Aussie’s Favourite Lolly Choices


Allen’s Lollies has Australias’ favourite lollies.

Throwing a Christmas, Halloween, or a thanksgiving bash and confused about what confectionary you are going to include?

We have a few pro tips to help make your lives easier. Order your favourite candy and lollies in bulk from Allens Lollies through and trust me, you won’t regret that! Read on and thank me later.

Do you know?………………. Oh! Of course!! You know!!! The wide range Allen’s has in their product line. Be it Red Frog or a bowl of snakes, you will always make a perfect choice for your parties with Allens Lollies’ various sweet options.

We deliver all over Australia, with a store in Melbourne, letting people combine their favourite lolly bags with Allens Lolly bags.

Want to sort out a sweet gift for your children? A jar full of Allen’s Lollies are perfect and will be sure to put a huge smile on their dials!

The list doesn’t end here! You could also choose the best items for Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. They have the best options for jellies, beans, marshmallows, hard and soft candies, lolly, and their diverse flavours will blow you away. But perhaps a better idea – a lolly bag of assorted Allens Lollies would be an ideal gift.

Allen’s Lollies have years and years of experience in making sweet treats – and know exactly what Aussies love as favourite items on everyones shopping list:

  • Snakes Alive is at the top of everyones’ list and it is not surprising at all.
  • The Red Frogs, famous for school canteens over the years, is in second place.
  • Pineapple is third on the list for lollies, and it seems all of us are in favour of it beyond any doubt.
  • Chocolate Freckles and red Raspberries are fourth and fifth on the list, respectively. But let me be clear, this is just a list. We would be happy choosing all of them!

What would be your top choices if you were making your own mix? Tell us in comments or suggestions in our blog below.

At Mylollies:

You can get promotional Allens Lollies custom printed bags, boxes, and jars with your logo as well. Another reason to have these sweet treats for everything includes donations, parties, gifts, promotions, and not. Allens Lollies never fail to make their customers happy. Mylollies help ensure we configure the right items for your next event or occasion to ensure everyone is happy!

We Aussies are blessed with so many things in our continent, and indeed one of them is Allen’s Lollies, equally famous with Aussies from all walks of life. We certainly hope to see the Allen’s lollies range expand over time! Shop our range today or request a custom lolly bag for your next event or occasion.

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