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What Sets Us Apart – Buying Allen’s Lollies & Candy Online In Australia

In Australia, buying sweets, jellies, lollies, and candies online has become a regular occurrence through authentic online retailers. The wide range of Allen products includes Allen’s Cheekies, Allen’s Fantales, Allen’s Kool Mints, and more.

The sheer range of Allen products has continued to grow and grow. Online lolly suppliers take pride in Allen’s wide range of products and loyal clients who prefer to pick up their favourite items through online retailers.

An authentic retailer will assure you of the international developments’ originality and the license to import & stock Allen’s products. Whenever Australians consider sweet treats, Allen’s Lollies are one of the most sought after favourites for their cupboards at home.

First established in Melbourne in 1891 by Alfred Weaver Allen. Originally employed by MacRobertson’s, he commenced confectionery production in 1891 at his Fitzroy confectionery shop. By 1909, Allen’s was the third largest confectionery business in Melbourne, Allen’s Lollies are the quintessential candy choice for exhibitions, business capacities, showcasing occasions, and school candy fundraisers.

Allen’s is known for its broad scope of Aussie top choices, including;

Bulk Lolly Bags as Corporate Gifts

We offer 1kg bags for some Allen’s lollies – and up to 3kg bags for items like Red Frogs, ideal for lolly bag & candy configurations for your event to your guests or for use as a feature of a school or organisation giveaway. Each sack comes marked in your chosen variety with your chosen logo.

Ways to Get More Value Out of Allen’s Lollies

It is very easy to head to a local supermarket or grocer to pick up a bag of Allen’s Lollies. However, you can’t get the widest range or bulk value buys of Allens lollies at your local shop.

Allen lollies sold through can deliver the biggest and best deals in a variety of products online.

You can purchase a bundle for an event like birthday celebrations, Mothers Day or alternately Father’s Day, or simply as a little thank you gift for someone deserving.

Online availability of our favourite lolly and candies is a dream come true thanks to Mylollies stocking the largest range of Allen’s Lollies online. We can’t get enough of the sweets they have been producing for Aussies since 1891. Shop our entire range now by heading online & over to our Allens Lolly hub –

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