Sweet Office Snack Ideas You Need In Your Desk

Hunger pains can be frustrating when you are busy at work. But not all snacks are fit to be hidden away within a desk. Some snacks can spoil or are too messy to eat. Imagine munching on a cookie and getting crumbs all over your keyboard or files. Confectionery is a favourite afternoon snack to for a little sugary energy boost! However getting those sticky fingerprints on office files will not win you any points with your colleagues. There are still a lot of tasty and sweet treats you can munch on to tide you over and silence those hunger demons.

Hard Candies Treats

There are so many different flavours, colours, sizes, and shapes of hard candy. You will be spoilt for choice in our candy shop. They can be safely kept in a box or desk drawer until you need them. You can work as you enjoy the goodness of candy. Hard candies can also be used as a quick breath freshener. Just pop a peppermint or even a lemon drop. 

Rock candy is also a great choice for a pop-in-the-mouth treat as you go on about your work. You can keep a wide selection of rock candies in jars or cans and add them to your stash of drawer goodies. 

Another type of treat you may like is lollipops – sweet ones, sour ones, fruity ones, the list is endless. They are also easy to store as most of them come wrapped individually. You can easily take them out of your mouth when you need to answer the phone or speak with a colleague. If you are not that fond of sweet candies, you can always go for sour lollies or choose more exotic flavours. A wide range of flavours is available to suit the most demanding candy-loving palate.

Gummy Sweets

There are a lot of delectable gelatin-based treats waiting for you to snack on. A particular favorite of many a snacker is killer python lollies

If you cannot choose what to keep in your snack bin, you can always go online and buy bulk lollies in Australia

Jelly Beans 

The fun thing about jelly beans is that they have a shell made of soft candy with thick and yummy gel inside. Mix different flavors that you can easily find in any candy store and enjoy the explosions of flavors. 

A jar of colorful beans will also make a simple yet joyful décor on a usually busy desk. Just beware of having to re-stock frequently as your office mates will certainly visit you more often to grab some. A bag of Allens will always come in handy.

When hunger pangs plague you at midday, or maybe you have a strong case of the munchies, having Australian lollies ready for you at your desk can be of great help. Plus, sharing a sweet can be a great way to start a conversation with a visitor or client at work. Don’t head out to find a local lolly shop near you! Just head across to our eCommerce store to stock up on treats for your work snack drawer.

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