Why The Lollipop Is One Of The Best Types Of Candy


Wherever you find your sweet-tooth fix – whether online or instore – there’s an ample array of candies that compete for the attention of people who love these tasty treats. But while mourish cookies and flavourful chocolates are perfect for satiating sweet-tooths, there’s nothing quite so delectable as a classic Australian lollipop. Here’s why…

Longer-lasting candy

One of the first reasons why lollipops take the crown when it comes to the nation’s best loved candy, is due to its staying power. Lasting much longer than its rivals, depending on the size, you could be sucking on a lollipop for half an hour before you’ve even made a dent.

They come in an array of designs

Lollipops are available in just about any shape, colour, and flavour, meaning that there really is a lolly for everyone. Whether you’re partial to something creamy, something sweet, something sour or something syrupy, chances are there’s a lollipop with your name on it.

Lollipops satisfy your sweet tooth

Lollipops are substantial enough that just one can satisfy your sweet tooth, but they’re not so decadent that you couldn’t enjoy a few if you’re in the mood.

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