Hosting a Candy-Themed Children’s Tea Party

Young children sometimes spend hours hosting tea parties for their stuffed animals, dolls, and action figures. It is the time when kids get to spend harnessing their imagination and act like grown-ups entertaining other grown-ups. Almost every child has done this at one time or another. 

Giving children a chance to enjoy a real tea party with their friends is a great way to celebrate occasions like birthdays or holidays. You can have a candy-themed tea party! It is not difficult to plan and pull off even on a budget. Plus, it will surely be a great experience for the kids. 

Set The Table With Real Teacups

The most magical tea parties need real teacups and saucers. You can go to opportunity stores, thrift shops, or garage sales and buy some random china teacups. The important thing is to find inexpensive ones that young children can use. If you prefer, you can let each child take their teacups home filled with assorted candy as a keepsake of their little party.

Take The Party to The Garden

If the weather is good, you can host the candy-themed tea party on your lawn, patio, or garden. The picnic-like atmosphere will make the tea party much more fun for the children. 

You can set up a coffee table or a picnic table and cover it with a tablecloth or spread a picnic blanket on the lawn. Make sure that you have a place setting for each child. You can use any place mat you have on hand at home or go the DIY route and make a painted cardboard tray – let your creativity soar.

On each place setting, you can have small name cards on one side. Alternatively, you can make some friendship bracelets with each child’s name on them. Seeing a place setting with their name makes a child feel extra special. Better yet, you can have lollipops with each child’s name written on a small piece of card glued to the stick.

Place a saucer with a teacup atop and a little teaspoon beside it. Make sure to leave enough space for the all-important teapot in the center of the table or blanket. Sweets can be placed within the teacup or on the saucer, so the little ones have something to munch on before the teapot arrives. 

Have Other Drink Options on Hand
Not all kids like the taste of tea though they may adore the tea party. Make sure you have other drink options for children who prefer something other than tea. You can have juice, lemonade, or cola on hand. Do not forget to pour the drink into the teacup so they can join the fun. 

Serve Little Sandwiches or Tea Cakes

A tea party, even a candy-themed one, will not be complete without those little bite-sized sandwiches or tea cakes. You do not have to go out and buy fancy ones. You can easily make your own. Remove the crusts from sandwich bread, and spread some jam, jelly, peanut butter, or chocolate spread. Cut the sandwich into little squares. You can add whipped cream swirl or frosting on top of a jam sandwich, and it becomes a little tea cake! 

Have a Treats Tray Within Reach

Fill a small tray with assorted confectionary of different kinds, shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors within easy reach. Or you can have a smaller table nearby for different treats.

Candy Tea Party Favours

For party favors, small baggies of mixed Australian lollies will surely delight the kids. You can make it yourself beforehand by going to a candy shop and getting a bag of each different type of treatment your child enjoys. You can get a few pieces of each variety of treats and put them in small bags.

Tea parties can be great fun for kids. However, it is also important to remember that some children may have arrived with their adult chaperone, so it may be a good idea to have some extra tea and treats like licorice allsorts set aside just in case.

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