Australian Lollies That Are Missing from Your Life

Australian Lollies

When we travel overseas – if we are away from home a lot one thing we realise is how much we love Australian Lollies.

Apart from our family and friends, the thing we get most homesick for Fruit Tingles, jaffas, lamingtons, and Cheekies. In our travels we realised that millions of Americans have never tasted our incredible range of Australian candies — no one knew what a “jaffa” was – which is crazy to even think as an Australian!

In celebration of our amazing range of Aussie sweets here is a complete guide to the most incredible, best, and most delicious snack lolly ranges that every Australian knows, eats, and genuinely loves.

1. Cheekies

Cheekies were initially known as ‘Chicos,’ after the Spanish term for ‘children,’ but their formula remained the same on November 16, 2020. Cheekies have a gelatinous texture, similar to jelly babies, but they are chocolate-flavoured, with cocoa giving them their dark brown colour. They’re a love-or-hate candy, but now that the issue over the name’s possible racial connotations has been settled, we’re glad to put them at the top of our list of Australian lollies

2. Sour Ears

This slightly repulsive-looking candy tingles your tongue in the best way imaginable and is a great Halloween treat.

3. Red Ripperz

Previously known as “Red Skins,” the king of red-coloured candy underwent a name change at the end of last year, along with a few other well-known brands. Regardless of their previous name, these delectable childhood favourite changes texture based on heat, but they’ll eventually get lodged in your teeth for hours.

4. Frogs

Another classic for a lolly bag. You’ll probably find a couple of these when you declutter your childhood room. This was one of the most long-lasting gelatinous candies, and it tasted like nothing yet remained a lolly staple to this day.

5. Jaffas

Crunchy hard orange candy-covered chocolate balls with the potential to break your teeth.

6. Fruit Tingles

Only a taste-less person would choose Mentos over these in our opinion! These are a great treat, with various colours and flavours, fizzy in your mouth, if you are really lucky you will find a multicoloured rare fruit tingle!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our trip down memory lane detailing some of our favourite Australian lollies! Please use our search bar to find your own personal favourite!

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