the theme of your event/ party.
  • You can also request special-shaped candies and lollies.
  • Add your logo (if you are running a company), or make batches commemorating the event.
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