Best Australian Lollipops, Candy, and Sweets


Australian candies, lollipops, and sweets have become an inevitable part of the Australian experience. Anyone who visits Australia searches for candies, sweets, or lollipops in a shop near me either devour the best Australian candies themselves or takes them home.

Australia has contributed numerous sweets and lollies to the world supply, and therefore Australian lollies are quite famous worldwide. In this article, we’ve listed some of the best candies and lollipops so that you can have the best sweet experience Australia offers.

Eucalyptus Drops

One of the best Australian sweets is often copied but can never be replicated. Sore throats are the best excuse to pop in these candies as they are as soothing as delicious.

As the name suggests, these candies contain a mixture of eucalyptus and methanol to give a soothing and tingling sensation. The best thing about these candies is they are quite cheap; a heavenly sweet experience in a few bucks.

Dairy Milk Snack

If you haven’t tried Dairy Milk Snack yet, you’re missing out. This Australian Dairy Milk product is one of the most binge-able chocolates I’ve ever eaten. This chocolate is an absolute delight with six flavours to choose from (orange, strawberry, pineapple, caramel, coconut ice, and Turkish delight?); this chocolate is an absolute delight.

Jersey Caramels

If you like the caramel flavour the most in candies or chocolates, then Jersey Caramels will make you happy. These always-delicious candies have two caramel parts separated by a white middle so that you can make each part separately or pop it the whole for a caramel burst in your mouth.

Tim Tams

If you are in Australia and haven’t had Tim Tams yet, your tour is incomplete. A delicious combination is a thin layer of chocolate cream surrounding two malted chocolate biscuits. I bet you would stack it to take back with you because once you’ve had Tim Tams, you’ll always be craving for more.

Australian Sweet Co.’S Lollipops

If you like classic candy on a stick, there is no better option than Australia Sweet’s lollipops in Australia. The best part is these lollipops are handcrafted, and you’ll have an authentic lollipop taste from if. It’s also one of the best Australian souvenirs you can take home.

Mint Pattie

Cadbury’s Mint Pattie has a slightly dubious peppermint centre in a dark chocolate case. So, if you like the unusual combination of peppermint and chocolate, you’ll love this for sure.

Musk Sticks

People have widely contradictory opinions about this Lollie. Some people like its unique taste while others despise it the second they put it in their mouths. Give it a try and decide if it’s a hit or a pass.

Aniseed Rings

You may find it weird but adding anise seeds to lollies is an old tradition used to cure many digestive problems. Today’s aniseed rings are simply gelatinous lollies flavoured with aniseed and covered with sugar.


There are a variety of lollies and candies available in the Australian market, some good, some bad, but they are must-take-home-back souvenirs to remind you of Australian sweets taste.

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